The Best ATV Tires For 2023

All kinds of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) needs tire upgrades at some point. The tires of your ATV matter as much as its suspension and engine. No matter how good the engine is, the ATV won’t perform the best if its tires are not designed to withstand rough terrains.  ATV tires are designed keeping in mind the unique structure of this four-wheeler. You can’t fit the normal sedan or car’s tires on the all-terrain vehicle. Mostly, people order a pair of custom-fit tires that have the ability to withstand a fair amount of abuse.

What Are ATV Tires?

You need low-pressure tires for quad or four-wheelers. Safety is the primary concern of the driver when it comes to riding the all-terrain vehicle. It is extremely important to replace the worn tires of the vehicle with a set of fresh and sturdy tires for optimal performance. If you own an ATV, you are going to need to upgrade and replace the tires frequently. The old and worn tires do not offer the best grip. Besides that, the low-pressure makes them vulnerable to premature wear and tear. The last thing you want is to do a tailspin and end up getting injured just because you thought the worn tires wouldn’t affect your ride.

This product is made for rough terrains. The 4×4 ATV tires you are buying for the streets filled with mud would be different from the tires you are going to use on a plain and clear road. ATV tires are available in the local automobile stores. You could also buy them online. The strength of the tire lies in its design and traction. In this post, we are going to walk you through the top 10 best ATV tires that offer great durability and a good grip. Let’s get started.

1. Kenda Bearclaw K299 25 X 8.00-12 ATV Tire

With a weight of 17.4 pounds, Kenda Bearclaw K299 25 X 8.00-12 ATV Tire features an integrated rim that keeps the tire from hideous dents and scratches. The wheels feature 18-inches deep treads. It has strong and well-built lugs that are in charge of offering stability as well as a strong grip. Kenda Bearclaw ATV Tire has proven to be an ideal option for all kinds of terrains. It can help you navigate through any road without losing stability. The tires give the best performance on a mud pit and roads covered with snow.

You could also drive the ATV featuring Kenda Bearclaw K299 on the sand. Whether you use it for harsh or soft terrains, rest assured that this set of four ATV wheels will deliver the best performance. They offer great traction and help you corner the vehicle easily. With Kenda Bearclaw K299 tires on, you can take turns and drive the four-wheeler at high speed without losing traction. The tires make it easier for the driver to handle the vehicle. It maintains stability and traction throughout the ride. Thanks to it the perfect knobs that offer smooth and strong traction on all kinds of terrains. It has the capacity of holding up to 340 pounds.

You can use this set of tires for a racing all-terrain vehicle or a dune buggy that’s driven on the sand. The best part is that you could use Kenda Bearclaw K299 on rocky terrain without getting the tires punctured. The supplier ships the tires with a manual that explains the installation process. You could install the tires on your own or have a professional get it done for you. Either way, the installation is quite simple. These ATV tires are great for people who need to drive the ATV on rough terrains. It is a perfect option for the mountains. The tires are designed for off-road only. They must not be used on highways.


  • Ergonomic and bold design
  • Rugged construction
  • Deep tread design
  • 6 ply rating
  • Handle the load of 340 pounds
  • Angled knobs
  • Integrated rim guards

The Pros

  • No dents
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Best traction
  • Compatible with most terrains
  • Great load capacity
  • Good stability and control

The Cons

  • Packaging isn’t good

2. ITP Mud Lite ATV Terrain

With a tread depth of 3/4 inches, this 6-play rated ATV tire is designed for muddy and slippery terrains. As the name implies, it gives a smooth and fast ride on muddy roads. The specialty of the product is its center tread that runs smoothly on rough terrains. ITP Mud Lite ATV Terrain is one of the lightest ATV tires on the market. It is the trail and mud combo.

The tires can help you navigate your ATV through the mud and other slippery terrains seamlessly. These tires make a perfect fit for the quads that are used for a mud race. The tires offer great traction and perfect stability. In addition to muddy terrains, you can use this set of ATV tires in the snow.  They deliver great performance without losing traction and stability. The unique and bold tread design allows drivers to have a smooth ride on off-road as well as pavements.

The only drawback is its aggressive design, which could ruin a lawn. Note that the tread is a bit soft. So, don’t use them often on pavements. You need to be careful when using these tires on hard surfaces, especially if you drive at low speeds. The tires have the capacity to handle weight up to 365 pounds, which means you can drive a loaded ATV without the fear of punctures. Overall, it is a great choice for muddy terrains.


