The Best Synthetic Oils For 2023

You know that your petrol or diesel car needs oil, right? But what is the right kind of oil for your car? What types of oils are out there? These are all important questions you must know before investing in oil for your car. You really don’t want to buy the wrong type, do you? Of course not, it’s a waste of money!

There are two different types of oil that you can get – regular oil and synthetic oil. Realistically, you can go with either one if it fits your car.

Conventional Oil

Conventional Oils are the thing that has been used ever since cars were first produced. It has served its purpose well for its time and is still used for older cars that are unable to use synthetic. But when it comes to quality, conventional oil just can’t keep up.

It’s lower in quality and endurance, and numerous tests and studies have proven this.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil is a lubricant that is made from artificial materials. They are made through refining raw oil and synthesizing it into different things to improve its temperature resistance, longevity, and overall quality.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

There is also semi-synthetic oil, which is a blend of conventional mineral oil and synthetic oil. It behaves much like synthetic oil in terms of quality but is much cheaper than the real thing.

Now that we have established that synthetic oil is far superior to conventional oil, your next question is: “Where can I get this amazing stuff?” The answer is pretty simple! Where you get literally everything else – the internet. Here are some 10 amazing synthetic oils available on Amazon, alongside their respective reviews.

1. Castrol EDGE

Since motor oil is one of the most important parts of automotive maintenance, so you need to get the best of the best. And one of the best motor oil companies, in general, is Castrol. Castrol is a British manufacturer of motor oils that has existed ever since the advent of cars, literally. It was founded in 1899 and has been a pioneer of the industry for over a century.

With such a reputable firm, you’d expect it to offer one of the best products out there, and it does. The Castrol EDGE motor oil offers an extremely  Advanced and premium full synthetic motor oil option that is guaranteed to provide strength and performance when under extreme pressure.

It also promises titanium strong lubrication for maximum engine performance and reduces metal to metal contact to improve the longevity of your engine parts and extend the lifetime of your car in general.

Castrol edge claims to protect the engine for the entire drain interval of the oil, even when exposed to extreme pressure. When it comes to pressure, the numbers can get pretty big. The internal pressure of a car engine can reach up to a staggering 10 tons per square centimeter. That’s like two elephants resting all their weight on top of a needle, placed on a thin layer of motor oil.

Strong motor oil is required to protect the engine and minimize wear and tear. It’s also recommended to use good motor oil to improve fuel economy. So don’t think of it as a needless expense, it’s a necessary investment, and it will save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Key Features:

  • Advanced and Premium all-synthetic motor oil
  • Offers amazing protection to the engine
  • Decreases engine deposit for maximum performance
  • Improves fuel economy


Product Dimensions3.9 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight9.15 pounds
Item Model Number15B9AD

2. Mobil 1

Mobil is another amazing long-standing name in the motor oil industry. It’s an all American company that has been operating since the early 20th century – for over 100 years in total. It has merged with Exon, creating Exon Mobil, one of the most popular choices when it comes to car maintenance products.

Mobil 1 is one of their best and most sold products. It’s a great motor oil that offers amazing overall engine lubrication and great wear and tear protection under many operating conditions. It’s a fully synthetic motor oil that is balanced out with a precise mix of additives, making it very durable and high in quality.

It provides your vehicle with unmatched temperature control and amazing engine protection. It’s also manufactured extremely well, so it breaks down slower than its competitors.

Mobil 1 prides itself on helping to maintain a long engine life and function and is compatible with numerous engine seals. It’s also great when it comes to temperature regulation, and cold starts are not a problem. It speeds up the process of cold-weather starting for maximum engine safety. This is a common problem most older diesel cars face.

The Mobil 1 Full Synthetic oil also improves the longevity of your oil filters, which need regular changing. It gives them a longer life with high-quality lubrication service. It prevents oil breakdown and sludge buildup in the filters and, ultimately, the engine itself.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality and advanced fully synthetic engine oil formula
  • Decreases sludge buildup and increases filter life
  • Amazing lubrication
  • Stays viscous for a long time


Product Dimensions8 x 4 x 12.8 inches
Item Weight9.32 pounds
Item Model Number120766

3. Castrol EDGE High Mileage

Castrol Edge High Mileage is one of the best motor oils on the market, and it’s a part of Castrol’s elite program. Depending on what car you own and how much you have driven it, it needs different motor oils to provide maximum performance and maximum efficiency.

You wouldn’t put some shoddy, off-brand low-quality motor oil into your Maybach, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t. So why would you put non-optimized motor oil into your old car?

Castrol Edge High Mileage offers the same protection and lubrication that regular Castrol Edge motor oil does, which is in itself amazing, but it also offers unique optimization for cars that have been driven for over 75,000 miles.

When an engine has been through that many miles, it’s prone to lose its power, reliability, and most importantly, fuel economy. If you have been wondering why your small call has been guzzling gas like it was a hummer, it’s probably due to bad motor oil.

