About Us

CarGuided.com (formerly HubGarage.com) used to be an online community of automotive enthusiasts, built by car people for car people.

You could build your own garage at the Hub Garage. You could fill it up with your car photos, videos, and news, and share your garage with the car community. Furthermore, you could check out our other member’s garages and vehicles, and you could meet and connect with our car people.

Now, HubGarage has been rebranded to CarGuided and it is still a site built for car people by car people, but our core focus has changed. We now do original news reporting, statistics research and provide our readers with original recommendations based on dozens of hours of research. Don’t waste your precious time here on Earth by researching which soap to get for your next car wash.

We got you.

CarGuided.com also features original content including car news and web-based video shows.

The Team

Louis Jones

Writer and Editor

Cars have always played an important role in Louis’ career. After working full-time at Toyota and Ford for over 12 years combined, he decided to take some time off and instead focus on helping automotive owners online. With his vast knowledge and expertise about cars, motors, and engines, he quickly ended up as the leading writer here at CarGuided.

Chris Jacobs


Sports cars have always been Chris’s passion since he was a little kid. He was very excited to turn 16 years old so that he could drive his mother’s old van. Many years later, he’s still a passionate car geek and totally in love with his Tesla Model 3.

David Rodriguez

Junior Writer

David lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife, three children, and Hugo, his adorable medium-sized dog. For the past 11 years, he has been working for several automotive dealerships in Fort Wayne due to his lifelong passion for cars. He’s one of the new authors on CarGuided.