Best Car Batteries 2020

Most car owners don’t plan on buying a new car battery until it’s too late. The thing with car batteries is that it’s only being used for a couple of minutes a day. Once your engine is running, the battery is recharged by the alternator. Even if a car battery is already past its recommended … Read more

Best Oil Filters 2020

Your car’s engine needs good clean oil to properly lubricate all its internal components and keep it running smoothly. Over time, motor oil picks up unburned carbon soot, sludge and tiny metal shavings that will quickly wear out engine components and cause irreversible damage.  A car’s oil filter traps these nasty contaminants and keeps it away from … Read more

Best Synthetic Oils 2020

You know that your petrol or diesel car needs oil, right? But what is the right kind of oil for your car? What types of oils are out there? These are all important questions you must know before investing in oil for your car. You really don’t want to buy the wrong type, do you? … Read more