The Best Bumper Guards For 2023

Car bumpers get scratched and damaged easily from collisions. Bumper damage can occur even when you are not driving. In fact, your bumper is highly likely to collide with other vehicles when it is parked in a crowded space. The small collisions are inevitable. While they don’t cause heavy damage to your car, these accidents can leave a permanent stain on the bumper. That’s what the bumper guards help you with.

Not everyone gets to park their car in the garage or a safe place all the time. For example, parking spaces around the malls and public places are quite crowded. It gets super challenging for the driver to park the vehicle safely. Even small collisions can result in unsightly scratches on your bumpers.

What Are Bumper Guards?

The best bumper guards can protect your bumper from scratches due to collisions and accidents. With the best and reliable bumper guard in place, you will no longer need to shell out on bumper repairs and replacements. The four-wheelers are highly likely to pick those hideous scuffs in the parking streets. It is inevitable. You can’t keep an eye on your vehicle 24/7. However, bumper guards can extend the life of the bumpers by keeping them from unnecessary damages.

Choosing the best bumper guard for your vehicle can turn out to be a challenging decision. You must consider the look of your vehicle and your requirements when selecting the bumper guard. You will find this product in different types and styles that are designed to suit different cars. You also need to consider your requirements, i.e. where exactly do you want to use the bumper guard. Some vehicles may require a wide bumper guard while others need a license plate protector only. Both products do wonders when it comes to protecting the bumper and license plate of your vehicle.

Let’s get straight to the list of the top 10 bumper guards that offer the best coverage and ultimate protection from scratches and dents.

1. FH Group F16408 Bumper Guard

FH Group Bumper Guard is a well-designed bumper guard. The manufacturer has paid special attention to the design and thickness of this product. Made of heavy-duty rubber, this bumper guard can keep your vehicle from scratches, dents, scrapes, and other damages. Rest assured that the guard does not fall apart when exposed to minor dents and scratches. The installation is super simple.


FH Group Bumper Guard features hook connectors that are better than the Velcro strap attachment. The bumper guard is quite easy to install. Furthermore, the removal takes only a few seconds. When it is not in use, you can remove the guard from the bumper and put it back in your vehicle’s trunk. You don’t have to drive around with the FH Group Bumper Guard mounted on the bumper. The guard can be folded and stored in the trunk when you are driving.

Applications And Durability

Note that the product isn’t recommended for the vehicles that have the license plate on the bumper. This bumper protector might not be the thickest product on this list, but it is capable of guarding your vehicle against minor scratches that occur while parking. Not only during parking, but FH Group Bumper Guard can protect a parked car in the crowded parking lot.

The product is durable with high-quality material and rugged construction. The guard is strong enough to resist the changing weather seamlessly. Whether your vehicle is exposed to the rain or parked in the sun, rest assured that FH Group Bumper Guard will handle all weather conditions. Note that the bumper guard is not a suitable option for drivers that intend to drive their car with the bumper protector on. It might leave unsightly marks and scratches on the car if used while driving.


  • Adjustable hooks and straps
  • Foldable bumper guard
  • Safety reflectors
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber
  • Patented and sleek design
  • Used on the Rear Bumper

The Pros

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Stored in the trunk
  • Durable
  • Protect your vehicle from minor dents and scratches
  • Rugged construction

The Cons

  • The guard is thinner than typical bumper guards
  • Not compatible with cars that have the license plated on the bumper

2. AR-PRO Ultimate Protective Bumper Guard and License Plate Cover

Small collisions during parking are not uncommon these days. Things get even more challenging when you have to park your vehicle in the busy and crowded parking lot. Even if you manage to park your vehicle without colliding it with other cars, what are the chances others will not hit your car’s bumper when parking their vehicles?

Available in the jet black finish, the AR-PRO Ultimate Protective Bumper Guard and License Plate Cover is designed to protect your car’s bumper. It is a functional and attractive license plate and bumper guard. Not only does it guarantee the bumper protection from damages, but its sleek design looks amazing on all models.

Installation And Design

The installation takes only a few minutes. You only need a screwdriver to attach the bumper guard to the front or rear bumper. In addition to keeping your car from scratches, this license plate cover can protect your car’s paint. For installation, you need to remove the license plate, adjust the bumper guard around it, and re-mount the plate back to its position. That’s it. The company supplies the product with a set of screws.

Protect the bumper and license plate of your car with this latest and durable bumper guard. This 2.3-inches thick license plate offers the ultimate protection against those hideous scratches and dents from the collisions. Made of high-quality and durable rubber, the AR-PRO Ultimate Protective Bumper Guard and License Plate Cover is a small yet long-term investment.


