The Best Garage Floor Mats For 2023

Whenever you drive into your garage daily only to see your discolored floor loaded up with stains must piss you off! If you design and improve your house, it reveals your persona to the others, and the garage you own isn’t excluded from this rule.

Besides, whenever you are changing fuel and filling the tanks in your garage, you won’t get rid of these stains that discolor your floor even if you and your family have shifted to a new place to live. 

Several types of garage floors are available in the market. Each of them has useful properties, and it will offer a new dimension to your garage. So much so that you’ll love to live in it! Besides, with such mats, you can save yourself and your family from severe injuries due to slipping in the oil drops and expensive redecoration.

What Are Garage Floor Mats?

Garage floor mats are very much affordable and ideal to have, especially for those who want their entire garage to be covered or specific zones, such as car-parking areas. A garage mat can protect your shining floor from all those oil drops, melts (snow), and almost everything else that can be harmful to your floor. 

The main entry point to your house is your garage, and hence it needs to be well-maintained. If you are using a garage floor mat, it will ensure that you have a clean floor stain-free floor, which will last long since it won’t suffer from wear and tear due to the harmful oil particles or any other elements.

A garage floor mat can serve you in a few different ways too. Firstly, you can place it underneath any vehicle, and it acts as a barrier against any spills or leaks. Besides, it also forestalls dirt, grass, or grime from getting into your house and spoiling its looks.

Now that you have got to know the garage floor mat’s utilities let’s check the review of the top 10 floor mats that are trending in the market today.

1. Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Flooring Mats

For those who want a durable mat for their garage floor, the rubber-cal diamond ones are an ideal product to choose from. The reason being they are resilient rubber-made products and are both fire and waterproof to safeguard your garage under any circumstances.

Though you’ll find several options in the market, these Rubber-Cal mats are second to none. A vital feature of this mat is that it is made using SBR or Styrene-Butadiene rubber.  Such a floor mat is also available in coin or diamond print, and they can be ordered from the manufacturer in eight lengths, pre-cut rolls, or custom-made rolls.

One other advantage you have with this mat is that its base won’t slip to hold its place on the floor. Besides, they use either a coin or a diamond grip surface to ensure it is also steady under your foot or the wheel because this is where water can come in and cause a slipping risk.

Such mats are also useful in absorbing shocks and also reduce noise. Having such mats is perfect for those who want to use their garage as a workshop. This is because it will be quite gentle on your joints, knees, and it may even diminish the noise coming from power devices just a bit.

Such a standard mat comes in a specific measurement. They are1/8th- inches thick, and their lengths vary between one to nine feet. You won’t find any difficulty in cutting the material to your desired size; however, this implies that the floor doesn’t generally hold up well under sharps. The backing is non-slip, which means they can just be rolled; however, you can use tape to secure them if you need extra safety.

Installing the floor mat is easy as it’s lightweight and convenient to carry too. Also, maintaining them is simple as you can vacuum clean it or do just simple sweeping. If the floor mat catches stains, use mild soap and water to clean them (stains).


  • Styrene-Butadiene rubber-made
  • Available in diamond or coin-print
  • Black, diamond texturing
  • Thick
  • Solid construction
  • Weight of 13.8 pounds
  • One to nine feet in length

The Pros

  • Shock absorber and noise reducer
  • Durable
  • Prevents slipping on wet areas
  • Can be ordered in custom-made rolls, pre-cut rolls, eight lengths, etc
  • Lightweight
  • Provides safety for the floor
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance is easy

The Cons

  • Can get damaged by sharps
  • Customer complains of bad smell from the item
  • Trimming needed

2. Drymate Armor Felt Carpet Mats

If you are looking for an option other than rubber mats, you can go for the felt mats. While you might find the idea of protecting your floor against spilled oil using a carpet somewhat implausible, this Drymate Armor is not just a simple carpet.

This material is a woven polyester fabric from eighty percent recycled fibers. This woven polyester fabric has super-absorbent properties too. The design of the mat is intended to collect the spills. The material is placed over a backing (waterproof polyolefin) to make sure not even a drop of liquid is dripping through the mat and then to the floor. Once it’s completely wet, a simple wringing is good enough.

Its layer (waterproof) is the reason why they are the ideal mat that you can place underneath your car to prevent the oil dribbles from getting to the ground. However, there is warmth in the flooring also, which implies it can also transform your garage into a sporting space, similar to a gymnasium at home.

It is effortless to install this flooring, and it is available in different sizes in the market. Therefore, you can pick your ideal combination. If you do not want to use this carpet to cover the whole garage, the pieces can be cut into a size that fits into every corner; the fabric won’t shred. Such a carpet accompanies double-sided tape from Drymate so that the mat can be secured to the floor. Therefore, even if your car tires roll over it, the mat won’t slip.

