The Best Double DIN Head Units For 2023

A double DIN head refers to the multimedia device that is placed on the dashboard of your four-wheeler. The unit is mainly used to handle the infotainment system. It can be connected to your laptop, mobile, and other gadgets that support Bluetooth connectivity.

Once the unit is connected to Bluetooth, you can play anything you want through the double DIN head. Now, answering or making calls is quite simple with this advanced car accessory. You can enjoy hands-free operation. Even the passengers sitting on the backseat can stream their favorite songs in one touch.

What Is The Best Double DIN Head Units?

Double DIN head unit, as the name suggests, is double the size of the standard DIN. It features a large screen that comes with several integrated multimedia features. The unit is placed on the dashboard, where it is easy for the front passenger and the driver to control the unit. It’s important to check whether your car has sufficient space to house double DIN. The traditional models are designed to accommodate a single DIN system, which is 2” in height.

The only drawback of a single DIN unit is its small screen. All essential features look quite crammed in the single DIN system. Double DIN, on the other hand, has a two-inch larger screen that displays the basic and advanced multimedia options neatly. Besides, operating the double DIN head unit is super simple while driving. The bigger options and volume knobs allow you to control the device seamlessly.

Now that you know what double DIN head units are, let’s dive deep into the top 10 double DIN systems that will make a great accessory for your car.

1. Jensen VX7020 6.2” Multimedia Touch Screen Double DIN Head Unit

Jensen VX7020 might not be the model with the largest display, but it does feature smooth and easy navigation. The best quality of this double DIN head unit is its broad range of connectivity options, which also includes BlackBerry. The installation manual, trim ring, a harness, and the crucial installation tools are shipped with the unit. It delivers an impressive audio experience with 160W power.

Jensen VX7020 6.2” Multimedia Touch Screen is a remote control device. You get to operate the display from anywhere you want. Even the backseat passengers can handle the unit and change the track. The 6.2 inches screen gives a clear display, although it’s not the biggest size on the market. The unit comes equipped with the iGo Primo Navigation app. For easy and accurate navigation, make sure you have positioned the antenna correctly.


The model offers wireless connection, which means you get to stream music through your smartphone to the stereo. It supports CDs, radio, and DVDs. Jensen VX7020 6.2” Multimedia Touch Screen offers Bluetooth connectivity options for smartphones. Compatibility is not an issue since it supports both Android and iOS.

Additionally, this latest model supports screen mirroring option that allows you to connect your mobile’s screen with this multimedia device. The unit has HDMI and MHL ports for laptop connectivity. Enjoy hands-free calling and streaming experience with this 6.2” touch screen multimedia device.


  • Wireless connection
  • Remote controlled
  • 6.2 inch LCD display
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Support HDMI cables
  • Screen mirroring
  • iGo Primo Navigation app

The Pros

  • Hands-free calling
  • Advanced navigation
  • Universal compatibility
  • High-resolution display
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The Cons

  • Sound quality isn’t good

2. Boss BV9362BI 7 Inches Double DIN Head Unit

Boss BV9362BI 7 Inches Double DIN Head Unit is the best option for car owners who are looking for a cheap yet high-quality double DIN stereo system. The 7 inches display screen is impressive for a low-price unit. However, the screen looks a little cluttered with all the features crammed on a small screen.

The unit comes packed with a remote that allows you to operate the unit, answer calls, and perform other options from the front and back seats. It supports the rearview camera, which is the latest feature in the double DIN head units. Boss BV9362BI displays up to 64 characters of the track name on the screen. Besides, it comes with a Bluetooth microphone that’s designed to improve the sound quality, especially when you are making or answering calls.


The manufacturer has added up to 18 FM options for those who like to listen to the radio while driving. The unit is compatible with the latest smartphones. You could also stream music through Spotify and Pandora (once you have connected the device with your smartphone).

The unit can stream songs from CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, and WMA. The sound quality of the unit is good. It has 80W peak power. Boss BV9362BI offers advanced audio settings that allow you to adjust the sound according to your preference.


Boss BV9362BI offers universal compatibility. The unit supports wireless connectivity, allowing you to enjoy hands-free calling experience. It also features USB and Auxiliary ports. However, the USB port cannot be used to charge your smartphone.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with the latest smartphones
  • 18 FM options available
  • USB and auxiliary ports
  • A Lithium metal battery needed
  • MP3, CDs, DVDs, and Radio options available
  • Display track names and other details

The Pros

  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Large display
  • Support the latest apps
  • Affordable

The Cons

  • Build quality and sound output are not good
  • It can’t charge your mobiles

3. Sony XAV-AX1000 6.2 inches Double DIN Head Unit

Sony is the leading brand for multimedia devices – be it the car stereo system or smartphones. This 6.2 inches unit looks stunning on your car’s dashboard. The layout is excellent. The screen awakes quickly, allowing you to stream your music the moment you start driving.

