The Best Car Air Fresheners (2023 Reviews)

Is there an odor in your car? There are a few top-quality car air fresheners that can be your ideal solution if you’re looking to get rid of odors in your car. Get one of these products to ensure your vehicle smells fresh and new while also removing that noxious odor. Getting that new car smell is now relatively easy.

What Is Car Air Fresheners? 

If you leave your car parked for an extended period or in bad weather, it will stink. As a result, when you buy a car air freshener, you guarantee a pleasant aroma in your car.

Your driving experience improves automatically if the interior of your vehicle smells divine. These car air fresheners guarantee that foul odors (from food, smoking, pets, and other sources) are eliminated from your vehicle. The service life of these fresheners is long; they are non-toxic and have a pleasant fragrance.

Go through the review of some of the best automotive air fresheners that you can purchase online if you want those for your car.

1. Car Air Freshener From PURGGO:

If you don’t like the thought of using chemicals or other artificial methods to eliminate odors, you’ll love what this air freshener brings to the table. This is due to the pouch’s natural bamboo charcoal filling. The charcoal eliminates odors in your car and purifies the air.

Since no perfume or scent is emitted, this is also a good choice for those with allergies or other sensitivities. Instead, the air freshener works to eliminate any leftover odors in your vehicle.

This is a compelling way to eliminate unpleasant odors in your vehicle because it does not hide the odors. It actually absorbs them to the point that they are absolutely eliminated from the atmosphere.

The only minor drawback is that it can take a while for all of the odors to dissipate, but you can be assured that all odors will be eliminated whenever it starts working. Pet and cigarette odors are examples of this.

Longevity is the other most impressive aspect of this air freshener. Usually, you can use it for a year at least before replacing it. As a result, you’ll be making a good decision.

For the most part, you will find that using this car air freshener is very easy. It’s just a matter of clinging to your headrest and letting it do its thing. Only minor maintenance is needed, such as allowing the freshener to ‘re-charge’ quite often. Keep this pouch exposed to the sun for a few minutes, and it will be ready to use.


  • No chemicals included
  • High-quality material
  • 100% natural bamboo charcoal filling
  • Scent or perfume free
  • Natural odor eliminator

The Pros

  • Lasts for a year at least
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for people having allergies or other sensitivities
  • Keeps your vehicle interior fresh
  • Only needs a little maintenance
  • Reasonable price

The Cons

  • It takes a little time to work

2. Car Air Freshener/Diffuser From RoyAroma:

This car air freshener and diffuser work to eliminate odors from your vehicle. It accomplishes this by enveloping the unpleasant odors in a much better scent. The absorption of essential oils is used to create this air freshener.

As a result, the smaller oil particles disperse through the air, obliterating any residual odors. Air blasts from the air conditioner allow the particles to disperse even further in the vehicle.

The best thing about this model is that you can pick the perfume you like. Furthermore, you will be able to use essential oils. So, apart from eliminating odors, you will also benefit from the other advantages that these oils offer.

The kind of essential oil you use will significantly impact how powerful this air freshener is. You can hide more visible odors if you use a better one. However, if you choose anything milder, you can enhance the overall smell of your car’s interior without your senses being overpowered.

It’s a shame that this air freshener doesn’t have a long service life, mainly because the diffuser can’t be filled till the bottle’s top. Depending on the essential oils you use in the diffuser, the oils are expected to last anywhere from a few hours to some days.

As previously mentioned, this diffuser needs some maintenance. The only real annoyance is that one has to refill the small bottle regularly and continuously. As a result, maintenance required for this product is a little more than other types of air fresheners.


  • Great looks
  • Ensures freshness inside the vehicle
  • It’s a diffuser and air freshener
  • Not expensive
  • Natural odor eliminator

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • You can pick your own scent
  • Performs well
  • You can place it anywhere in your vehicle
  • Offers different other benefits

The Cons

  • Needs regular and continuous refilling
  • Scent’s longevity is very less

3. Car Air Freshener From Air Spencer:

This air freshener is made up of two parts: the main structure and cassettes (refillable). The cassettes consist of a gel-like material with a bubbly aroma that resembles bubblegum. The freshener’s scented particles are spread in the air, and this is how it works. This helps them to control other unpleasant odors in the vehicle, resulting in a pleasant interior.  

The scent of this air freshener can be a little overpowering right out of the package. The good thing, though, is that you can control how strong the fragrance is. The controls on the main box can be used to accomplish this. So, whether you want to hide a foul odor or simply freshen up your vehicle’s interior, it can be done by choosing the appropriate settings.