Even if you’ve had your motor oil change, you should consider switching the brand and product to an optimized variation. Castrol Edge High Mileage is one such option.

When you’ve made the switch, you will notice that your engine performance jumps significantly. It’s essential to protect your engine when it has already been subjected to wear, to ensure performance, quality, comfort, safety, and durability.

Key Features:

  • Amazing formula optimized for cars with 75,000 miles on them
  • Advanced full synthetic motor oil
  • Certified for high quality
  • Reputable manufacturer


Product Dimensions2.5 x 4.4 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight1.95 pounds
Item Model Number15979F

4. Motul X-cess

Motul is the most popular option when it comes to motor oils, and has been a trusted provider of motor oils for over a century.

It’s a company that operates worldwide and has supported events such as F1 Races, NASCAR, and numerous drag races around the world. If you have ever watched a race, you’ve likely seen the huge MOTUL sticker somewhere in it.

Now, with such an amazing motor oil company, they must offer some amazing motor oil, right? You are completely right in that assessment, as Motul X-Cess oil is one of the best-selling motor oils worldwide for a good reason.

Since MOTUL is one of the sponsors of big racing, their motor oils are tested for racecars. Race cars experience much tougher conditions than regular cars, so if it’s a good motor oil for Schumacher’s F1, it’s an amazing oil for you and your old Miata. Only after a motor oil passes through the tests of racing, is it approved for streetcars.

Motul X-Cess offers unmatched lubrication and support for all engines, as it sits at a strong-as-steel viscosity, providing engine endurance, performance, fuel economy, and increased life span. X-Cess is specifically designed for modern and powerful cars but supports any model you put it into.

It’s certified and approved by most major car manufacturers themselves, and most of them recommend Motul brand motor oil.

It’s an advanced, fully synthetic formula that is applicable to both diesel and gasoline-based engines, and also supports the full low-temperature performance of the oil itself. This can be a life-saving thing when it comes to older diesel cars, as they have some issues with winter starting.

Key Features:

  • Extremely high quality
  • Recommended by most car manufacturers
  • Tested on F1 and race cars
  • Unmatched performance
  • Amazing high and low-temperature stability


Product Dimensions3.9 x 2 x 7.9 inches
Item Weight8.82 pounds
Item Model NumberMTL102870

5. Royal Purple

Royal Purple is an American manufacturer of motor oils and a contender in the motor oil industry since the ’80s. It started as a company focused on improving race car performance and has been a long-time favorite of NASCAR drivers.

It has since switched to regular cars and has made some fine motor oil. Its standard motor oil has a great price-quality ratio and offers amazing protection for your engine. It’s specifically designed for gasoline-powered motors, so if you’re driving on diesel or gas, you’re out of luck.

It provides amazing corrosion protection, preventing your engine from going dry and causing an eventual safety hazard. It provides a good fuel economy boost, which saves you money in the long run and prevents engine trouble that might occur with lesser quality oil.

Royal Purple is a good oil for any type of gasoline-powered car and will provide added protection to your car from the hazards inferior gasoline might offer. It supports ethanol-enriched gasoline, which is the cheaper alternative to regular gasoline at the fuel pump.

It provides amazing lubrication to make sure that everything is running smoothly within your engine, and is also amazing at keeping its viscosity at high and low outside temperatures. It remains viscous and has a long life before degrading and turning into sludge, as every oil does eventually.

Key Features:

  • Very affordable compared to the competition
  • Fully synthetic formula
  • Offers good lubrication and fuel economy
  • Unmatched price-quality ratio


Product Dimensions8.2 x 5 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight8.00 pounds
Item Model NumberROY51530

6. Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil

Rotella is a company that is sponsored by Shell, one of the biggest fuel providers in the open market. With such a popular company behind it, Rotella motor oils have high-quality manufacturing but come with a low price tag. They are the choice for your daily driver, without a doubt.

Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil has an amazing fully synthetic motor oil structure, providing 1.5% improved fuel economy and a good performance boost in terms of engine life, endurance, and maintenance.

It combines high-quality fully synthetic motor oils with a select amount of needed additives, which in turn gives a longer engine life, and excellent equipment protection. It helps prevent wear and tear that is otherwise inevitable on the engine, ensuring safety during driving and providing an amazing protective layer in an extremely high-pressure environment.

This oil is formulated with advanced additives that work in unison to protect the motor oil and, in turn, the engine itself from soot, dirt or any other possible contaminants that might find themselves out of place under your hood or inside your engine bay.

It’s a heavy-duty oil, that is suited to diesel cars and work machines. It’s extremely high-quality and quite affordable, so if you’re running an older diesel, you’re in luck. Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil is optimized for maximal possible viscosity retention, preventing the oil from turning into sludge faster than it should.

