The Best Window Tint Films For 2023

Do you want to customize your car? Fortunately, there are many ways you can customize your vehicle. Even simple customization like adding a window tint to your car can transform your vehicle and block the unwanted sun rays. A quality car window tint will block the heat while you are driving, give your car a new look, and give you some privacy. Not only are these tints used in vehicles, but you could buy them for your house as well.

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It keeps the sun rays from shining right through your window. Now that they prevent the sun rays from beaming into your house or car windows, they keep you cool in summer and provide you with a high level of privacy. Coming to the aesthetics, there is no denying that a window tint is all you need to customize your classical or trending vehicle and add a touch of sophistication to it.

Window tints are available in different types and styles. Depending on the marketing quality and darkness percentage, each window tint comes at a different price. So, to help you pick the best window tint, we have compiled a list of some of the best and latest options that can offer a great level of privacy to the vehicle owner.

What are Window Tint Films?

Window films refer to the laminate film that can be applied to the glass of the automobile windows, boats, and home. They are applied to the interior and exterior of the window’s glass surface for a high level of privacy as well as protection from sun rays.

Usually, the tints are applied by experts as the installation requires knowledge and experience. But, you could buy a DIY kit if you don’t want to spend extra of the window tint film installation process. We have already mentioned the primary uses of window tints. But, privacy and protection from heat are not the only benefits. These frames are also used for automotive styling purposes. Additionally, they offer protection from Graffiti.

Let’s dive deep into the 10 most popular and economical window films for your automobile windows.

1. LEXEN Computer Pre-cut Car Window Tint Film

Basically, there are two ways to install a car window tint. First, you can buy the required tools and materials to self-measure the rear and side glasses and cut the tint on your own. Second, you can measure your window and get it pre-cut by the automobile company.

The first and most popular tint from LEXEN is the pre-cut car window tint. As it is a pre-cut method, all you got to do is send the name, make, and model of the vehicle to the company and you will get the pre-cut tint material for your car windows. The company will make precise cuts that match the size of the window glasses. It comes with proper instruction on how the tint has to be applied to the window. The application is straightforward. No need to waste your time on measuring and cutting the tint slabs.

LEXEN offers the tint material made of dyed Polyester. This two-way window tint film comes with an added thickness that guarantees complete UV protection. Moreover, the material is scratch resistant.

The kit is available for all the windows of your vehicle including the passenger side, rear windows, front driver, and rear driver. As far as the durability is concerned, LEXEN Computer Pre-cut lasts for years without showing the wear and tear signs.


  • Send the make, year, and model of your car with the tint shade to get a precut tint film
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Block 99% of UV rays

The Pros

  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Pre-cut material
  • Durable
  • Scratch and UV proof
  • Available in multiple shades

The Cons

  • Being a thin tint film, it is likely to fade over time
  • The brand doesn’t offer any guarantee on the product

2. VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film

If you are looking for a window tint that offers a great level of privacy and comfort, then VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film is an apt choice. The tint has a high darkest percentage, thus making it capable of blocking out the UV rays and daylight completely.

Unlike the casual window films, the Total Blackout Window Film by VELIMAX offers two-way privacy. As the name implies, this window tint uses the static energy for application. It is free of adhesives, making it a whole lot easier for the user to install and remove it. We highly recommend this option for families with infants and kids that sleep during daylight or office-goers who have an odd work schedule. The tint is capable of keeping the temperature at bay while blocking out 100% of sun and UV rays. The window film features grid lines that allow easy trimming.

You can install the window tint in 6 steps. So, installation is never going to be an issue with this option. You can apply a warm soapy water solution to the window glass as well as a tint to avoid the formation of air bubbles. If you want complete darkness and privacy, then Total Blackout Window Film will give you the best results.


  • 100% light blocking
  • High-level of privacy
  • Black stickers
  • Protection from heat and UV rays
  • Keep your room or automotive cool in summer
  • Static cling material

The Pros

  • Easy application
  • Blackout all light
  • Temperature control
  • Offer transparency

The Cons

  • Static films may offer easy installation, but they are not as strong as adhesive.