  • 2.3-inches thick
  • Installed with a screwdriver
  • Protect the license plate as well as bumper
  • Jet black finish
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber

The Pros

  • Rugged construction
  • Sleek frame and rugged design
  • Inexpensive
  • Functional
  • Compatible with all makes and models

The Cons

  • Installation is a little tricky

3. Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard

Parallel parking often results in minor scratches to deep dents that ruin your vehicle’s paint and exteriors. The Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard offers the best protection to your vehicle by covering the bumpers as well as corners. It prevents all kinds of scratches from parking collisions. Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard is the first and only product on this list that can protect the bumper along with the corners and the surrounding surface of the bumpers.

Installation And Quality

The product is easy to install. You can attach it to the rear bumper of your vehicle using the suction cup or bungee cords. The best part is that it is absolutely safe to drive your vehicle with the Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard on. The product is customized for different vehicles. It takes only a few seconds for installation.

Besides that, Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard offers the best coverage. With this bumper guard in place, you can rest assured that your car and the paint are safe in the parking lot. Another interesting quality of the product is that it is machine-washable.

Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard is one of the elegant bumper guards on the market. It is designed to conform to your vehicle’s unique shape. Overall, it is a great product for your vehicle’s bumper and corners.


  • Bungee cords and suction cups
  • Customized rear bumper guards
  • Machine-washable
  • Covers the bumper and the corners
  • It does not need to be removed or stored

The Pros

  • Durable
  • Full coverage
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to install
  • Safe to drive with the bumper guard on

The Cons

  • Velcro is not strong enough to hold the bumper guard in place

4. Runmade Black Anti-Collision Bumper Guard

Runmade Black Anti-Collision Bumper Guard is a versatile and durable protector for all types of four-wheelers. Made of heavy-duty rubber, this product is designed to offer you ultimate protection from scratches, dents, and scrapes. Not only does it protect your car’s bumper and the corners from the damages due to collisions, but Runmade Black Anti-Collision Bumper Guard can be used to hide the existing scratches.

It can be mounted on the front and rear bumpers. The elegant and modern design of the bumper guard enhances your car’s bumper and looks flawless. It is a durable and flexible product. You only need to remove the adhesive tape from the guard and paste it on the bumper for effective and smooth installation. The pair of black anti-collision bumper guards is an ideal option for drivers who need to park their vehicles every day in the crowded space.


  • A pair of anti-collision bumper protector
  • Made of heavy-duty carbon fiber texture rubber
  • Protect the vehicle from scratches and wear and tear
  • Feature strong adhesive on the back
  • Compatible with rear and front bumpers
  • Elegant design
  • 3M sticky tape

The Pros

  • Flexible bumper guard
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Available in different shapes
  • Looks flawless

The Cons

  • Adhesive is not strong enough to last

5. Advgears Rear Bumper Protector Guard

Keep your car from the scratches, scrapes, and dents from collisions with Advgears Rear Bumper Protector Guard. This bumper guard is available in a black matte finish that looks smooth and flawless.

If you need a functional bumper guard that could protect your vehicle from scratches while preserving its look, then Advgears Rear Bumper Protector Guard is your best option. This 1.38-inch thick bumper guard features heavy-duty silicone polymer that could resist water, heat, UV rays, and abrasion. The material can also withstand wear and tear from weather exposure.

Durability And Installation

Advgears Rear Bumper Protector Guard is a multi-functional product. Not only does it protect your vehicle during parking, but it protects it from the dents and scratches caused by the luggage loading and unloading. You could also use this guard to conceal the existing dents and scratches. The best quality of this product is its anti-slip design. Overall, the Advgears Rear Bumper Protector Guard is a durable and bendable material that looks flawless on all vehicles. This scratch-resistant protector can save your vehicle from nasty scratches and marks.

The installation is super simple. You only need to stick the protective film to the car bumper. Make sure you heat the adhesive before application.


  • Multi-functional car bumper guard
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Made of silicone polymer
  • Protective film adhesive

The Pros

  • Smooth and flexible design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Scratch and slip-resistant
  • Prevents nasty scratches

The Cons

  • The adhesive isn’t strong

6. EverBrightt Trunk Rubber Protection Rear Bumper Guard

Made of heavy-duty rubber, the EverBrightt Trunk Rubber Protection Rear Bumper Guard is a water-resistant and premium protector for all kinds of four-wheelers. The bumper guard fits almost all the vehicles, including SUVs. It is specifically known for its scratch-resistant properties. The material can protect your vehicle from scratches that are quite common during parking, groceries loading and unloading, and driving.

