The Best Magnetic Phone Mounts For 2023

Car phone holders or mounts are something that most vehicle owners neglect very often. However, these mounts are quite significant accessories, particularly since new traffic laws have been issued which prohibit us from using our phones, especially while driving.

Apart from protecting us from the road’s possible hazards while driving, a car mount also enables us to make the most out of our portable devices when we are on the road.

For people who prefer using their cell phones while driving, a magnetic phone mount can be suitable for them. Using this holder allows you to secure your smartphone to your window or dashboard, where seeing the phone will be easier for you. This is undoubtedly the best alternative to leaving your phone to the cup holder.

Trust that! This way, it becomes very convenient for you to handle important calls even while you drive.   

What Are Magnetic Phone Mounts?

A car phone mount is a device that holds your cell phones; therefore, holding them to take calls while driving isn’t necessary at all. The mounts firmly hold the phones/portable devices at ideal positions to ensure it’s safe for us to view them while we drive. A few mounts even charge your mobile phone while they’re set up.

Therefore, a car phone mount offers you numerous features which you must have for your vehicle. Besides helping you while driving, it ensures that you follow all the traffic rules and safeguard the individuals around you on the road from potential dangers. 

A car phone mount becomes an essential accessory, particularly for those vehicles in which there isn’t any in-built navigation system. With the phone mounts, you can take calls safely, turn to directions with ease, and utilize your smartphone’s voice assistant. But, do remember that not all mounts have similar features. A few mounts are better suited and work well with some specific car and phone than some other ones. 

The following is a review of the top 10 car phone mounts that have become very popular car accessories today. So, let’s dive in.

1. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Phone Mount

The iOttie car mount is a branded and one of the top car phone mounts in the market. Such a phone mount is effortless to use, and when you take a look at it, you’ll be assured that this one can secure your Smartphone very conveniently irrespective of whether you want it secured to the dashboard or the window.

An essential feature of this mount is the one-touch system that empowers placing in and taking the phone away from the mount with only one hand signal/gesture.

This iOttie magnetic car mount also has an adjustable arm (telescopic) that can be very useful in altering your phone’s position so that you can conveniently use it. Besides, the one other aspect component that is quite thrilling regarding this car phone mount is that they remain very stable when you are using it. Because of their stability, which is holding firm to its position, they make it very easy for the drivers to operate their phones. Furthermore, it helps the users get a very clear vision even if they drive on rough and uneven surfaces.

The other major advantage that you get in this product is its one year warranty. Apart from this, the accessory contains a suction cup that ensures there are no problems or any pressure on you to mount this car phone mount on your dashboard or windshield. Most importantly, there is no doubt that this is a top-notch car phone mount with tons of quality features.


  • Faux leather material
  • Dashboard pad included
  • Universal phone control
  • Telescopic arm
  • Adjustable viewing
  • 1-year warranty

The Pros

  • Easy one-touch locking system allowing to operate (such as open and close) with one hand
  • Allows to view from optimum positions (from 4 to 6.5-inches pivots on an arc of 225-degrees) 
  • Universal Mounting (can hold phone cases from 2.3 to 3.5-inches)
  • Can be ordered in custom-made rolls, pre-cut rolls, eight lengths, etc
  • Strong suction
  • Bottom foot can be adjusted accordingly
  • Offers stability
  • Easy to install

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work well under a lot of heat/sunlight
  • Doesn’t stick well

2. WixGear Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Universal Air Vent

This is an attractive magnetic mount that perfectly fits all air vent types and can hold most smartphones. Because it has a magnetic head and a rubber base, it offers you more strength and is entirely secure. No matter whatever the road’s condition is where you are driving, the mount stays firmly in its place on even the most uneven of the surfaces.  

The phone mount’s surface is relatively smooth, and its snappy design ensures that using them is relatively easy. The phone just gets fit in a place without any fuss at all. Because it can swivel, rotating the phone is easily possible from the holder without moving it from its position. This way, you can easily access your phone when you are driving, making or taking calls, checking any messages, etc. The mounts’ base is steady and fixed, irrespective of the unevenness like the bumps, ridges you go through on the road.

With such a car mount installed, you will have no problems viewing your phones while riding through bumpy roads. Thus, with this accessory handling your phone while driving becomes an easy job for you. Such mounts are compatible with almost all smartphone cases due to their efficient design and hence are something that you must consider.