  • 6-play rating
  • Rubber compound
  • Three-quarter inches lugs
  • 7-inches wide rim
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Trail and mud tire combination
  • Aggressive design yet soft tread pattern

The Pros

  • Versatile
  • Good weight handling capacity
  • A great choice for muddy and slippery roads
  • Smooth ride
  • Offers good traction

The Cons

  • Rough ride on pavements and hard surfaces

3. Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire

If you are looking for a durable and puncture-resistant tire that can last for months without showing any sign of deterioration, then Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire is your ideal option. Made of premium materials, Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire features a rugged construction. The product is designed to stand the test of time. Besides that, you could run the vehicle featuring this set of tires on just about any terrain. Whether it is a muddy road or hard surface, rest assured that this product can deliver the best results.

Not only does it offer durability, but Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire offers a high level of stability and great traction. Its unique tread pattern has the ability to dig into the slippery and tough terrain. You could use it for your all-terrain vehicle and UTV.

The tread pattern covers the sidewall of the tire, enhancing the grip. Rest assured that the product can roll easily on hard and smooth surfaces. From pavements to rocky and bumpy terrains, Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire can be used on nearly all types of roads. As mentioned above, it is a puncture-resistant tire. You could use it for cruiser and street bike as well.


  • Made on long-range compounds
  • Compatible with soft and hard surface
  • 11-inches rim
  • Unique tread pattern

The Pros

  • Easy to roll on any terrain
  • Offer great traction and stability
  • Smooth ride on a bumpy surface
  • Durable and versatile

The Cons

  • The tire has a flatter design than what’s advertised

4. Kenda K284 ATV Tire

Kenda K284 ATV Tire features a ribbed design that makes it a perfect fit for the front ATV tires. The main purpose of this all-terrain tire is to enhance the steering precision, but it is also known for its traction and durability. The knobs are designed to offer easy handling and smooth cornering. With this set of ATV tires on, you could drive your quad for hours in snow and just about any weather condition.

It features a consistent tread pattern with a rim size of 11 inches. The tire has an aspect ratio of 8 and a section width of 23.5 inches. Note that this tire is designed specifically for all-terrain vehicles only. It must not be used for highway driving and your standard vehicles. The manufacturer has used puncture-resistant casing for the tires, making it a reliable option for regular quad drivers.


  • 11-inches rim
  • High-quality knobs designed for traction and effective vehicle handling
  • Improve steering precision
  • It can be used on all terrains

The Pros

  • Versatile
  • Puncture-resistant tire
  • Durable
  • Smooth ride
  • Effective knobs

The Cons

  • You are going to need to buy the rims separately as they are not included in the package.

5. GBC Dirt Devil Bias 22×8 – 10 All-terrain Vehicle Tire

GBC Dirt Devil offers high-quality tires for off-road vehicles. The brand enables drivers to enjoy a smooth and safe ride on just about any terrain with a quality pair of ATV tires. GBC Dirt Devil Bias 22×8 – 10 All-terrain Vehicle Tire delivers great performance when it comes to off-road driving. In addition to the ATV vehicles, you could use this tire on trucks and UTVs. The tire is designed to fit a wide range of quads.

The tires feature the V-type tread pattern that offers great traction in all weather conditions and rough terrains. GBC Dirt Devil Bias 22×8 – 10 All-terrain Vehicle Tire is a 6-ply ATV tire. It features an aggressive tread pattern that delivers a great performance on bumpy and uneven terrains. The manufacturer has used natural rubber for elasticity. You could use this tire on vehicles and equipment used for farming and other industrial applications. Overall, GBC Dirt Devil Bias 22×8 – 10 All-terrain Vehicle Tire is a versatile product that could fit trucks, ATVs, and farm vehicles seamlessly. The tire has a load capacity of 275 pounds.


  • 6-ply construction
  • Made of natural rubber
  • V-type aggressive tread pattern
  • Compatible with trucks
  • 275 pounds of load capacity
  • 20 23nds tread depth

The Pros

  • Universal compatibility
  • Strong tread pattern
  • Durable
  • Better elasticity

The Cons

  • The price is a bit expensive

6. Carlisle AT489C 25X8-12 ATV Tire

The Carlisle tires are available in multiple sizes. You could install them on UTV, all-terrain vehicles, and other four-wheelers. Make sure you check the size of the wheels before making a purchase. Carlisle AT489C 25X8-12 ATV Tire looks similar to the tires of the sedans and hatchbacks. What sets them apart from the standard vehicle tires are their deep and large tread patterns.

The treads have a considerable amount of space between them. These tires are highly recommended for off-road driving. You could use them on all types of harsh terrains. Rest assured that the Carlisle AT489C 25X8-12 ATV Tire is designed to last long. Their soft tread pattern and aggressive design make them a suitable option for muddy and hard terrains. Whether you are driving in snow or on the sand, Carlisle ATV Tire will give you a smooth and safe ride.