When you first lay it, the carpet looks like a “wrinkle,” and it will take some time to settle in. Remember that few floors are either painted, epoxy, or sealers-treated and may get stuck at the mat’s bottom. Hence, you may find some dirt/residue on your floor after removing the mat.

Cleaning the mat is quite simple, as it can be washed or hosed using a power washer. Also, you can remove the debris with a quick vacuum.

This Drymate carpet is equally useful in preventing oil drops or other elements from getting to the floor and heating the garage space for different purposes. Thus, they are ideal for spaces for different usages. This mat can be used as the flooring underneath your car, and also it can be utilized in the home gym in a garage.


  • Weight of 5.8 pounds
  • Woven polyester fabric
  • Waterproof polyolefin backing
  • Size is 8’4″ x 7’4″
  • Super absorbent material
  • Durable construction

The Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip
  • Installation and maintenance is easy
  • Hides stains and cracks
  • Ensures the floor is clean
  • Underfoot is warm

The Cons

  • Can leave dirt, residues on the floor

3. Rubber-Cal Fine Rib Corrugated Mats

If your workshop is the garage itself, and you go through hours putting a lot of stress on your feet, it might seem to you that even garage mats made of standard rubber are feeling hard under the foot and are inevitably for your knees. In such a case, consider something like the Rubber-Cal Corrugated one, which might offer comfort for your feet.

Such an item is available in rolls that are three-feet wide and has a thickness of 1/8-inches, and that can be easily rolled on the garage door. Such mats are produced using Styrene Butadiene Rubber or SBR, and to prevent slipping and better traction, they are backed up with textured ribs.

The other feature here is the corrugated design which is useful in catching dirt and debris, which implies that nothing that comes from the garage comes into your house through the underfoot. Cleaning the floor is quite simple, and you can clean them using either a mop or a broom with simple water and soap.

Such a mat has moderate chemical resistance properties, and thus oil and other common garage chemicals won’t damage them unless you are leaving them to get those absorbed.

A Rubber-Cal mat is perfect when you look for something a little softer and still fitting in the garage’s working area; these won’t slip and won’t suffer damage either. This is also ideal to choose if you want something temporarily as it can be laid and picked up and rolled out and up.


  • Styrene-Butadiene rubber-made
  • Corrugated design
  • Black, textured ribs
  • 1/8” thick
  • Solid construction
  • Weight of 34.2 pounds
  • 3ft x 15ft

The Pros

  • Non-slip
  • Durable rubber surface
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant mat offers more traction and safety
  • Can be easily rolled out and up
  • Installation is easily
  • Washable with plain water and soap

The Cons

  • Rolls are thin
  • Can’t resist chemicals 100%

4. GarageMatExpress Floor Containment Mat

Many of us don’t like covering the whole garage floor on most occasions, but still, we need to protect the floor whenever there is a harsh climatic condition. To encounter such a situation, the GarageMatExpress Floor Containment Mat can be an ideal option.

Such mats can be rolled out and fixed at the corners because of the commercial-grade material (heavy-duty) used to manufacture them. You just need to place it in your car parking area, and the mat will safeguard your floor from ice, snow, mud, and other fluids that are damaging to the floor. Besides, it also comes with a cell foam contamination edge, ensuring that no fluid flows out through the sides.

Such mats are also useful for the floor in safeguarding against fuel/oil or any spilling if you are looking to roll it out or transform the garage into your workshop for the time being.

Cleaning the mat is easy as you’d need just water and soap to do so, and there is also a long-handled sponge/wiper available so that you can complete the cleaning process quite easily.  

Thus, for all those who need a temporary but quality protective option that can be rolled out when there is snowfall or when you are doing your annual car maintenance, this GarageMatExpress Floor Containment Mat is an excellent product to have.


  • Heavy-duty Vinyl material
  • Weight of 25.3 pounds
  • Cell foam contamination edge
  • 1/8” thick
  • 7’9″ x 18′
  • Durable

The Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Installation is easy
  • Accompanies cleaning tools
  • Reasonable in terms of budget
  • Ideal for temporary use during snowfall, car maintenance, etc

The Cons

  • Isn’t available as a cover for the whole garage
  • Firmness is lesser in underfoot compared to a few other products

5. Innhom Interlocking Foam Mats

Do you desire to convert your garage to a home gymnasium or a play area? However, you are not willing to spend on permanent floors? Do not worry, as you now have the solution of the Innhom Interlocking Foam Mats. With this mat, transforming your garage into a safe space is quite simple.