  • Rubber material
  • Plates included
  • 3.5 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches in size
  • Magnetic head
  • Adjustable viewing
  • Compatible to most smartphone cases
  • Manufacturer warranty included

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Hidden magnet included
  • Remains stable on uneven roads
  • Enables to handle the phone easily
  • Lightweight
  • Complementary design (swivel)

The Cons

  • It can cause damages to the air vent
  • Metal can affect charging and call quality
  • The clam (air vent) isn’t strong enough

3. Maxboost Car Mount, Universal Air vent

The magnetic car mount holder from Maxboost includes a durable rubber-made base and quite a strong magnet head that holds your portable device firmly, which is very vital, especially when you are traveling on bumpy roads. Because of the holder, the display can be swiveled irrespective of the mount, which won’t move from its place. The magnetic mount’s surface is smooth, and it can be attached to any smartphones’ back. The accessory comes with four metal discs and a couple of magnets for holding the phone case.

There is no need for a dash mount for this accessory. Instead of sticking to the surface, the holder clips to the vent. You can easily remove the mount without worrying about an adhesive mark being left over at the place. The magnets are quite strong, even though they are thin, and one can either attach the metal plate mounts together to the phone case’s back or place it in the case.

However, be careful that the metal discs within your phone case might cause charging issues. If someone clips the magnet into the mount’s large opening, there might be a possibility of the phone moving or tilting. There is a powerful vent magnet, and it might remain stuck to your phone magnet and may pull the vent out. Besides, if you are using a heavy phone, this car mount is not a good option.


  • Rubber material
  • Plates included
  • 6 x 2 x 1inches in size
  • Magnetic head
  • Adjustable viewing
  • Compatible to most smartphone cases

The Pros

  • Installation is easy
  • Remains stable on uneven roads
  • Optimal usage
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel design
  • Strong magnetic mount

The Cons

  • Metal discs can cause problems in phone charging
  • The vent magnet can pull the vent out
  • Not suitable for heavy phones

4. Beam Electronics Car Mount

Another quality brand in the list of vehicle accessories is the car mount from Beam Electronics. Such a car phone mount is designed to be used by attaching or latching it to the cars’ air vents directly. The purpose behind this is not only because it would give a firm and robust hold but also make the process of installing it very easy, simple, and convenient. There are also advantages in installing the air vent since there is nothing for you to worry about any longer regarding your view of the road being obstructed by the car phone mount.

Therefore, it will be effortless for the users to slide in their phone and slide it out as there is a quick-release button located at the back of the car phone mount. One key feature of this car phone mount is its sturdiness which is an integral part of its make and design. This is why it is very feasible for such a car phone mount to withstand adverse weather conditions such as heat and cold climate to see your phone clearly and safely protect it.

One other feature of this car mount is a soft interior that would safeguard your phone from any bumps or scratches, a feature which is also present in the iOttie mount discussed earlier. Besides, there is also a one-year warranty that comes with this car phone mount. However, if you have a Google Pixel 5 phone, this mount won’t work, which is possibly a drawback.


  • Faux Leather material
  • Weight of 0.071 ounces
  • 2.72 x 3.39 x 5.51inches in size
  • Quick release button
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Compatible to most portable devices

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Robust design
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Offers stability
  • Offers safety to your phone on uneven roads 

The Cons

  • Performance isn’t long-lasting
  • Falls off the car’s hangers/doesn’t secure well to the vent

5. Mpow Car Phone Mount

The Mpow brand is a notable name because it produces top-quality items, and one of their latest products is this car phone mount. Such an accessory will be quite useful to the users as it will prove to be a very helpful tool, especially when you are driving. This product is undoubtedly a top-notch one and what makes it stand out of any standard car mount is its installation process.

You will find that installing this car phone mount is a little uncommon compared to any regular car phone mount. However, the advantage that you get from putting your phone in this way in such a mount is that you can charge your phone easily.

The phone mount comes with a 360-degree rotation feature which not only ensures that you’ll have a clear view of the road while driving but, at the same time, you would also be able to see your phone clearly. Such a phone mount is also popular due to its compatibility feature, which means it fits well with most portable devices, and this is because it has a side grip mechanism which is why the mount is simple to adjust.

Moreover, the phone has a quick-release button feature that ensures you can easily take your phone out when you leave your car.