3. BDF S05 Privacy Window Tint Film

BDF S05 Privacy Window Tint is a one-way, mirrored film that provides you with a great level of privacy in the daylight. The speciality of this tint is its mirror effect. It is a suitable option for homeowners or car owners looking for privacy during the daytime. The effects are almost reversed at night. The best part is that BDF S05 Privacy Window Tint Film keeps your rooms and the interiors of your vehicle cool in summer.

No matter how hot the climate gets, rest assured this dark and reflective product will control heat. It comes with a 10% VLT, which means only 10% of the light will pass through the windows. It is the adhesive-based tint. The product lasts for several years given that it is installed properly. To simplify the installation process, remember to apply the soapy water solution to the windows and film to avoid air bubbles. Depending on the laws concerning the VLT levels in your state, you can purchase dark, light, and very light tint. The VLT percentage of this product ranges from 5% (extremely dark) to 65% (very light).

To help you with the installation process, the company sends the product with a FREE squeegee and a knife for smooth cutting and application. You need to apply the material carefully as once it is applied, you cannot remove it. Overall, BDF S05 Privacy Window Tint Film is a durable, super dark, reflective, and affordable option.


  • Super dark and reflective
  • One-way mirror effect
  • Adhesive-based application
  • Free Knife and squeegee for easier application
  • Heat and light control

The Pros

  • Excellent privacy during the daytime
  • Strong adhesive
  • Durable
  • Extra dark
  • High-quality performance

The Cons

  • The one-way mirrored film works only during the daytime
  • The tint is a little sensitive
  • Installation is difficult

4. TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Window Tint Film

Another pre-cut car window tint is from TRUE LINE. Similar to the above-mentioned pre-cut models, TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Window Tint Film saves you a lot of time and hassle on measuring and cutting the tint slab. Send your car details to the company and get your pre-cut, customizable tint sent shortly.

The kit is available in different types and sizes. You can choose a complete kit featuring the side and the rear glasses or order the tint for only rear glasses. The company also offers a sunroof cut, which is the best option for vehicles that are already tinted and need the final touch. This way, you don’t have to shell hundreds of dollars out on the materials your windows do not need. You can offer a customized kit and include the areas you want to cover, but make sure that you check your state’s regulations about tinting before placing an order.

Note that the tint you order may or may not be included in the pre-cut options. If it is not included, the company will send you the uncut materials with instructions on how to cut it yourself.


  • Customizable kits available for different window glasses
  • Pre-cut and uncut tints
  • 4 tint shades

The Pros

  • Easy to apply
  • Send the car details and get pre-cut films
  • Affordable
  • Durable

The Cons

  • Some tinting options are not available in the kit. The company sends the uncut material for such window glasses, but you will have to measure and cut the slabs precisely.

5. HIDBEA Heat Control Window Film

Designed for residential, automotive, and commercial use, HIDBEA Heat Control Window Film One-way Window Tint Film is specially designed for the windows that are exposed to the UV and sun rays for extended hours every day. It blocks UV rays and keeps your room and the interiors of the automotive cool even on hot and sunny days. The film has a one-way, mirrored effect. So, the level of privacy you get from this film depends on the intensity of the sunlight and the current weather. The lesser the sunlight outside the room, the lesser the privacy you get.

This means the HIDBEA Heat Control Window Film One-way Window Tint Film offers the lowest possible privacy in the morning and evening. Available in different sizes and shades, this window tint film is made of vinyl. The product comes with a clear instruction guide that explains the installation process. The application is quite straightforward. The static slabs leave no residue after the application. Overall, HIDBEA Heat Control Window Film One-way Window Tint Film is an ideal option for homes, offices, vehicles, and other areas. It offers a great level of protection from the UV rays and heat while maintaining privacy in your home.


  • Capacity to Block up to 87% of the harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Made of vinyl
  • Static cling applications
  • Multipurpose product
  • Day-time privacy

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Durable
  • Mirror reflective effect
  • No adhesives
  • Block heat
  • Used for multiple applications
  • Offer a high level of UV protection

The Cons

  • It doesn’t work on double pane glass
  • Offers privacy only during the daytime

6. WorthSeller Anti UV Window Tint Film

Do you want a 2-in-1 window tint that keeps your room and the interiors of your vehicle cool in summer and allow adequate sunlight in your room in winter? WorthSeller offers one of the thickest and most durable window tints that come equipped with plenty of exciting features. The static cling makes the installation super easy for even beginners. As it contains no adhesives, it is easy to install and leaves no residue.