Now, the amount at which you hold the air freshener will, for the most part, decide how long it will last. As a result, you can expect this freshener to last longer in a lower setting. Even at full power, this product will last for around two weeks of fragrance. The only drawback is that having to restock the cassettes regularly can get expensive, particularly if you use the air freshener frequently.

It’s really very easy to use this air freshener. For starters, it comes with a both-sided tape. As a result, you have the option of keeping the air freshener in the back or front of the vehicle. That is why you don’t have to fiddle with it all that much. Only when the cassette is completely empty does it need to be replaced.


  • Fresh scent
  • Nice looking case (black and gray with blue ascent)
  • Comes with double-sided tape for mounting in the vehicles’ dash
  • Controls the foul smell in the vehicle
  • It can regulate the scent

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Performs well
  • Includes refillable cassettes
  • Good for any parts in the vehicle

The Cons

  • Refilling is costly
  • Scent doesn’t last long

4. Car Air Freshener And Oil Diffuser From Anzazo:

This air freshener uses essential oils and the air conditioning’s pressure to distribute the scent in the vehicle. This air freshener clip includes pads that can be soaked in your favorite essential oil and then put in the clip. The essential oils are then converted into air droplets by the air coming through the vents. Thus they can easily pass through the vehicle.

This approach now has several advantages. For starters, it’s a natural choice, so there won’t be any rough or chemical scents in your vehicle. Besides, you can also get to choose your preferred perfume. As a result, you can change the fragrances regularly.

This diffuser is also very good at spreading the fragrance across the car’s interior. Since they’re on the vents, they’ll make the whole car smell amazing, not just only the front. As a result, it effectively eliminates a wide range of unpleasant odors.

The only drawback to this choice is that it isn’t very long-lasting. Each pad will only last a few days before needing to be replaced, but you can reuse them. Thus, refilling the pads will be required regularly.

This air freshener is not difficult to use. It won’t budge until it is clipped to the vent. The only inconvenience is to continue the pads to be dipped in the essential oils when they become dry. Aside from that, you should simply leave the air freshener alone to spread its charm.


  • Eco-friendly
  • No chemical scent
  • You can choose your preferred scent
  • It’s also a diffuser
  • Removes a lot of foul smell from the vehicle

The Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Good looking
  • Scent spreads through the car
  • Reliable product

The Cons

  • Longevity isn’t great
  • The pads needs to be dipped continuously in essential oils when they become dryNarrow viewing angles
  • Inferior image quality to IPS and VA panels

5. Car Air Freshener From Febreze:

Febreze is a brand we’re all familiar with when it comes to cleaning supplies, so it’s no surprise they’ve created a refreshing option for your car as well. The vent clips of the air freshener in this five-pack can work in the air vents of any vehicle. These vent clips will always offer you a fresh fragrance while driving, whether you are switching on the heat or cooling off with the air conditioning.

Several air freshening products utilize a specific product for distributing a fresh scent, but Febreze uses vent clips to divide one product into several. Placing the vent clips in the areas where the odors are present is all that is needed. You can put a couple in front of the dash and may one or two in the vents that face the backseats.

There is nothing to worry about spilling because the vent clips would emit their fragrance when the air passes through them. You can easily throw away one of the vent clips if it runs out.

Though these vent clips cover a large area, their longevity might not be similar to similar products. These Febreze clips can be thought of as a commodity that adds a good scent rather than one that eliminates foul odors. Cleaning the vehicle is still necessary to get rid of the odor source, but Febreze’s vent clips, like many other air fresheners, are helpful to give your car a new fragrance.


  • Comes with five vent clips
  • Natural fragrance
  • Can be used anywhere in the vehicle
  • Doesn’t leave any trace of foul smell
  • Trusted brand

The Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Heavy-duty product
  • Helps to keep your car’s interior clean
  • Preferred by most vehicle owners

The Cons

  • Narrow viewing angles
  • InfeLongevity isn’t great
  • A bit strong scentrior image quality to IPS and VA panels

6.  Car Air Freshener From Little Trees:

It isn’t easy to compile a buying guide for car air freshener without mentioning Little Trees. The reason being, this is a product that vehicle owners most widely used. There are six different air fresheners in the package, allowing you to use them in several vehicles or store them when older ones run out.

This True North perfume is influenced by the mountainous region in Canada and is a mixture of crisp and arctic air with frosty pine needles. This durable product is suitable for use in your vehicle and at home or in the workplace. It’s a product that is made in America and contains a wintry pine-like smell, according to some users. It has also been identified as a masculine and luxurious fragrance. Overall, it performs admirably and can be used for many weeks.