  • Faux Leather material
  • Weight of 4.9 ounces
  •  Size in 4.1 x 4.72 x 4.72 in inches
  • Side grip mechanism
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Compatible to most portable devices

The Pros

  • Installation is easy
  • Strong construction
  • 360-degree rotation
  • It offers convenience for GPS navigation and calling
  • You can charge your phone easily on this mount
  • The quick-release button helps to take the phone out easily when you leave your car

The Cons

  • With this mount installed, you can’t use your cars’ CD compartment
  • Doesn’t support landscape mode

6. Humixx Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Humixx is one of the ideal car phone mounts on this list as far as compactness is concerned. Using a strong adhesive, you can attach the mount easily on any flat surface inside your car. The powerful magnets in the mount firmly secure the phone to slip or move from its place. A small magnetic circle gets attached to the phone, which gets aligned with the car phone mounts’ magnetic surface.

The mounting circle has a silicon surface which ensures that there is no scratch on the back of your phone; however, it can be rotated 360-degrees entirely with ease. Humixx’s holder is viable with practically all smartphones; this is because, as opposed to being gripped in the cradle, the phone will be mounted through a magnet.

Likewise, this magnetic holding system helps to join and take your phone out easily, as easy as touching it to the magnetic cushion and pulling it off gently.


  • Aluminum and Silicone combined material
  • Weight of 1.92 ounces
  •  Size in 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 in inches
  • Easily mounts on flat surfaces
  • Compatible to most portable devices
  • 18-months warranty
  • 8 in-built super-powerful magnets

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Supremely durable and compact design
  • 360-degree rotation
  • It has an effective magnetic holding mechanism
  • You can use it outside your car
  • It offers stability/holds your phone firmly thus preventing any slip or moving

The Cons

● The adhesive is not so great
● It can get very hot

7. TechMatte Car Phone Mount

This car phone mounts from TechMatte is another reputed car accessory in the market. Because its suction cup is quite strong, the users will find it very easy to fix this car phone mount to either the dashboard or windshield. After installing it, attaching your phone to a pad will be undoubtedly easier because of the powerful magnets it has.

Because the mount comes with a one-year warranty and quite a robust design and structure, it guarantees that there will be damages to your car phone mount even if you are driving on extremely uneven roads/surfaces.

Those who have brought this product have revealed that there are strong magnets in the car phone mount, which are very powerful and thus prevent the vehicle from bumps from potholes and unexpected stoppages.

You can adjust the mount to get an ideal position so that your view isn’t obstructed, and this is where the mount assists you in monitoring the navigation while you drive. Because this car mount has so many features and a strong suction cup also, it makes this product a top choice for your vehicle.


  • Material include Foam and Rubber
  • Weight of 4.8 ounces
  •  Size in 4.5 x 3.1 x 2.8 in inches
  • Strong suction cup
  • Compatible to most portable devices
  • One-year warranty
  • Super powerful magnets (in-built)

The Pros

  • Strongly built
  • Easy to install
  • 360-degree rotation
  • The strong magnets in the mount help to hold the phone firmly
  • The mount attaches easily on any flat surfaces with its suction cup gel
  • Easy to use

The Cons

● It contains fragile plastic pieces which can break with rough handling
● The magnet may not work with thicker phone cases

8. Bestrix Cell Phone Holder/Mount

This car phone mount from the Bestrix brand is quite unique, and it is something that can be connected to the CD slot of your car’s sound system. Because of the presence of a strong suction cup, the mount will firmly stay in place, and thus driving becomes easier for you even if your car has an uneven dashboard. Such a car phone mount is likewise a beneficial option if your suction cup doesn’t hold on to its place when you have put it on the windshields.

This car phone mount, after staying secure, can effortlessly rotate so you can see your phone easily from every angle, even if it is inside the case. You can stay assured that this car phone mount will firmly hold your phone.

Such a phone mount is designed to be compatible with all portable devices (Smartphones), and your device will be protected from all sides from any bumps or scratches.


  • Faux Leather material
  • 4 ounces weight
  •  Size in 3.94 x 0.59 x 3.15 in inches
  • Strong suction cup
  • Compatible to most portable devices
  • CD Mount
  • String design

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Rotation mechanism offers best view
  • The mount has magnets to firmly hold the phone
  • Using it is easy
  • One-touch removal mechanism

The Cons

● The metal plates’ adhesive isn’t strong enough
● Not suitable for heavier and larger phones
● Wireless charging not possible due to metal plates

9. Aukey Car Phone Holder

The Aukey’s car phone holder is ideal for those who want to save their money and space. This protective air vent mounts’ adjustable holder can be easily attached to most cars’ standard vents, irrespective of the slats being flat or vertical. The mount’s cradle is attached by a swiveling ball joint that offers 360-degree rotation so that you get an excellent view from all angles. It also comes with a quick switch among different viewing modes, such as portrait or landscape. 