Installation And Design

The supplier ships the products with the 3M adhesive tape that makes the installation process a whole lot easier. You don’t need any special installation tools. Just peel the adhesive off the guard and paste it on the bumper or the corners of the bumper for ultimate protection. The guard features a non-slip and heat-resistant surface that guarantees the best protection during parking. With EverBrightt Trunk Rubber Protection Rear Bumper Guard in place, you can park your vehicle anywhere.

The manufacturer offers an IPCS packing box, one piece of 3M tape, and a rubber strip. Do not expose the rubber guards to the water for at least 24 hours after installation.


  • Compatible with SUVs and other four-wheelers
  • Non-slip surface
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber
  • Come with 3M adhesive tape for installation

The Pros

  • Flexible and Durable design
  • Easy to install
  • Offer ultimate protection against all kinds of scratches and dents
  • Water-proof and temperature-resistant guard
  • Universal compatibility

The Cons

No cons that we know of

7. Pacer Performance 25-500 Bumper Guard Kit

Pacer Performance 25-500 Bumper Guard Kit is designed to add a protective layer to the bumpers of heavy trucks and SUVs. The product is thick enough to offer great coverage from scratches, nicks, and dents. Pacer Performance 25-500 Bumper Guard is available in the satin black finish. The manufacturer sells the product in pairs with the 3M self-stick tape. The installation involves pasting the guard on the bumper and pressing it to hold it in place.

This pair of bumper guards are designed for damage-prone vehicles. This 7/8-inches thick protector can keep your vehicle from damages due to the small collisions in the parking lot and during driving.


  • High-quality serrated  bumper protectors
  • 7/8-inches thick
  • Available in the satin black finish
  • Designed for damage-prone trucks
  • Protection against paint scratches and dents
  • 3M self-stick tape for installation

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Offer best coverage
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price

The Cons

  • The design is not flexible

8. Wittyware Anti-Scratch Black Car Bumper Guard

If you are looking for a high-quality, cost-efficient, and durable bumper protector for your car, then Wittyware Anti-Scratch Black Car Bumper Guard is for you. The straps of this guard are designed to offer the best protection and coverage from scrapes. The manufacturer has made this product using heavy-duty PVC material.

The product features a strong 3M stick tape. All you got to do is remove the adhesive and stick the guard to the bumper and corners. Wittyware Anti-Scratch Black Car Bumper Guard is a versatile product that fits just about any four-wheeler.

The manufacturer supplies the product in black and white colors. Not only does it protect your vehicle from scratches, but it looks incredibly stunning on the rear and front bumper. Whether you have a hatchback or SUV, the Wittyware Anti-Scratch Black Car Bumper Guard will fit the bumper of your vehicle seamlessly.


  • Made of heavy-duty PVC material
  • 3M adhesive tape
  • Used for front and rear bumpers
  • Strong straps that conform to different shapes
  • A pack of 2 bumper guards

The Pros

  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and flexible
  • Quality construction
  • Universal compatibility

The Cons

  • Adhesion is weak

9. Pacer Performance Bumper Protector Pad Kit

If you are on the lookout for an easy-to-install and premium bumper guard for your vehicle, then Pacer Performance Bumper Protector Pad Kit is for you. No matter which model you own, this sleek and sophisticated bumper guard looks flawless on your vehicle. Give your car’s bumper the additional layer of protection with this high-quality and sleek bumper protector. The company ships the product in pairs.


Pacer Performance Bumper Protector Pad Kit can offer your vehicle the best protection from the minor scratches, scrapes, and scuffs from small collisions during parking. This stick-on bumper pad comes with the adhesive that needs to be peeled off the product for a smooth and fast installation.

Compatibility And Design

With a Pacer Performance Bumper Protector Pad Kit installed on the bumper, you can rest assured that your car is safe in the parking lot. This 5-inch bumper guard is available in the black gloss finish that looks stunning on almost all types of modern and traditional models. Thanks to the 3M self-stick tape! The installation process couldn’t be easier.

Despite being one of the attractive bumper guards on this list, Pacer Performance Bumper Protector Pad Kit is available for a reasonable price. All in all, it is a great option for budget buyers who are looking for a simple and durable bumper guard for their car. Make sure that the product must not be removed. It might peel the paint off the exteriors. You can keep it on the bumper even when you are driving.