The unit comes equipped with smart tech features, such as a rotatory dial. It gives you access to the menu options and volume settings. Sony XAV-AX1000 supports a rear camera so that you can steer your vehicle when reversing. All features are neatly organized on the 6.2 inches display. You can even control the unit while driving.


Sony offers an impressive audio system. You could upgrade the whole sound system with the help of the three pre-outs. Once you have adjusted these audio units, you can enjoy clear and loud music. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like the sound is generated from the speakers, which are placed at the bottom. The sound is rather produced from the dashboard.

The unit is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The only part we didn’t like about this unit is its wired connection options. For traffic information and other advanced features, you will need to use a cable. The unit delivers 55W output power. Unlike other double Din head units, Sony XAV-AX1000 guarantees clear audio and impressive sound quality.


  • 6.2 inches touchscreen
  • 10-band graphic equalizer
  • Three pre-outs
  • Quick wakeup
  • Works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Rearview camera available
  • Compact rear chassis
  • A rotatory dial

The Pros

  • Loud and clear sound
  • Easy to navigate
  • Quick response
  • Neat screen and high-resolution display
  • Compatible with the latest smartphones
  • Durable unit

The Cons

  • You need to customize it to access the advanced tech features

4. Android 9.0 Split Screen Double DIN Multimedia Car Stereo Unit

Featuring 30 stations presets, Android 9.0 Double DIN Multimedia Car Stereo Unit gives you an excellent radio experience. If you are planning to upgrade your car radio with an advanced and all-featured unit, then this double DIN head system will be the best option.

The model supports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, which makes it easier for the car owners to pair the unit with almost any smartphone. The best quality of this unit is the integrated GPS and maps that allow smooth and fast navigation. In fact, you can download other navigation apps from PlayStore. It supports front and rear cameras, giving you a clear view of the objects behind your vehicle.

Overall, it is your ideal option for an infotainment system. You can install it on the car dashboard to get all the features at your fingertips. The USP of the brand is its split-screen function, which runs two apps on the same screen (side by side). This means you can watch videos and run the navigation app on the same screen. Last but not least, the unit supports iOS and Android screen mirroring.


  • Pre-installed social media, GPS, and other apps
  • USB ports and auxiliary ports for external music system connectivity
  • Wireless connection technology
  • Split-screen function
  • Built-in map and navigation
  • Front and rear camera
  • Integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Touchscreen system

The Pros

  • Multi-functional car stereo
  • Advanced connectivity options
  • Screen mirroring available
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Hand-free operations

The Cons

  • No cons that we know of

5. BOSS Audio System BV9358B Double DIN Car Stereo Unit

Featuring a 6.2-inch display screen, the BOSS Audio System BV9358B Double DIN Car Stereo Unit offers you a broad range of music options. The LED touchscreen display makes it easier for the driver and passengers to operate the unit conveniently. The unit allows you to insert a CD and DVD, start FM radio, connect the unit to your smartphones, and charge your mobile through USB ports.

The aux port supports external music or audio systems, such as an MP3 player. BOSS Audio System BV9358B Double DIN Car Stereo Unit is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can connect your Apple or Android phone to the unit through Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy hands-free operation.

The model supports Spotify and Pandora apps for seamless operations. You can turn the volume up/down, pause music, change track, and read the song names and album details using the ID3 Tag. The unit comes equipped with a rearview camera that works as your parking assistant. The sound quality is good. It delivers up to 80 watts of power. BOSS BV9358B offers multiple sound control features, including Fader controls, Bass, and Treble.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote controlled
  • Integrated rearview camera
  • Auxiliary ports for external system connectivity
  • Spotify and Pandora apps compatible
  • USB ports for charging
  • Equalizer for music and sound customization

The Pros

  • Easy to connect to smartphones and other devices
  • Good display
  • Multiple inputs available
  • Hands-free operations
  • Decent sound quality
  • Easy to install

The Cons

  • The unit works with the double DIN-compatible cars only

6. SARCCH 7-inch Double DIN Car Stereo System

Enjoy a touchscreen and a wireless remote control double-DIN stereo system while driving. This car stereo system by SARCCH comes equipped with a built-in microphone that allows hands-free calling and music streaming operations. It can charge smartphones, connect to the external music systems, and share the screen with your smartphones through a mirror link.