The only part we didn’t like about this set of ATV tires is its construction. The sidewalls of the wheels appear to be weak. You need to pay special attention to the surface of the terrain you use these tires on. If you drive it on a bumpy road with lots of obstacles and an uneven speed, the tires will get dents.


  • 4-ply rated ATV tires
  • Compatible with UTV and ATV
  • 12-inches rim
  • US-made all-terrain vehicle tires
  • 8-inches section width
  • Available in multiple sizes

The Pros

  • Universal compatibility
  • Deep and large tread design
  • Durable and portable design
  • Thick and versatile

The Cons

  • The sidewall is not strong enough to resist punctures.
  • The construction is decent but not as good as other tires mentioned on this list.

7. Free Country Store 25×8-12 Tires

If you are planning to change all four tires of your all-terrain vehicles, then buy the sets of four Free Country Store 25×8-12 Tires. Free Country is one of the popular tire manufacturing brands. The company is known for launching a broad range of ATV and UTV tires. So, if you have specific requirements for the tire size, then you will definitely find the product that fits your vehicle. The patented tread design of this product offers a high level of traction on just about any terrain.

The best part is that Free Country Store 25×8-12 Tires is an 8-ply ATV tire set. The more plies a tire has, the better the grip and ride it offers. The tread blocks feature a unique and bold design with a tread depth of 0.71 inches. The tread pattern of this tire covers the sidewalls of the tire, ensuring the best stability and traction. It also makes it easier for you to corner the quad.

Coming to the downside, Free Country Store 25×8-12 Tire is not the best option for pavement and highways. These all-terrain vehicle tires are designed for rough and bumpy terrains only. They might not deliver a smooth and best performance on the soft surface. You also need to pay special attention to the speed of the vehicle and tire pressure as these tires can get dents and dings.


  • Patented and aggressive tread design
  • Tread covers the sidewalls
  • Designed for rough terrains
  • Set of 4 tires with 8-ply ratings
  • Made of nylon
  • Can handle load up to 675 lbs
  • 8-inches rim

The Pros

  • Heavy and rugged construction
  • Smooth ride on hard surfaces
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Unique and high-quality tread design
  • Great weight handling capacity
  • Versatile

The Cons

  • Not an ideal option for soft surface
  • Extremely heavy

8. BFGoodrich Store Mud Terrain Radial-tire For ATV

This premium set of ATV tires feature an all-season radial design that makes them a perfect option for your UTV and all-terrain vehicles. The 8-ply construction of this model combined with a unique tread design offers a smooth and safe ride on almost all kinds of terrains. The manufacturer has built large tread blocks that offer better traction and cover different terrains. BFGoodrich Store Mud Terrain Radial-tire for ATV is known for its versatility. The size of this set is 30×10 R15. The tire, however, is available in multiple sizes. You could even use it on a truck.

The tread of the tires cover the sidewalls and is wrapped around the entire, making it an ideal choice for all terrains. The unique and aggressive tread pattern of these tires offers the best traction. As they can be used on trucks and ATVs, these tires deliver the best performance on paved roads as well as the tough surface. You could drive your vehicle on both soft and bumpy terrains with these tires on.

One special quality of this pair of wheels that caught our attention is the load they can bear. BFGoodrich Store Mud Terrain Radial-tire can handle up to 1936 pounds. With a section width of 10 inches, this set of 2 ATV tires offers the best performance on muddy and slippery terrain. The tread pattern digs into the sand and mud seamlessly, offering the best traction.


  • A set of two 8-ply rated tires
  • Unique tread block pattern
  • It can fit trucks, UTVs, and ATVs
  • Weight load capacity of 1936 pounds
  • 18 32nds deep treads

The Pros

  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Advanced tread pattern
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Great performance on all terrains

The Cons

  • It doesn’t offer a smooth ride on rocky terrains

9. ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire

This ATV tire by ITP Blackwater Evolution offers a great level of traction on all surfaces. It features an innovative tread pattern that offers a smooth ride and amazing steering. This 8-ply radial ATV tire can be used on ATV, UTV, and side-by-side vehicles.

The aggressive tread rubber compound is designed to protect the tire from wear and tear due to bumpy terrains. This 8-ply tire performs well on all terrains but is specifically designed for muddy and slippery surfaces. You could use them for a mud race. Its non-directional and aggressive design makes it an ultimate choice for all quads.