  • UV-resistant PVC Bumper Guards
  • Stick-on protector
  • Offer protection from minor scratches and scrapes
  • 3M self-stick tape
  • Available in pairs
  • 5-inches long guard

The Pros

  • Sleek design with gloss black finish
  • Visually appealing
  • Universal compatibility
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

The Cons

  • It can’t be removed

10. ATMOMO Auto Car Bumper Guard Anti-rub Strips

Made of rubber and stainless steel, ATMOMO Auto Car Bumper Guard Anti-rub Strips is a great option for SUV drivers. It is a stick-on guard that features double-sided tape. Designed for the front end of your vehicle, ATMOMO Auto Car Bumper Guard Anti-rub Strips can keep your car from all kinds of minor dents and scratches caused during parking. The manufacturer ships the 4 pieces of the product at a reasonable price.


Installation is as simple as peeling the adhesive off the guard and pasting it to the front of your vehicle. Before installation, wash the bumper of your vehicle or the area you would like to paste this bumper guard. Remove dirt and dust from your vehicle before pasting the protector. You can use the protector for both front and rear bumpers.

The guard needs to be heated before it is pasted on the bumper. In fact, you can paste it around the bumpers to protect the corners. Make sure you don’t wash the car at least until 48 hours after the installation.

Durability And Resilience

ATMOMO Auto Car Bumper Guard Anti-rub Strips is a water-proof and strong protector. You could use it in any season. Durability is not a concern with this bumper guard. Made of stainless steel, the product is designed to last for years to come. Besides that, the color of the guard does not fade. The double-sided adhesive tape makes the installation easier for beginners.


  • Stick-on bumper guard
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Made of rubber and stainless steel
  • Designed for front and rear bumpers

The Pros

  • Durable
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • High-quality materials
  • Rugged construction
  • It can be installed anywhere on the vehicle

The Cons

  • Difficult to install
  • It falls off easily

Factors To Consider When Shopping For The Bumper Guards


As mentioned above, you need to consider the length and size of the bumper you need for your vehicle. It is important to decide how much area you want to protect from the potential scratches and nicks. Get the measurement of your bumpers and check the size of the guard before making a purchase. It is best to invest in a product that is a little larger than the bumper so that it can protect the corners as well. Another important thing to note is that some products offer universal compatibility, while others are designed for specific makes and models only.

Material And Construction

It goes without saying that the best bumper guard is made of durable and premium materials. The best material for bumper guards is rubber. Compact foam is a decent option for a license plate. Make sure that you buy bumper guards that can withstand the weather. Even if you choose a product that offers protection when your vehicle is parked, it must be durable enough to resist the UV rays and harsh weather elements.


Bumper guards not only offer protection against scratches, but they are also known for their styles and designs. The product is available in a broad range of colors and sizes. While the larger guards guarantee the best protection, they are not very attractive. Smaller bumpers, on the other hand, might look good but they are not the best at protecting the corners of the bumper.


The bumper guard acts as the cushion that covers the bumper and the surrounding area from damages. The thicker the guard is, the better it works. Thinner bumper guards might cost less, but they will only be able to resist the minor scrapes and nicks. If you need complete protection against major scratches and potential damages, then opt for the thicker guard.

Ease Of Use

You don’t need to call an automotive expert to mount the bumper guard on your vehicle. In fact, the stick-on guards involve the simplest installation. All you need to do is peel the glue off the guard and paste it on the car. Hitch-mounted bumper protection is a little challenging to install. The trunk-mounted bumper is another common bumper protection. They are removable. You need to put them on the vehicle when you have parked the vehicle and store them in the trunk when they are not in use. Some bumper guards require screwdrivers and special tools for installation.

Vehicle Compatibility

If your model has the license plate located right above the bumper, then rest assured that most of the guards will fit your vehicle. You may need to choose the bumper protection carefully if the license plate is located on the bumper. You will find the information about the products’ compatibility in the manufacturer’s instructions or manual. Make sure you check the compatibility of the bumper guard before making a purchase. If you are still not certain about your vehicle’s compatibility with the bumper protector, consider investing in a versatile product.


Bumper guards are available in different price ranges. If you don’t have a high budget, then the guards available at $15 will make a great option. At this price, you will get the strips that feature the adhesive. You simply need to peel the adhesive of the product and stick the strip to the vehicle. They can protect the car from minor scratches and stains, but these stick-on bumpers are not thick enough to offer protection from major damages.

You can find the bumper guards at $25 to $40. At this price range, the manufacturers offer guards that protect either the rear or front bumper. It is best to spend a few extra bucks on a strong, high-quality, and durable product.