SARCCH 7-inch Double DIN Car Stereo System features a rearview camera and an adjustable FM band with 18 radio storage. It has four play modes and seven colors LED options. The unit does not come with an integrated GPS function, however, it does support navigation features through the mirror link. The 7 inch HD screen with 800×480 resolutions gives you a clear view of all the options. The unit features aux ports, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity options.


  • Mirror links option
  • Easy navigation
  • Rearview camera
  • Aux-input and USB ports
  • 18 radio storage
  • Seven colors LED

The Pros

  • High-resolution display
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and user-friendly

The Cons

  • The line of this unit is a little complex

7. ATOTO A6 Double DIN Car Stereo Unit

ATOTO A6 Double DIN Car Stereo Unit comes with several input options that support a range of external systems. The unit features 23 functions that allow drivers to operate the unit easily while driving. You can install over 300+ apps from Google PlayStore on ATOTO A6 (the auto, entertainment, and media apps only).

The company supplies this model with an antenna that improves the Wi-Fi reception. ATOTO A6 Double DIN Car Stereo Unit supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can have the maps and navigation features displayed on the screen. Make sure you connect the device with Bluetooth rather than a mobile hotspot (since Bluetooth connectivity saves mobile battery).

Enjoy hands-free operation and music streaming on your car dashboard with ATOTO A6 Double DIN Car Stereo Unit!


  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Connect the device on your smartphone with hotspot
  • Touchscreen system
  • 23 functions for smooth operations
  • Supports Android apps

The Pros

  • Multi-functional
  • Multiple input options
  • Advanced tech features
  • Quick response
  • Universal compatibility
  • Affordable

The Cons

  • It has a weak Wi-Fi adapter

8. Leadfan 7 Inches Car Stereo Double DIN Head Unit

Enjoy hours of wireless music streaming with this advanced car stereo system. Leadfan 7 inches Car Stereo Double DIN Head Unit is compatible with Bluetooth devices. It features a reliable and smart touch screen system that enables the driver and front-seat passenger to adjust settings in a single tap.

The model supports the mirror link, which means you can share your mobile screen with the car stereo. The built-in microphone allows you to receive and make calls while driving. It features auxiliary ports that can be used to connect the external music systems, including MP3, mobile, Walkman, and GPS. Then, there is a USB port that charges your smartphones. You can turn on the radio, listen to your favorite playlist, start navigation, and handle other such functions seamlessly.

Leadfan 7-inches Car Stereo Double DIN Head Unit delivers a 70w power output. The model comes equipped with the volume adjustment knobs. Though it doesn’t feature a GPS function, this double DIN car stereo can be used for navigation through a mirror link. The manufacturer supplies this model with a detailed instruction manual for installation.


  • Auxiliary port that supports mobile, walkman, and external music units
  • Charge smartphones
  • High-resolution display
  • Equipped with new processing chipset
  • Volume knob
  • Mirror linking available
  • Touchscreen for smooth control
  • Wireless connectivity

The Pros

  • Support multiple audio formats
  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Good customer support available

The Cons

  • It is not a GPS stereo

9. CAMECHO 7 Inches Double DIN Head Unit

If you are looking for a car stereo with a bigger screen and a clear display, then CAMECHO 7 inches Double DIN Head Unit will make a smart investment. The unit supports a range of advanced tech features, such as touch screen, Bluetooth function, screen mirroring, and USB phone charging. The audio and sound quality of the unit is impressive. It has a 60W of power output.

Display And Tech Features

The 1080p HD high-resolution display is the best quality of this double din head unit. The unit is equipped with the advanced processing chipset that supports quick response, reliable performance, and the latest tech functions. You could play music and videos on the CAMECHO 7 inches Double DIN Head Unit through MP3, MP4, smartphones, tablets, APE, WMA, and more.

The unit does not feature a built-in GPS function, but you can connect it to your smartphone through screen mirroring feature and access navigation. The model supports screen mirroring on both iOS and Android devices. It comes with 18 radio storage options.

CAMECHO 7 inches Double DIN Head Unit features an integrated rearview camera that helps you park your vehicle when you are driving in reverse. Make sure that the large screen of this unit may not fit all types of vehicles. So, check your car console and measure its dimensions before buying this system.