The mount has silicone padding, which ensures that there are no scratches to your phone. Besides, it also firmly holds on to the phone and offers smooth contact too. The other features include a bottom-support feature that enables quick charging. So, your phone never runs out of battery power whenever you’re using GPS. Thus, it is a budget ideal phone mount to have.


  • Faux Leather material
  • 4.2 ounces weight
  •  Size in 3. 4.13 x 2.36 x 3.74 in inches
  • Compatible to all air vents (vertical and horizontal)
  • Bottom support feature allows quick charging
  • Instant release button and easily adjustable cradle

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • 360-degree rotation mechanism offers best view
  • Offers a strong grip
  • Using it is easy
  • Silicon padding protects the phone from scratches
  •  Well structured mount

The Cons

  • Can have issues in staying attached to the vent  

10. LISEN Upgraded Clip Car Phone Holder Mount

The LISEN’s magnetic car phone holder is another fantastic option that you can easily mount on your car’s air vent. Such a mount utilizes a specific grip which is shaped like a hook with three different clips to ensure that it offers a better grip to your phone, especially when you are driving. No way will the phone fall from its place because it has supremely powerful magnets equipped to hold objects almost four times heavier than regular smartphones.

The magnetic holder offers you 360-degree rotation, and metal pads of different shapes are incorporated so that various sizes of devices can fit into it. Notwithstanding, it’s also imperative to take note that this item is just viable with flat/horizontal vents, so it might not be ideal for a few vehicle models.


  • Faux Leather material
  • 1.7 ounces weight
  •  Size in 1.93 x 1.42 x 2.56 in inches
  •  Can support phones four times heavier than normal smartphones
  • Upgraded grip (3-hook)
  • Powerful magnets offer firm grip (6 in-built magnets)

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • 360-degree rotation mechanism  for best viewing
  • Compatible for all phones
  • Easy to use
  • Metal pads included for firm gripping

The Cons

  • It is only suitable for horizontal vents

Things To Consider While Buying A Magnetic Car Phone Mount

When you have decided to buy a car phone mount, keep the following factors in mind: 

The Interior Of Your Car

Consider your car’s interior as an essential factor so that you can get a phone holder that will perfectly fit in the space without creating any obstruction to your view. You will get several types of phone mounts in the market, but it is essential to know which one is compatible with your vehicle.

There might not be enough space available for your windshield mount if the windshield is lifted to your dashboard at a low angle. If the dashboard or your car is damaged or uneven, it might not go well as an anchoring point with the suction cup. Then on, look for air vents of specific shapes so that you make the most use of the vent mounts. Ensure that you’ve gone through every mounting feature of your phone holder and see that they are good to go with the space you have in your vehicle.

Temperature Outside

While picking the ideal car phone holder, keep the outside temperature in mind. If a car phone mount (windshield-mounted) isn’t ideal for a certain area with a specific temperature, the suction will be lost, and it will fall.

If the place you live is either too hot or cold, the best option for you is either a magnetic or a vent mount. With such mounts, you’ll have no risk of the loss of suction.

The Phone You Are Using

Size and weight are the key things to consider when looking for an ideal holder for your phone. A few mounts have more strength and durability than others, while some are compatible with specific devices only. If you are using a specifically large phone, a magnetic holder is your best bet, instead of a cradle, to stay away from fitting issues.

The Way Of Using Car Mounts

If you drive for long periods regularly or drive frequently, you will need a car phone holder to hold your phone for long periods. Therefore, in some instances, look for a holder that meets such requirements. Look for such features essential to you, for instance, a feature of opening the port and quick charging the phone or adjusting the view quickly from landscape to portrait.

Different Types Of car Phone Mounts

There are four different categories of car phone mounts. Let’s find out about them. 

Air Vent Mounted

The air vent mounts are attached to your car’s front air vents’ blades, enabling you to place your phone conveniently to either the right or left side of your car’s steering wheel, depending upon where your car’s vent placement is.  

These vents operate well with rectangle-shaped vents than the round-shaped ones, and they can be hooked to a place firmly. However, there is also a risk of using an air vent-mounted car phone holder, in which your phone can get overheated when hot air is blown in the winter season.