However, if you open the whole package at once, the smell can be pretty overpowering. Instead, open one corner and allow the smoke to spread slowly around your car. Before installing it in your car, make sure you read the guidelines.


  • Famous brand
  • Durable
  • Suitable for use anywhere, whether home, car, or office
  • Pack includes 6 packs
  • Excellent fragrance

The Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Great for your vehicle interiors
  • High-quality material
  • Functions admirably well

The Cons

  • A bit strong scent when opened at once
  • A few customers complained about the scents’ longevity

7. Car Odor Eliminator From Meguiar’s:

This Meguiar’s item is considered one of the best car air fresheners for various reasons. The product not only eliminates odors in a single stage, but it is also available in different variety of fragrances. Unlike some other items that simply mask unpleasant odors, the Re-Fresher from Meguiar’s sprays away from the bad and replaces it with fresher air that smells great.

The Car Air Re-Fresher is a device that only needs to be used once. Simply ensure that you have rolled up your windows and that your recirculation and air conditioning systems are turned on. You need to shut the cars’ door behind you after activating the Re-Fresher can. 

The fine mist released will absorb any unpleasant odors and swap them with the fragrance of your choice. A single application can make a significant difference provided the Re-Fresher can is located centrally inside your car. Placing the product isn’t necessary as this product won’t spill, and you won’t have to replace it in a few months.

Depending on your vehicle’s size and the severity of the odor(s), you might require buying more than one such car air freshener cans to eliminate the odors entirely. Besides, this product can be used by any driver who wants to refresh the interior of their vehicle.


  • Different variety of fragrances
  • Hides foul smells inside a car
  • No need to replace the product for months
  • Great car deodorizer
  • Works well on all parts of your vehicle

The Pros

  • Convenient product
  • Can remove all types of odors
  • Helps to maintain the new feel inside your vehicle
  • Trusted brand

The Cons

  • Scent isn’t long-lasting enough
  • Fragrances isn’t great according to a few users

8. Wooden Car Air Freshener From Arotags:

The Rescentable car air freshener from Arotags is an Ohio-made product, so when you buy it, it’s an American company that you’re supporting. It’s made to give off a pleasant scent all year. Backwoods Birch is the fragrance of the freshener which is free of phthalate and is intended to invoke memories of forests and the woods.   

It’s easy to use the air freshener. Every couple of weeks, simply apply a few oil drops to the air freshener that shapes like an American flag. Each kit contains oil (1.6 ounces) and is intended to last a year. According to the manufacturer, this is the equivalent of fifty Little Trees air fresheners. Since the oil does not contain any hazardous chemicals, breathing in your vehicle’s cabin should be no problem. One of its best qualities is that the scent is detectable but not overpowering. It’s also fashionable.

One disadvantage is that some users believe it smells too pleasant. Others also complained that the smell may not last as long as the company claims, and that it does not perform as well in colder temperatures.


  • Nice smell
  • Long lasting
  • Cleans up the air inside the car
  • No harmful chemicals included
  • Fragrance isn’t overpowering

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Can remove all types of odors
  • Good diffuser
  • Fashionable product

The Cons

  • Scent is too pleasant
  • Fragrances doesn’t last long enough as claimed by the manufacturers
  • Doesn’t work well in colder temperatures

 9. The Original Air Purifying Bag From MOSO NATURAL:

Odors, pollutants, and moisture are all absorbed by the Moso bag. It’s made of Moso bamboo charcoal and is intended to keep spaces odor-free and dry. This Moso purifying bag, unlike other air fresheners, actually removes odors. There are no harmful substances in it, and it is fragrance-free. It comes with a metal grommet and can cover up to 90 square feet, and so you can hang it or put it on your vehicle’s floor.

The Moso bag, according to the company, can last up to two years if properly maintained. Everything you have to do is expose it to the sun for an hour every thirty days. After about two years, you can use bamboo charcoal as a fertilizer in your garden.

Although this product is somewhat expensive, it does a fantastic job of removing odors without using harsh chemicals used in air fresheners.

It may not, however, have the longevity as claimed by the manufacturer. Additionally, you will have to reactivate it in the sun more often than suggested for optimal performance. It might also not function very well for animal/pet odors.


  •  Natural product
  • Doesn’t hide odors, eliminates them
  • Long lasting
  • Covers a distance of 90 square feet
  • High-quality brand

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Brings a fresh air inside the vehicle
  • No harmful substances included
  • Contains a metal grommet

The Cons

  • The fragrance doesn’t last long as claimed by the manufacturer
  • Little expensive
  • It requires to be reactivated in the sun  quite frequently for the best results
  • Not ideal to remove pet odors

10. Bubblegum Car Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator From Chemical Guys:

This premium-quality Odor Eliminator and Air Freshener is a durable air freshener made to remove odors and minimize persistent offensive odors. The most noticeable feature of this product is its bubblegum scent, so don’t get surprised if you are taken back to your childhood days. It’s a favorite of car detailers, as well as house cleaners and homeowners.