  • 1080p high-resolution display
  • Rearview camera
  • Supports Android and iOS screen mirroring
  • Built-in microphone
  • Supports multiple audio and video formats
  • New processing chipset
  • Colorful backlight option
  • Charge smartphones

The Pros

  • Excellent display with large screen
  • Easy to operate while driving
  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Hands-free operation

The Cons

  • No GPS function

10. Aigoss Car Stereo 7 Inches Double Din Head Unit

Aigoss Car Stereo 7-inches Double Din Head Unit offers hands-free calling and navigation experience. It supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. You can also use the screen mirroring option to sync your phone with this multimedia car stereo system. There is no need for GPS as the model supports screen mirroring feature. You can display the navigation map on the stereo through your smartphone.

Wireless connectivity allows car owners to turn the volume up and down, change track, receive or make calls, and pause music easily. The 7-inches high-resolution display will give you the best entertainment experience while driving. In one tap, you can stream music, adjust volume and audio settings, connect the device with your smartphone, and display map.

With the built-in rearview camera, the Aigoss Car Stereo Double Din Head Unit acts as your parking assistance. The unit supports MP3, mobile, and GPS. Besides, it has a USB port that can charge your smartphone while playing music. You could make your driving more exciting with the seven color backlight option. You can play FM on the stereo and adjust the frequency setting according to the area.


  • iOS and Android phone screen mirroring
  • Rearview camera
  • 7 backlight colors available
  • Supports MP3, GPS, and smartphones
  • USB port for mobile charging
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Touch screen unit

The Pros

  • Excellent display
  • Hands-free operation
  • Decent sound quality
  • 24/7 support available
  • Durable
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobiles

The Cons

  • It does not support GPS
  • Bluetooth turns off automatically if you switch to the home screen

Features To Consider When Buying Double DIN Head Units

Of course, the budget will be the first thing you consider when investing in this car accessory. However, there are quite a few features you must take into account when buying double DIN head units. Let’s take a look:


It’s easy to control the device when you have a bigger display. What’s important is the display quality. You don’t want to struggle with a double Din unit featuring a dull display, especially if you often drive at night. Double DIN head systems are designed to make your car ride exciting and entertaining. So, it is important to invest in a unit that offers a bright and clear display.

Check if the full song names are displayed on the screen. Additionally, the options on the display should be large and neat enough to allow you to operate the device without having to divert your attention from driving. You will not want to stop every time you have to change the song. Not only would that be inconvenient, but having to stop your car every few minutes can be quite annoying.


For most drivers, the main reason for investing in a double DIN head unit is to make navigation easier and faster. You don’t need to use your small screen smartphone to use maps, get a clean rearview, and handle other operations. The large display and easy navigation make it easier for drivers to find maps.

Besides, you can use the rearview camera to ensure safe reverse driving. However, only a few units feature the rearview camera. You will probably have to spend a few extra bucks to get a double Din head unit with the built-in rearview camera.

If you are willing to purchase a device with a rearview camera, then consider the system that automatically switches to the camera mode when you are steering the vehicle in reverse.

Easy Setup

Usually, double Din head units are easy to install. There is not a lot you have to do to install them on the dashboard. However, it is still best to check the setup process. The last thing you want is to take your vehicle to an automobile store or call a mechanic for placing the double DIN unit. We recommend the plug-and-play unit that only needs to be plugged to an electrical outlet to work rather than the one that needs software upgrades and technical setup.

You are going to need to remove the old unit. It has to be done carefully so that you don’t end up damaging your single DIN head system or the car’s dashboard. If you are not sure about the replacement of your old unit, then purchase radio removal keys for a smoother installation.

Note: Never connect the double DIN head unit to your vehicle with the car battery on. Disconnect the battery before replacing the unit. Trying to install the DIN on your dashboard with the car battery on can pose risk to your stereo.


There is no point in buying a double Din head unit that doesn’t connect to your Android or iOS. Usually, most people connect the unit to the Android mobiles. A unit that is compatible with most external sound systems and almost all the latest smartphones will make a smart investment. Some units are only compatible with Apple smartphones. Even though you can connect them to the Android device via a USB port, you will not be able to integrate the system fully with the android device.

Likewise, some car owners may plan on connecting the unit to the other sound systems. If you too have the same requirements, then the best double DIN head unit for your car will be the one that doesn’t require converters and additional accessories to connect to your sound system.

Make sure you do not settle for old models because they lack some latest and upgraded features that offer several connectivity options. For instance, manufacturers have started to introduce the units featuring a mirroring option. This allows users to share their mobile screen with the Double DIN head unit. Only the latest models come equipped with this technology.