Remember to use a soapy water solution on the window and tint to ensure the film is completely clean and free of any spots after the application. It is a scratch-resistant film. No matter how harsh the weather it, rest assured the film won’t catch scratches and blemishes easily. It features the mirror reflective effect, which means the film may not offer as much privacy at night as it does in the daytime. In simple terms, the side of the window that receives a significant amount of light will give the mirror-like effect.

The best part about this product is the UV solvent layer that’s installed at the bottom of the film. It is designed to block out a significant amount of UV rays. WorthSeller Anti UV Window Tint Film has the capacity to block up to 85% of the UV rays. This keeps the interiors of your home or automotive safe.


  • 85% UV blockage
  • Heat insulation and energy-saving benefits
  • Static cling
  • Thick and scratch-resistant film
  • Offers daytime privacy
  • One-way mirror reflective effect
  • 15% of VLT
  • Multifunctional

The Pros

  • No adhesives
  • Resistant to heat and scratches
  • Offers privacy
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Easy to install and remove

The Cons

  • Offers no privacy at night

7. PROTINT Window Tint Film Roll

This multi-purpose and an efficient window tint film by PROTINT window is designed for automotive, home, and office windows. The product comes in different VLT options. If you want the darkest tint, then 5% VLT is an apt choice. If your state doesn’t allow dark window tints, then you can select from 10% to 50% VLT options.

The tint offers a high level of heat reduction properties. Moreover, it blocks out up to 99% of UV rays, thus keeping your property and skin safe from the harmful light. The installation process is smooth and straightforward. All you need is a soapy water solution to apply the tint to the window. That’s it! You can cut the tint for multiple applications.

If you are looking for an efficient and quality window tint that offers a high level of privacy and protection from the UV rays, then PROTINT Window Tint Film Roll will make an excellent choice.


  • Multi-purpose window tint
  • 5% light transmission levels
  • Blocs 99% of UV rays
  • Offers the best heat reduction
  • Privacy

The Pros

  • Protects you from heat and excess light
  • Customizable
  • Can be cut for different windows

The Cons

  • Installation is a little tricky. The tint tends to stick and crease easily. So, you need to practice caution when applying the tint to the windows.

8. Gila PB7B Privacy Residential Window Film

If you are on the lookout for a residential or automotive window that is compatible with all types of window glasses, then Gila PB7B Privacy Residential Window Film is an excellent option. The flexible design of this tint offers you a high level of privacy during the daytime. It is a self-measurement window tint that is sold uncut. Users can customize the tint and cut it any way they want. The installation process is quite straightforward with the static cling. If you don’t know where to start, read the manufacturer’s installation guide.

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The tint has the capacity to block out 99% of the harmful UV rays as well as 94% of glare. This transparent window tint prevents sunlight in your room or car interiors and keeps the room dark while allowing you to get a clear look at what’s happening outside. As far as the durability is concerned, it might have static cling, but the tint can last for years. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come precut. So, you will have to measure the window glasses and cut the static cling vinyl tint accordingly.


  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Offers a high level of privacy during the daytime
  • Static cling vinyl
  • Rejects 94% of glare
  • Compatible with smooth glass, plexiglass surface, and plastic

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Can be customized

The Cons

  • It doesn’t come pre-cut. You will have to measure the windows and cut the vinyl slabs on your own.

9. Bofeifs Reflective Window Tint

The next popular and efficient window tint on this list is by Bofeifs. Known for the innovative tints that offer quality features, Bofeifs has launched quite some interesting products in the market. The application process is super simple. You can install the Bofeifs Reflective Window Tint on the inside of your home, office, or car windows.

It is mainly known for providing the user with a great level of privacy in the daylight. It is an adhesive tint. All you got to do is install it on the window with a soapy water solution. Make sure that you do the job carefully so that the tint does not crease or form bubbles. It gives your windows the one-way mirror effect. It is an efficient product featuring solar window tints that save money on your utility bills. It keeps your room or the interiors of your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in summer.

Bofeifs Reflective Window Tint rejects up to 98% of the UV rays. It has 22% VLT, which means it only allows a small amount of light to pass through the window. The product is available in multiple shades including gray, classic black, and multi-colour. It is an ideal option for people looking for an energy-efficient window tint.


  • Blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Adhesives installation
  • Energy-efficient tint
  • Available in multiple shades
  • 22% visible light transmission
  • Blocks 57% infrared

The Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Offers privacy
  • Blocks UV and infrared rays
  • Energy-efficient

The Cons

  • No cons that we know of

10. DNF 1 PLY Black Window Tint

Available at an affordable price, DNF 1 PLY Black Window Tint offers a high level of privacy. It is made of 1 PLY Polyester that is extremely durable. The product comes in different VLT levels. Basically, the VLT ranges from 5% (extremely dark) to 50% (light).

The tint also offers 35% visible light transmission, which is quite high. So, if your state laws do not allow dark tints, then DNF 1 PLY Black Window Tint is an ultimate option for you. The company has not mentioned if the tint is compatible with home or office windows. However, it works well on cars.

It is dark enough to block out the UV rays and keep your car cool and safe from the sunlight. The company sells it with a squeegee and a knife to make the trimming and installation process smoother and faster for users. The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Available in different VLT levels
  • Made of dyed polyester
  • Adhesive installation
  • Offers privacy
  • Suitable for cars and automotive

The Pros

  • Easy application
  • Efficient
  • Customizable
  • Different VLT levels
  • Available with a squeegee and a knife

The Cons

  • It is incompatible with homes and office windows
  • Cutting the slabs consumes time and effort.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Window Tint Film

The Law

First things first, you will have to consider the state laws before buying window tint films. Each country has different laws regarding the level of tints in the automobiles. You don’t want to check and compare the qualities of different tints and select the best one only to realize that the state laws do not allow the film you have selected.

The government of some countries has put restrictions on tinting the whole windshield. They only allow you to apply the window tint film up to five inches on the upper section of the window glass. In some regions, the government allows you to install the tints on the entire windshield. However, they have restricted the darkness percentage. The tint should be light enough to let the sunlight come through.

How much tint you are allowed to install on the rear glass, windshield, side glasses, and other windows of your automobiles should also be taken into consideration. The last thing you want is to get your tint installed on the windows only to discover that the state laws do not approve the level of tint you have applied. There is a good chance you will have to pay a hefty fine.

So, if you are not sure about the laws, consider asking your local authorities or check your state laws regarding the windows tint on the internet.

VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

One of the main reasons why people apply window tints to their cars and house windows is the protection from sunlight. The tints save you from UV exposure in all seasons. Moreover, it keeps you cool during the summer.

VLT should be the second important consideration when buying window tint films. In simple terms, Visible Light Transmission or VLT determines the level of sunlight the tint will allow into your car. The higher the VLT levels of the window tints, the more light it lets into your car. For example, if the tint has a 50% VLT level, then it will allow 50% of sunlight to pass through your window. If you want the minimum light in your vehicle, then limo tint is your ideal option. It brings only 5% of sun rays in a vehicle.

Again, you will have to check the VLT conditions in your state laws. Basically, the window tint you choose depends on the exact amount of sunlight you would like to block out.

UV Protection

The next important factor is the protection from UV rays. There is no denying that a quality window tint can limit the amount of visible light that enters your car. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a tint can protect you from ultraviolet rays.

The amount of UV protection you need will depend on how you drive. First of all, no matter where you live and drive – you will be exposed to some level of ultraviolet rays. Even during the cloudy or cold days, the UV rays can enter through your car windows.

However, your exposure to the UV rays increases dramatically on sunny and hot days. UV exposure can harm your skin. It can lead to dark spots, premature aging, and other critical skin issues. If you drive often on sunny days, then it is best to consider a window tint film that offers a high level of UV protection.

Heat Dispersion

It is quite difficult to bear the excess heat in the summer, especially when you are driving. If you drive in a region that receives a significant amount of sunlight, then the temperature is going to be high. This will heat up your vehicle quickly.

If you want to keep the temperature at bay, buy the window tint that disperses heat instead of allowing it to enter your window. The better the quality of the window tint is, the more heat it will be able to disperse. This keeps your vehicle cool even on hot days.