Common Types Of Bumper Protection


As the name suggests, the stick-on bumper guard comes with the adhesive that needs to be peeled off the bumper guard. The adhesive is extremely strong and durable. You need to stick the strip to the corners and the area around the bumper. The installation is undoubtedly the easiest process with the stick-on bumper guard. You could even remove the adhesive if it is not in use. You can use the stick-on bumpers on the corners of the bumper or on the bumper. The only drawback is its appearance. The stick-on bumper looks a bit hideous.

Protective Film

If the appearance of your vehicle is your main concern, then the protective film bumper guard can be your best choice. You could install this bumper guard to protect the bumper of your car as well as the surrounding surface without having to compromise on the style.

Note that the protective film is specifically designed to protect your vehicle from unsightly dents. However, it cannot prevent major scratches and nicks. The protective film is available in customized sizes. You can get the precut protective film guard that fits your vehicle.

License Plate-Mounted

This bumper guard is known for its thickness. You can mount it directly on the license plate of your car. The major benefit of a license-plate mounted bumper guard is that it offers ultimate protection against all kinds of scratches and nicks due to its thickness. However, the guard does not protect the corners of the bumper.


A trunk-mounted guard is the best option for car owners who do not want the bumper protection to look unsightly on the vehicle. That’s because this product can be removed and reinstalled easily. As long as you don’t park your vehicle, you could store this bumper guard in the trunk. You only need to install the trunk-mounted guard when the vehicle is parked. The only downside to this product is that they do not save your car’s bumpers and the corners while you are parking the car.


For SUVs and other such heavy vehicles, the hitch-mounted bumper guard is your ultimate choice. They are designed for the rear bumpers. It is a great option for trucks and all kinds of four-wheelers that need protection in the parking lot. The installation process is super easy. You could also remove them when they are not in use. Coming to the drawback, the hitch-mounted bumper guard does not seem very attractive.


The bumper guards are used for protecting the front and the rear bumpers of your vehicle from collision. They are designed to handle the energy from the collision and keep your bumpers from scratches, nicks, scrapes. It is important to note that bumpers cannot offer protection from major collisions that happen during driving. They can be used to protect the car from scratches and dents because of the small collisions that occur while parking.


  1. What is the Main use of the Bumper?

    The bumpers are the hardware components that are affixed to the rear as well as the front end of the vehicle. They are designed to handle the pressure that is caused by a car collision or an accident. Some countries and states have made it legally compulsory for each driver to install the bumpers on both ends of the vehicle to protect the car and pedestrians. The car owners not only install bumpers, but they use the bumper guard to protect the bumper from collision damages during parking. It is quite common for the car to hit other vehicles when you are parking in a congested space.

    While the bumper does not improve the car’s performance or fuel-efficiency, they ensure the safety of the vehicle in the case of a collision or mishap. By handling the pressure or energy from the collision, the bumper keeps the passengers, cars, and pedestrians safe.

  2. Do I need to Invest in the Largest Bumper Guard?

    While many automotive experts suggest the large bumper guards, you don’t necessarily need them. The only advantage of the large guards is the area they cover. The larger the bumper you choose, the more surface it will cover. However, it is more important to find a reliable product that can cover the essential corners around the bumper. You must measure the size of the bumper when selecting the bumper guard.

  3. Why do You Need Bumper Guard?

    The main reason why a bumper guard is a must for every vehicle is its scratch-resistant properties. It protects your car from scratches, dents, and nicks when you are parking it in a crowded space. Even if you an experienced driver, you can’t monitor your vehicle in the parking lot all the time.

    There is a chance another vehicle might hit the front or rear end of your car, scratching the surface or causing the bumper to fall. Replacing or repairing your car’s bumper can turn out to be expensive. Moreover, you may want to sell your vehicle in the future. Its value will be higher if the bumper is in a good condition.

  4. Is it Legally Compulsory to Drive with the Bumper?

    The legality concerning the bumper differs from state to state. Recently, there are a total of 21 states that have made it mandatory for the drivers to have bumpers installed on the vehicle. Some countries have also made it compulsory for the car owners to get the bumper replaced and repaired if they are broken. While it is not mandatory for car owners to have bumper protection, it is important to invest in this accessory to protect your vehicle’s rear and front end from the scratches due to parking.

  5. Which is the Best Type of Car Bumper Guard?

    The best bumper protection can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some bumper guards are designed for certain types of vehicles, while others are compatible with all makes and models. The best option also depends on your preference. For example, if you are looking for a visually-appealing product, then a protective film is for you. If the bumper protection is your main concern, then hitch-mounted and trunk-mounted will make the best fit. Stick-on bumper guards are also a good option, but they are not very durable.

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