Magnet Mounts

These magnets are available in several shapes and sizes, and thus, they are suitable for different ranges and brands of smartphones and in a broad range of vehicles. Such types of mounts usually use magnets that stick to the smartphones’ backside. A magnetic base holds firmly in the different areas of the car, particularly in the windshield or dashboard.  

The Cup Holder

The mounts and cup holders are found in various styles to be fit for different vent sizes and smartphones. Some utilize powerful magnets for holding the phone firmly to a place, while a few others utilize rubber-treated grip for attaching themselves to the grill of the vent.

This kind of car phone mount is extremely useful and is very strongly designed. The only challenge one might have with this sort of car mount is that it can obstruct the air coming from the a.c. of the car, and worse, the vent grill might get snapped by the mount if they aren’t cautiously removed. 

Clamp Mounts

Such mounts clamp on to a variety of different sized securing points. These accessories are suitable for mounting the phone on the headrests’ back. Thus these mounts are ideal for passengers sitting at the back.

Mounted Suction Cup

A suction cup is the most widely recognized kind of mount for car phone holders. They are built to adhere to the dashboard or windshield. Thus these are very versatile accessories. However, they can tumble off if there is dirt on the surface, and a few suction cups have more durability and strength than the others, so there might be a difference in mileage. 

Adhesive Mounts

These kinds of mounts aren’t that common. Such mounts are built to be attached to any flat surface that your car has. Thus, installing them is very easy; however, removing them can be difficult since the adhesive is created for offering you a long-lasting service. If you have a particular spot in your car where you want to place the car phone mount, adhesive mounts are the best option to get the best position for your mount.

CD-Slot Mounts

This is another kind of mount that slots in the CD player of your car. This is quite a secure technique to mount because it hardly blocks your vision while driving (if a question of vision block arises). However, it might be a little complicated to install them, and your CD player will be of no use if you use such mounts.


A car phone mount is useful for a vehicle owner in so many ways. Often we need to take vital calls on doing some essential work on the phone even while driving (though it is certainly not recommended). With this accessory, we can do our essential work over the phone while avoiding potential accidents and keep the phone safe so that it doesn’t suffer damages due to off-road driving. 


  1. Why do I need a phone case-compatible mount? 

    With mounts compatible with phone cases, you can hold the phone without the need to take off the case. Thus, you are saved from the inconvenience of getting into and out of your car. Thus, you can save yourself a lot of time.  

  2. What should a charging-compatible holder’s capacity be? 

    The capacity of a charging-compatible holder should be at least 5 watts. Don’t opt for anything over 10 watts, or your battery may get overburdened.  

  3. Are there any mounts/holders available in the market compatible with specific devices? 

    The majority of the car phone mounts/holders are suitable to hold several kinds of smartphones. You may buy one specific to a particular device; however, it's improbable you'll have a lot of advantages except your phone getting fit into it with ease.

  4. What extra features should I look for in a car mount holder?

    The additional features that you should look for are: 

    ● Pivoting and rotating joints 
    ● Easy installation process 
    ● System to attach your phone to the holder/mount and taking it out when needed
    ● A port in the mounts’ support to enable charging the phone 

    Usually, such are good enough features for the mount/holder, and most holders in the market have them.

  5. Is it safe to use a magnetic car mount for my phone? 

    It is indeed. The majority of magnetic phone mounts are safe for your phone. Such mounts are designed specially to be strong enough to have a firm grip on your phone to set up in a specific place. However, they aren’t that powerful to infiltrate the case of your phone and cause damage to any of its delicate parts. 

  6. What are the best cup holders?

    Those phone cup holders are the best ones built so that they can safely hold your phone while reducing the chances of your car's air vent getting damaged. These holders are built such that they will not break any of your air vents’ grill. 

  7. Do car vent mounts face issues?

    Certainly not if they are built well. The major problem with car vent phone mounts is that they either prevent the air from going out, wrongly clamp on the vent's grill, thereby leading to damages, or holding the phone very close to the vent phone can get overheated due to hot air. 

  8. What is the best place for a phone mount?

    Usually, the best place for a car phone mount is the dashboard. If it’s on the dashboard, then you can view the phone clearly, your windshield doesn’t get obscured at all, and it also allows you to use your phone easily. 

  9. How can I stick my car mount to the dashboard? 

    For sticking the mount to your car's dashboard, pick a decent flat area for the adhesive to stick well. Using an alcohol wipe, clean the surface, peel the adhesive paper off, and push the mount firmly onto the dashboard for a minute at least to make sure the mount is stuck to the surface. 

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