  • Non-directional and unique tread pattern
  • 8-ply construction
  • Used for UTV, ATV, and side-by-side vehicles
  • Specially engineered for muddy terrains
  • Aggressive tread rubber compound

The Pros

  • Universal compatibility
  • Good traction on a muddy surface
  • Durable and versatile
  • Compatible with different vehicles
  • Abrasion-resistant and puncture-proof

The Cons

  • No cons that we know of

10. Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B ATV Tires

Despite being only a 4-ply tire, Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B has a large sidewall with a unique tread design that covers the entire tire. You could find this tire in multiple sizes. The tire offers a great level of cushioning to your vehicle, providing you with a smooth and safe ride on all terrains. Not only for bumpy and rocky terrains, but Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B ATV Tires can be used on smooth and paved surfaces too. Due to the close pattern of the tread blocks, this tire does not give the best performance on muddy and slippery terrain. Try to avoid using them on muddy terrain.

The tire is designed to optimize the performance of your quad for different terrains. With a wheel diameter of 10 inches, the Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B is your ideal option for smooth and hard surfaces.


  • 4-ply construction
  • Used on all terrains
  • Tread blocks cover the sidewall
  • Unique treaded design
  • 9-inches wide section

The Pros

  • Offer great traction
  • Durable
  • Rugged construction
  • Designed to boost ATV’s performance

The Cons

  • It isn’t recommended for muddy and slippery roads

Things To Consider When Buying ATV Tires

ATV tires are available in different shapes, sizes, tread patterns, and designs. The best option for your vehicle depends on how you are going to use them. The tires needed for a muddy and wet surface are completely different from the ones required for a plain road.


You can find a high-quality set of all-terrain tires for an affordable price. These ATV tires are available at $60-$130. The price varies based on the design, tread pattern, lugs, and other features. It is better to spend a few extra bucks for durable tiles than having to replace the poor-quality tires every few months.


The best quality ATV tires offer a strong grip on all terrains. Whether you are driving in snow or on a muddy road, the best tire will provide you with strong traction. It is important to know the traction the tires offer when you speed up the vehicle or carry heavy loads. You need to check the tread pattern of the tire to determine its traction.

ATVs with low-quality tires are at high risk of taking a 360 turn, especially if the traction is weak. Whether you want to ride the ATV for fun or use it for a race, the tires must offer the best traction for a smooth and safe ride. You must check the traction to ensure that the vehicle will ride through sand and muddy terrains seamlessly.

Tread Style

The tread pattern of the tire plays a significant role in helping the driver corner the vehicle, take turns, and keep the vehicle running on tough terrain. The tread pattern could vary from tires to tires. Some tires have a deep tread pattern that is designed for muddy and wet terrains. The slippery and tough terrains need aggressive tread patterns that can provide you with a strong grip no matter how poor the trail is.

Ply Rating

ATV tires are available in different types. If you are looking for a puncture-resistant and powerful tire that can last for several months without showing any signs of damages, then you must choose the material featuring multiple plies. The more plies the ATV tire has, the better it tends to perform, and the longer it lasts.

Besides that, ATV tires with multiple plies are more rigid. If you plan on riding the all-terrain four-wheeler, then choose the tires with 6-8 plies. They can carry heavy loads and offer optimal performance in all weather conditions. These tires can fit into any bulky vehicle.

Tire Size And Shape

An ideal tire for your ATV is the one that enables users to corner the vehicle, ride it, and take turns efficiently. They are available in round shapes. The ATV tires are also available in flat designs. These tires offer great sidewall stability. The round ATV tires are more versatile and durable than their flat counterparts. They also offer a smooth and safe ride. It is important to measure the size of the tires for the four-wheeler before making a purchase.

The size of the tire impacts the torque, handling, cornering, horsepower, and more. It might sound convenient, but small tires can cause balance issues. The tires with a small diameter put a considerable amount of pressure on other components. Likewise, the too-large tires have to work harder to turn. Similarly, the tire that is extremely wide will not give the best performance. You can stick to the same size tires as the previous ones, but make sure there is a fair amount of clearance between the suspension and tires.


Usually, ATV tires do not last long. You can’t expect these tires to last for years, especially if you drive the vehicle frequently or on rough terrains. However, manufacturers have started to design high-quality and sturdy tires that offer great durability.

You must consider the material that has the ability to endure all types of weather and terrains. ATV tires are designed to deal with snow, mud, sand, slippery surface, and bumpy terrains. Some tires are puncture-resistant, meaning they can deal with all harsh elements efficiently. Make sure to check the durability and strength of the tires before making a purchase.

Common Types Of All-terrain Tires

As mentioned before, ATV tires vary depending on the terrain they will be used for. Here, we have listed the most common types of ATV tires for different terrains.


