CarGuided Fact-Checking Policy

Always Accurate Headlines

We strive to have the most accurate in the industry with the highest editorial standards. Every news article on the site undergoes a rigorous vetting process and each piece of content is reviewed by the other team members.

Rumors and insider reports are clearly identifiable to ensure a distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz that is interesting for our readers and viewers.

Before a news article is written, a lot of research is conducted and sources are verified in order to find the original source and reference said material if possible. We always require 100% confirmation, even if other news outlets are reporting an unsubstantiated piece of news. We don’t want or endorse any form of clickbait. The headlines we post might be bold, but we don’t throw them just to throw them. They are always supported by facts and intensive research. CarGuided’s articles don’t just report the news, we provide industry-leading context that explains why that news is important to you.

The editors and contributing writers to CarGuided come from diverse backgrounds in the automotive industry bought together by the passion for all things related to cars, motorcycles, and everything in-between and a goal of providing the best, as well as most engaging, content possible for visitors to our site.

Checking For Official Comment

When we cover a leak, rumor or announcement from non-official sources (for example Reddit, social media, YouTube channels, unreliable publications, etc.) we always reach out to a representative or a public relations agent. Even if they can not comment or answer, we still did it and will note in the article that said party did not respond or comment on the topic. Everyone must have an opportunity to weigh in with their take so that the article is not one-sided. We strive to get all parties’ take on it.

Our writers and editors are industry veterans and they make sure that every new article has all the latest information, the most accurate info and all the relevant details for you. Whenever we are the original source, we follow standard journalism principles. We value these open lines of dialogue with major manufacturers and PR firms.

For corrections or update requests, please contact