Key Features:

  • Very affordable compared to the competition
  • Fully synthetic formula
  • Offers good lubrication and fuel economy
  • Unmatched price-quality ratio


Product Dimensions8.2 x 5 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight8.00 pounds
Item Model NumberROY51530

7. Valvoline High Mileage

Valvoline is one of the oldest companies in the motor oil industry, stemming from the golden days of Old West cowboys – it was founded way back in 1866. It’s one of the oldest companies still around and is one of the world leaders when it comes to motor oil innovation and production.

The company itself has always been revolutionary and, much like Motul, has supported innumerable racing events, from F1 to NASCAR. It’s the preferred motor oil brand of a lot of mainstream car manufacturers since it features extremely high production quality and has been tested on racecars.

As different cars need different motor oils to provide the best engine protection, fuel economy, cooling, and lubrication, there are special motor oils that are designed with daily drivers in mind. Valvoline High Mileage motor oil is one such motor oil and is designed for gasoline-powered cars with a lot of miles on them. The number, in this case, is again 75,000 miles and over.

If you have passed or are approaching this number of miles on your vehicle, you should consider an oil change, and you should consider Valvoline High Mileage motor oil for its amazing protection against the elements, lubrication, and engine maintenance capabilities.

Valvoline High Mileage provides a fully synthetic high-quality oil that protects the engine from the further breakdown that it experiences after its 75,000-mile-long lifespan. It provides the engine with amazing lubrication and protection that it needs, and will keep your wallet happy with it’s fuel-economy boosting properties.

It provides superb engine cooling, ensuring a longer engine lifespan. The bottle design itself tackles one of the biggest problems of motor oil bottles – spillage. It offers an easy-pour cap, making an oil change a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Made by a reputable manufacturer
  • Optimized for gasoline engines
  • Offers amazing fuel economy and unmatched engine cooling
  • Easy pour cap for a stress-free oil change


Product Dimensions8.5 x 4.7 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight9.02 pounds
Item Model Number782256

8. Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly is another very reputable car maintenance product manufacturing company. It has been around for a long time, providing quality service at affordable prices and is the favorite of local mechanics everywhere.

Its motor oil is optimized universally, both for Gasoline and Diesel engines. It has a very advanced synthetic oil protection quality, which ensures a very long motor oil life. It offers good lubrication that is required to keep an engine in good standing and to prolong its life.

It helps you keep your engine well lubricated, clean, and cool. It’s renowned for its energy-conserving properties, making maintenance cheap and fuel economy very efficient. If your car is wasting way more fuel than it has in the past or that you think it realistically should, one of the surest possibilities is faulty motor oil. Liqui Moly takes care of this problem with its extremely long degradation time.

The Liqui Moly motor oil also provides your engine with instant lubrication after a cold start, ensuring that your engine is lubricated and performing to its maximum ability. The oil itself is also very temperature resistant, making it a good choice for whatever weather climate you are living in.

If you are looking for a good investment, Liqui Molly is your best bet. It makes oil change intervals much longer due to its very advanced viscosity-keeping properties.

Key Features:

  • Universally optimized for gasoline and diesel Engines
  • Energy efficient
  • Works with any climate, even to the extreme
  • Prolongs the time between oil changes


Product Dimensions12.4 x 9.7 x 3.6 inches
Item Weight10.5 pounds
Item Model Number2041

9. Speedol Zeta

Speedol is another reputable firm in the motor oil industry, operating from the early 20th century. This motor oil itself is optimized for both gasoline and diesel-powered engines, making it universal in its application.

It’s a fully synthetic diesel and gasoline engine oil that was made especially with four-stroke engines in mind. The oil is made with high-tech synthetic base oils and high-performance additives to ensure maximum potential performance, endurance, cleanliness, temperature control, and lubrication.

This oil is also very conservative in its application, owing to its amazing temperature resistant qualities – it’s made for endurance. It’s resistant to thinning at high temperatures, and at low temperatures, and it provides instant engine lubrication at a cold start for maximizing engine life spans.

Speedol Zeta is a good maintenance option, as it helps maintain and clean engine parts to ensure they are working in unison and running smoothly under the hood. It helps prevent rust and engine damage that might occur from wear and tear that is inevitable but possible to minimize with the use of good engine oil.

Key Features:

  • Good optimization for both fuel types
  • Helps prevent rust and engine damage
  • Good lubrication even in cold climates
  • Reduces friction and stress on the engine
  • Provides longer drainage intervals within the engine


Product Dimensions12.6 x 8.5 x 4.6 inches
Item Weight9.39 pounds
Item Model Number13


These are the best synthetic motor oils the market has to offer, and each one will perform wonderfully – it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your engine type, budget, and needs. All of them come from reputable companies and have sold millions of bottles worldwide.

Go over all the options on this list carefully, and you’re sure to find a great option that will keep your car purring like a kitten.

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