Driving on a muddy and wet terrain is never easy (even for professional drivers). The chances of slipping and doing a tailspin are higher when the surface is slippery. Furthermore, you need self-cleaning tires with sufficient space between the lugs for muddy terrain. If you plan on using your ATV for a mud race or a long-drive on muddy terrain, then you need the aggressive tires with long lugs. These tires feature a considerable amount of free space between each lug.


As the name suggests, all-terrain tires can be used on just about any space. You could drive the vehicle on sand, plain field, playground, and rocks. They tend to last longer than other types of ATV tires. However, they are not as aggressive and strong as mud tires.

They are perfect for the drivers who plan on driving the ATV at high speed. The pattern of the all-terrain tires can be different. Some tires feature long lugs, while others have square-shaped lugs with fair space between them. These tires have one-inch (or lesser) tread depth.

Snow And Sand

It is the combination of the mud tire and trail tire. The snow tires are available in mainly two patterns. The first one has short lugs and a considerable amount of space, while the other one has a similar design to the mud tire but its lugs resemble dune buggy tires. You could use any design for driving in the snow. The specialty of these tires is traction. Since your vehicle needs a good level of traction in the snow, you need the tires designed specifically for the snow.

Similarly, traction is extremely important when you are driving in the sand dunes. You must have seen the dune buggies in deserts. The dune buggy ride is quite common in the Desert safari Dubai. If you are using the ATV in the sand, then you need all-terrain tires with long ridges and the best traction.


ATV racing has gotten quite popular recently. These events involve premium cars featuring durable tires. The tires designed for racing cars offer the best grip. They can also resist the jumps, cornering, turns, and other such obstacles on the way. The racing tires must have a wide-spaced tread design that offers the best traction on all terrains.


Bias-play is the most commonly used tire for all-terrain vehicles. They are more popular and powerful than a radial pattern. Bias-play tires tend to be more durable and stronger than radial and standard ATV tires. They have stronger sidewalls. Bias-ply tires are puncture-proof and weather-resistant. Since it has more plies, it offers the best performance. The only drawback of this pattern is that it offers low traction when you are driving at a high speed.


Like the typical sedan and hatchback tires, the ATV or OEM tires do not last forever. While some tires can endure the weather elements and rough terrains for years, others can’t hold up to the harsh environmental or weather elements. They deteriorate and face wear and tear just like the typical car tires. The ATV tires listed above are made for quads. They can last long given that they are installed properly. Choose any tire from this list and enjoy a smooth quad ride.

  1. Can I Install the ATV Tires on my Own?

    Sure, you can do that. However, we recommend you get it done by an automotive expert or a professional. Note that ATV tires are different from the sedan or SUV tires. You can’t install them on your own if you haven’t done it before. Never try to install the ATV tires unless you are a professional. Bad alignment and loose installation can result in tire failures and accidents. If you drive the ATV on a regular basis or rent it to others, then it is easy to learn the tire replacement process.

  2. Are all ATV Tires Puncture-resistant and what can be Used to Repair the Sudden Punctures?

    No, only some exclusive all-terrain tires can offer optimal performance on all terrains without experiencing premature wear and tear. Low-pressure, heavy load, bad aligning, and excess abuse can lead to flat tires. Uneven pressure is one of the common reasons for flat tires. It interferes with the vehicle handling and balance.

    It is, therefore, important to carry the puncture repair kit with you. Many drivers use tire repair foams and slime to repair the punctures. While it may seem to work temporarily, these products can damage your ATV tires in the long run. Your tires can corrode and deteriorate if the foam or slime remains on the tire for an extended duration.

  3. Do I Have to replace all Four ATV Tires?

    While it isn’t necessary, try to replace all four tires at once for better grip and optimal performance. If you notice the cracks on the lugs and tread, then that’s a sign they are getting rounded. Even if only two tires of your all-terrain vehicle has loose edges and cracks on the tread lugs, consider replacing all of them.

  4. When Do I Need to Replace the ATV Tires?

    If the ATV tires get one big puncture, then it is a sign you need a quick replacement. You are going to need strong and durable tires if you plan on driving the vehicle on mud and sand.

  5. Should I Choose the ATV Tires with Deeper Tread?

    Your ATV tire is the most crucial component of your vehicle. They handle the grip and other components of your four-wheeler on the muddy and snowy terrain. When it comes to choosing the best tires for your ATV, there are three main factors you must check – tread design, depth, and plies.

    These three need to work in tandem to provide a good grip on rough and uneven terrains. This is especially important when you are driving in the snow. The winter tires have deeper and strong treads than the standard ones.

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