Application of the Window Tint Film

While DIY window tint application can save you some bucks, it can turn out to be the most daunting task. Chances are you have never done it before. Without the experience and the right tools, carrying out the window tint application procedure can be challenging.

The tints are available in two types i.e. the one that features the adhesive and the other that uses static energy to stick to the glass surface of the vehicle’s window. You need to be extra careful while applying the stick slab to the windows as they tend to form air bubbles when adhered to the glass. As much as difficult the sticky window tints are, they are the most suitable option for your automobile. The tint tends to adhere to the window firmly. Moreover, sticky slabs come with longer durability. Rest assured the tint will not peel off.

Static window tints do not offer the durability guarantee. Mostly, they can be removed. However, the application of the tint that uses static energy is a whole lot easier and faster than adhesive tint. As it is removable, you can peel the tint off if it isn’t applied the right way and re-apply it. Window coating is another way of applying tint to the car windows. In this method, you have to spray tinting content onto the window glass. As much as safe this method sounds, it requires professional training and experience. That being said, it isn’t something you can attempt on your own. If you want to apply tint using the window coating technique, then it is better to leave the job to professionals.

Pre-Cut tint or Self Measurement

Do you want to opt for a pre-cut tint? Pre-cut window tints are designed by automobile companies. You have to send the accurate measurements of your windshield, rear glasses, side glasses, and other areas to the company. They will cut the tint according to your order. It is the best option as it saves you a lot of time and effort.

The only problem with the pre-cut window tints is the fact that they can’t be adjusted or corrected once designed. This means if you send inaccurate measurements to the automobile company or the manufacturer makes any error in designing the laminate window film, then it can’t be corrected. They may have to replace the tint or redo the procedure.

Another method is to cut the window tint on your own. As you must be imagining, this may require a lot of time and effort. You will have to get the cut right or it will not cover your window classes. One advantage of self-measurement is that there is little to no chance of getting it wrong. You can measure it multiple times and cut the tint once you have noted the exact measurements. If you are doing it on your own, buy the required materials, and make sure you have the right amount of tinting material available for precise application.


No need to choose the traditional black window films to tint the glasses. The manufacturers have started to design window tints in a wide range of colours. If you want to add drama to your vehicle or make it unique, then go for unique and exciting colours such as green, blue, grey, and amber.

Make sure that the procedure of application will be the same regardless of the colour of the tint. Moreover, it is important to consider the same above listed factors to purchase colourful tint. This includes the Visible Light Transmission levels, UV protection, heat dispersion, and more.

Final Words

So, these were the factors you must consider when buying window tint films for your automobile. If you don’t have time and energy to go through the hassle of selecting the best tint for your brand-new car, then choose any of the above-mentioned tints.

All tints we have mentioned in this list offer a great level of UV protection and temperature control. Furthermore, they are cost-effective.

Common Questions & Answers

  1. How Long Does it Take to Apply Tint to the Car Windows?

    The process will not take more than an hour given that you have collected the right tools and tinting materials. Make sure to read the application guide thoroughly before getting started with the application process. The process is quite straightforward.

  2. What are the Common Types of Car Window Tints?

    Window tint materials are available in multiple types and colours. If you are looking for the most popular, affordable, high-quality, and easy-to-apply tinting material, then we recommend dyed polyester.

    Metallic tints are also great for automobile windows. They offer the best UV and heat protection benefits. The only drawback is that metallic tints can block your GPS and mobile signals, which can cause a little inconvenience.

  3. What is the Best Material for Window Tint?

    It is quite difficult to answer this question. Each tinting material comes with its share of pros and cons. Some are suitable for car window tinting, while others are used for boats.

    As we are focusing on car tinting, we recommend dyed polyester. It is economical, easy-to-apply, durable, and scratch-resistant. This makes it a reliable option for automobiles.

  4. What is the Durability of the Window Tint?

    The answer depends on the material you use. The standard window film lasts up to 5 years. The common factors that affect the lifespan of window tints are exposure to the UV rays, temperature, and how often you drive.

  5. How Can I Apply the Window Tint?

    You can install window tint on your own or take help from a professional. The process is simple. Read the application guide and assemble the tools and materials needed to tint the glasses. It only needs a bit of patience, the right skills, and some basic preparation. That’s it!

    If you are still not sure about the tinting process, hire a professional. It will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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