Such mats have a thickness of ¼-inches; besides being a good shock absorber and comfortable underfoot feel, they have firmness, so they will give you many comforts even if you are walking on hard surfaces.

The Ingham Interlocking mats are made with EVA foam, which has high-density and is non-toxic too. Therefore, there is no danger of them getting damaged even if you have left your car parked on them, and their bounciness won’t be lost (it’s because their design allows them to withstand the load of heavy machines). However, you can also pick and lay them very easily if you feel that a change in space use is necessary.

These mats have 23.6×23.6-inches tiles, which makes them extremely easy as far as installation is concerned as you just need to clean the floor and then put them together just like a puzzle. These are waterproof mats, and thus there is no risk of any damages through liquid because there are non-air-tight connections between the mats, so even if there is enough liquid, they can’t spill or get through. Cleaning them is easy as you need just a damp cloth with some mild soap for it.

The surface (resulting) also won’t slip, and they are vibration and noise reducers, which make them ideal for home use.

For those looking for a transformation of space for a different reason, whether it is recreation, exercise, or a room for music, such mats are ideal. However, simultaneously, they have enough durability to endure your vehicle’s weight, and thus you still will be able to use your garage space for different purposes.


  • EVA foam material
  • ¼-inches thick
  • Shock absorber
  • Weight of 7.05 pounds
  • 23.6×23.6-inches tiles
  • Durable and can withstand heavy load
  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof

The Pros

  • Installation is easy
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Noise-reducer
  • Anti-slip
  • Soft underfoot
  • Floor-protector

The Cons

  • It isn’t water-tight as compared to other products in the market
  • Gets dirty easily

6. Pro-Lift Foldable Garage Floor Mat

For those looking for a lightweight mat that is convenient to carry, the Pro-Lift Foldable EVA Mat is your ideal option. One of the great features of this model is its capability of a six-fold collapse, which is why most buyers are fond of this product. Such a feature enables you to do any work outside during the summer season. Other than this, the mat also comes with a built-in handle which allows you to move this mat at utmost ease.

As far as material quality is concerned, you can bank on it without a doubt. Pro-Lift’s handy mat is manufactured using profoundly tough foam (EVA) alongside a thick cushion to offer additional comfort. As a buyer, you are simply going to love it, and you can use this product in different ways to solve several purposes.

Such a mat is an ideal option as a small seat in the garden and can even be perfect for sunbathing! Besides, the mat is an excellent choice for activities like camping, picnics, etc. These mats are available at a reasonable price and are ideally recommended for safeguarding your knees while working with vehicle maintenance tasks.


  • EVA Foam material
  • Easy storage due to design and 6-fold collapse
  • Lightweight with only 1.81 pounds
  • 1.2” thick cushion
  • In-built handle
  • Size (unfolded): 47.6″ x 16.5″ x 1.2″

The Pros

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Can withstand heavy load
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip

The Cons

  • Narrow and not ideal for actual work use
  • Can have durability issues
  • Can smell badly after rigorous use

7. ESP 1AMGPL Air Matrix Mat

You might be surprised to know that it is possible to buy about a hundred durable polypropylene pads in bulk for quite a reasonable price. However, the fact is valid. Such pads having fire-proofing properties are here in the market to solve all your needs. The design of these mats is such that it prevents slipping and also helps in wiping any undesirable spilled fluid that can damage or discolor your floor.

The most admirable thing about these mats is that they are made in an environmental-friendly way. The material used to build these mats are polypropylene which is 85% recycled. Thus, for those who think about saving our dear planet, getting these mats is a big step forward in that direction.

The base layer of this mat is built combining no lint spunbond and high loft meltdown fibers. Also, such mats are easy to maintain and are washable and cleanable with just water and soap. Thus, this mat is an all-purpose product and an ideal one to have.


  • Polypropylene (PP) material
  • Lightweight with only 11 pounds
  • Eco-friendly
  • Size: 19.4 x 16.1 x 15.7
  • ASTM 726-certified
  • 100 Pads included

The Pros

  • Ant-slip
  • No slippage
  • Safeguards your floor
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Washable and cleanable with water and soap
  • Fireproof
  • Can absorb water up to 20 gallons and oil up to 24 gallons 

The Cons

  • Don’t have sealed edges and hence can fall apart
  • Can’t absorb automotive oil effectively
  • Doesn’t come with a box

8. AutoFloorGuard AFG7916 Garage Mat

AutoFloorGuard is a reputed mat manufacturing company that has produced quality products over the years. Today, they have brought to one of their astounding items: the Containment Mat (compact size).