Double DIN is your ultimate way to decide the next song you would like to play, answer calls, make calls, and adjust the volume settings. Each unit comes with the RMS wattage and peak wattage ratings. You must consider these ratings before you make a purchase since there is a good chance you will not want to keep the volume up all the time. Any unit with the RMS rating of up to 20 RMS or higher will make an ideal option.

The performance of the unit is mainly determined by its RMS rating. It helps you determine how loud as well as clear the sound will be. If you invest in a low-quality DIN, then chances are you won’t get the best sound quality.


You can find the latest double DIN head unit under $300. At this price, you will get a large display that is compatible with almost all types of smartphones. Besides, these units feature a user-friendly interface and touchscreen that makes the operation a whole lot easier and smoother. If you would like a high-quality model with the integrated rearview camera and an effective navigation system, then we will recommend the model above $300.

If that sounds costly, you can invest in the standard double DIN head system. Remember that price should not be the only factor you take into consideration when investing in a double DIN head system. There are many affordable units available on the market. These units are as cheap as $80. However, they will not be compatible with your mobile apps.

Anti-Theft Protection

Do you know many thieves steal car stereos because they find it easy and less risky to grab the system and get away with it? That being said, you need to invest in a double-DIN unit that features anti-theft and other advanced security options. This is especially necessary if you often park your vehicle in a theft-prone area.

Make sure you purchase a device that could be placed in the glove compartment. The latest models come equipped with many security features that guarantee the safety of the unit.

Type Of Unit

Double DIN head unit is available in two types: smartphone integration display and non-integration system. The latter is a traditional model with no screen mirroring or touchscreen display functions available. This means you can’t get your mobile screen shared with the DIN system.  These units are compatible with CDs, DVDs, USB port, and Bluetooth.

If you have Bluetooth connectivity options, you can connect the double-DIN head unit to the Bluetooth-enabled device. These units might not offer advanced integration options, but they avoid unnecessary distractions. Non-integration does not support screen mirroring.

Bottom Line

There is a lot more to double DIN head units than its advanced speaker quality. The built-in software enhances sound quality and enables drivers to try sound variations. The large display enables drivers to get a clear view of all the features. Besides, you are going to get high bids for the car’s center console with a double-DIN unit placed on the dashboard, i.e. if you ever plan on selling one.


  1. Does the Double Din Unit Fit in any Car Dashboard?

    The latest vehicles feature extra space that can accommodate the double DIN head unit. However, it is best to check your car for additional space. The double-unit stereo system is accessible when installed on the dashboard. It allows drivers and the front seat passengers to adjust the settings easily.

    If you have a traditional model with limited space on the dashboard, then you can opt for a faceplate to house the unit. Fortunately, the double DIN stereo system can be installed in the interiors of almost all types of vehicles (old models included). All you need is the right fascia panel.

  2. Will the Double DIN Head Unit Work Well Without Antenna?

    You will need antenna if you are connecting the device to the radio. Connection without antenna is possible, however, it might affect the sound quality. If you don’t want to use an antenna, connect the unit to your smartphone or laptop through Bluetooth, and enjoy hours of live streaming.

  3. What is the size of the Double DIN Head Unit?

    The standard size of a double DIN head unit is 180 x 100.3mm. Most vehicles have single DIN head units that feature the standard size. Double DIN has the same width as the single DIN system. The latter is taller than the single DIN unit.

    In fact, the length of the double DIN stereo system will be twice the length of the standard stereo. This feature allows you to turn your car into an entertainment space and stream any song you want on the stereo. Single DIN slots are 50mm. So, if you own a traditional model, chances are you will have the standard stereo slot.

  4. How is the Double DIN Stereo System Different from the Standard Head Unit?

    Most homeowners prefer a single DIN head unit for their cars. However, if they decide to upgrade to the better entertainment system, then they install the double-din unit. The standard car stereo or single-DIN unit is smaller. It comes equipped with only limited features.

    Double DIN, on the other hand, has advanced features that give you the best driving and entertainment experience. The bigger the display of the unit, the easier it is to control all the functions. Moreover, it is easy for the driver to access the touchscreen and adjust the features according to their requirements.

  5. How can I Install the Double DIN Car Stereo System?

    Modern cars feature space for double DIN stereo. So, if you are replacing the older double DIN unit with a new and upgraded model, then installation will be super easy. All the double DIN head systems are of the same size. For installation, you need to check the manual that is shipped with the product. You only need to fit the system into the dashboard.

    Installation does not need tools or professional mechanics. However, if you are replacing the single DIN unit with a double DIN stereo system, then the installation can be a little difficult.

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