One of their essential features is the material used in manufacturing it, i.e., the polyester scrim fabric (commercial grade), which means it’s durable enough to withstand various challenges. It doesn’t permit the mat’s style to get cramped due to wrinkles because of its making’s deep coating.

Besides, the mat will hold tight to its place and won’t get displaced because of its crafty and thoroughly-designing corners, which keep it secured. That’s not all; there is something more with this AutoFloorGuard product. You get a twenty-two-inch wiper head to make the cleaning process of this wiper quite easy. Thus, this mat will serve you for different purposes for quite a long time to come.


  • Heavy Duty PVC-Coated Polyester Scrim material
  • 20 pounds weight
  • No assembly needed
  • Size: 19 x 8 x 24
  • Wiper included
  • 1 year warranty

The Pros

  • No slippage
  • Secured corner
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Upgraded fabric-made
  • Foldable and easy to use
  • Watertight and heat-sealed

The Cons

  • New version might have quality issues

9. G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

There aren’t many people who prefer a heavy mat for their floor. However, for those who prefer to lug their mat along with them, there aren’t that many products better than the Garage Mat from G-Floor. Due to its heaviness, it will stay firm on the ground, and blowing it away with anything won’t be easy.

Such a mat is built using PVC, which is 55 mils thick at the base, and the mat contains ridges in it (it’s designed in such a way). This mat is built to last long and is super durable, and has a coating of material that prevents the mat from cracking, splitting, peeling, and thus deteriorating due to wear and tear.

 Apart from holding water, oil that slides off the mat’s surface, they also prevent any grime or dirt from sneaking through the mat itself. Thus, for people who are distraught with slipping so many times in their garage, this mat is the one that you’ll prefer to bring home today.


  • 100 % High-quality PVC material
  • 74 pounds weight
  • 55 mils thick
  • Size: 7’6″x17′
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Contains ridges

The Pros

  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stays firm on the floor
  • Waterproof and doesn’t allow spills to get to the mat
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The Cons

  • Might have issues if it gets too wet  

10. SuperMats Heavy Duty Weightlifting Mat

Do you need those heavy-duty mats that won’t be blown away from their place whenever there is a little wind around? This Superlock heavy-duty mat from the SuperMats brand is undoubtedly worth the investment because of its durability. As you can see in the product name, this “weightlifting” will stay firm on the floor, and you won’t need to run after it to catch it when the wind blows. It is because this mat is made out of strong rubber (commercial-grade). Furthermore, to get sustainability, the rubber has been recycled.

This SuperMats item’s interlocking flooring properties make it ideal for several applications, and thus it’s why people admire them the most. The rubber can be interlinked, and you can cover about a region measuring 15.84 square feet, which is quite impressive. This mat will fit into any region, and you won’t need any sticky adhesive tape to put it firmly on the floor. Besides, this attractive-looking, entirely black-colored flooring is sure to hide any oily marks/stains that your floor might have.


  • High-quality commercial-grade material
  • 33.15 pounds weight
  • 3/8” thick
  • Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 0.38
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Durable and heavy-duty

The Pros

  • Non-slip due to dotted texture design
  • Installation is easy
  • Stays firm on the floor
  • Secure interlocking system/won’t need adhesive tapes to hold it
  • Doesn’t allow oil spilling on the floor
  • Hides all stains on the floor
  • Maintenance and cleaning is easy

The Cons

  • Smells too strong  

Things To Consider While Buying Garage Floor Mats:

So, you’ve decided to buy a floor mat for your garage. But numerous things play in your mind. Is the mat durable enough? What about the non-slipping property? Can it hide the oil stains on the floor? Is it a good absorber? Is it easy to install, use and maintain? etc. 

Since you have a million questions in mind about these mats, let’s analyze the crucial factors while buying a mat.

Oil Resistance Properties:

What’s your purpose in buying a mat for the garage floor? It is to prevent the fuel drops from getting into the floor and discoloring/damaging it. Therefore, look for a mat that prevents the oil/fluid from spilling on the floor and not only protects your floor but keeps it clean too.

Cushioning For The Legs:

You might be working for long hours in the garage and giving your knees a lot of stress. Therefore, look for those mats that offer comfort to your knees by relieving the stress.

Effective Design To Keep Dirt Away:

A few mats have designs like grooved or corrugated ones, which ensures dirt debris doesn’t stick to the mat and doesn’t get into the floor. Thus, buying such a mat is always useful.

Capacity To Withstand Vehicle Load:

 It’s always recommended that you buy a durable product. A sturdy and robust mat will always be able to hold your vehicle’s weight no matter how heavy it is. Therefore, you should always look for a robust item from a branded manufacturer.

Sufficient Weight To Prevent Sliding:

It’s not necessary that you have to buy a heavy-duty mat (until and unless it’s your preferred option). You can look for a mat with good enough weight to hold on to the floor and won’t get blown away with the wind or get displaced with anything else. 

Always prefer something that has sufficient weight to stay in its place and is convenient to carry.


The thickness of a mat is another vital aspect to consider. The thicknesses of standard mats are about ½ an inch, and heavy-duty mats are about ¾ inches thicker. A thick mat will offer you better performance but will be costly. However, for regular light usage, a standard mat is good enough.

Sound Absorption:

A quality mat has good properties to absorb sounds when you work with your vehicle in the garage. This helps to keep your mind pleasant while working.

Easy To Install And Maintain:

This is also a vital element to consider while choosing a mat. Always pick a mat that offers you a hassle-free installation where you can simply roll it out on the floor and fold it back when you want to. 

Besides, it should be easy to clean, maybe just with a wet cloth and soap. A few brands offer mops along with the mat, which is an additional advantage.

Common Types Of Garage Floor Mats:

Here is a look at the most common types of floor mats that are available in the market to make your buying process easier:

Parking Mats:

Parking mats are slightly bigger than your vehicle’s size. They safeguard your garage floor by preventing dirt, water, mud, oils, road salts, etc., from damaging it.

Roll Out Mats:

 Roll-out mats can be used to roll it all over your garage floor, and they offer a new look to your garage by covering all the stains, dirt, and other defects that your garage floor might have. Apart from offering looks, they also help to get rid of the garage smell.

Water-Absorbing Mats:

 These mats are very useful in areas where there is a wet climate and also in wet seasons. They help to absorb all the water they may form on your garage floor and prevent it from damage due to dampness. Because it takes the water out of the equation, the chance of slipping is also reduced.

Oil-Absorbing Floor Mats:

Like the water-absorbing one, this mat helps to absorb oil from the garage floor, and thus it prevents oil and other fluids (petroleum-based) from dumping into the garage floor, thereby creating stains and damaging it.

Such mats help a great deal in eliminating slipping risks due to oil and other fluids. They also stop the floor from getting discolored due to nasty oil stains. Besides, when you have such mats installed on the garage floor, it won’t allow your foot to bring any oil particles or other materials from the garage to the house.

Such mats are easy to clean with a squeegee or a broom using water, and after this, you can let it get dry by hanging it to install again.

Carpet Floor Mats:

Such mats are used to give or garage an aesthetic look, and it’s an ideal substitute for a traditional carpet which can be risky to use on a garage floor.

These mats don’t suffer wear and tear due to oil, water, or other chemicals or petroleum-based products, which can damage a traditional carpet by disintegrating or breaking it down or even cause it to catch fire. Besides, they are also decent sound-absorbers. 


Your garage is a vital part of your house and keeping it clean, and excellent-looking is your responsibility. Going through this review will give a certainly clear idea about what kind of mat that is best suited to your garage floor, and hopefully, you can get the best product for yourself. Good Luck!   


  1. How can the garage floor mats be cleaned? 

    This is something that you’ll just love to do. The reason is to keep your garage floor mat clean is quite a simple job! 

    If you find dirt and debris on your floor mat, just remove them by sweeping with a broom. But, if the dirt is a tough one that has got stuck inside the mat, then a squeegee is the best option to clean it off. 

  2. What happens if the dirt is still stuck?  

    For something that is very difficult to clean, such as chemical oils and others, take the garage's mat for hose washing it. After all the dreadful fluids have been washed off from the mat, use a cleaner (compatible for vinyl) and continue scrubbing. A short time later, all you must do is wipe it dry, and you’re done! Moreover, if you're too drained after the initial two processes, then simply let the mat hang to get dry.

  3. Are using cleaning materials suitable for garage mats? 

    Though these processes may look very easy for you, ideally, you must never utilize steam or a vacuum cleaner to maintain your mat's cleanliness. However beneficial as they seem to be, these cleaning apparatuses carry the risk of destroying the durability of a mat. Thus, if you still use it, you run a massive risk for your mat.

  4. Is it a deal to go for vinyl flooring for a garage?

    To start off, vinyl flooring is a great option. The reason being, the installation process is excessively simple. All that’s needed is rolling the new flooring out on the ground, and you need to use a utility knife to make any adjustments if necessary. Also, its waterproof nature makes it ideal for washing and shielding the floor from oil drops that get spilled on it daily.  

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