The diluted solution utilizes enzymes to suppress and reduce odor effectively. Since it is a water-based product, it will not damage carpets or upholstery. Since the liquid is condensed, it must be diluted with distilled water (up to two gallons) before usage. Chemical Guys claim that its longevity is five times more than standard car air fresheners, and the fragrance lasts for several weeks. The product comes in a solid bottle, and it effectively eliminates mild moldy odors in your car.

Regrettably, if you dislike the bubble gum scent, it’s unlikely that you’ll enjoy this product. Nonetheless, according to a few users, it does not smell at all like bubble gum. Additionally, some users argue that it blocks rather than removes odors.


  •  Water-based product
  • Comes with a bubblegum scent
  • Long lasting (lasts 5 times more than standard car air fresheners)
  • Ideal for car detailers, house cleaners and homeowners
  • Reduces odor considerably

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Good to be used anywhere
  • Included in a sturdy bottle
  • Comes in a concentrated form

The Cons

  • Not ideal for those who doesn’t like the scent of bubblegum
  • A few users reported that it blocks rather than removing odors

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Car Air Fresheners:

Car fresheners make your vehicles’ interior is as fresh as a daisy. Hence, you should consider a few essential aspects to make sure you are getting the most suitable product. So, let us check them out. 

Pleasant and Effective:

After all, the main purpose of a car air freshener is to remove odors. At the same time, the scent it emits should not irritate you while driving. While you should test the scent before installing it in your car, it shouldn’t be too strong. You should be able to detect its presence without being bothered.


Even if you travel once a week, the best air freshener’s longevity should be longer than a gas tank. Picking a car air freshener with an extended life means you won’t have to spend as much money to keep your car smelling good, and you won’t have to spend as much time looking for a pleasant-smelling vehicle.

Easy To Use:

Rather than getting worried about the air around you getting freshened, you should spend the majority of your time driving. It is simple to install or apply effective car air fresheners. It should be as simple as hanging it, clipping it, placing it, or plugging it in. The air freshener installation should take no more than five minutes.

Wide Range Of Scents:

The top-quality car air fresheners will be available in various scents that will appeal to a wide range of people. You might only buy one scent from a given brand, or you might like to switch it up every now and then to see what’s new. Having options is beneficial in either case.


There have been numerous stories of drivers installing different car air fresheners and damaging the interior of their vehicles in some way. It’s always a good idea to read the warning labels on any product you’re thinking about buying, but if you’re concerned about damaging your car’s interior, a cardboard car air freshener (scented) is a good option. Usually, they hang from your back view mirror, so there’s little risk of them getting damaged. 

Odor Strength:

Take your car to the nearest dealership or car detailing store if there is a horrible smell in your car or if you just can’t seem to get rid of the odor. While it will almost certainly cost you money, they might well take the initiative and investigate the source of the odor and/or offer you options for removing it. There are many therapies out there, so consider all your options before you decide what to do finally. 

Search For Features That Allow You To Make Adjustments:

If you have a sensitive nose, a strong fragrance will be too much for you. This is why finding an adjustable freshener can be advantageous.

This is also useful for those who want their air freshener to be turned on all of the time. You can adjust the settings based on the situation using this mechanism.

Take Into Account The Style:

While style isn’t the most crucial factor in this situation, it can be pretty significant. If you care about how your car’s interior looks, for example, a more detailed design may be preferable.

Diffusers and vent clips are frequently an excellent choice in this situation.

Alternatively, you could simply look for an air freshener that can be tucked away under your seat.

You should now better understand what to look for in a car air freshener after reading this. The evaluations/reviews will also assist you in making this decision. So now all you have to do is choose.

The Different Types Of Car Air Fresheners:

Cardboard With Scents:

This is a kind of air freshener which is very common. They usually dangle from the back view mirror on a string, releasing your favorite scent as they do so. Their longevity isn’t the same as other types of car air fresheners, though some do have the option of using essential oils to refresh the scent. These car air fresheners are also among the most affordable to purchase.


There is an old saying that you can soak up odors by putting a bowl filled with coffee beans in a stinky vehicle. Whether or not this is true, there are several natural ways to get rid of odor in your car. To naturally capture the smell, the most common method is to use bamboo charcoal. These premium air fresheners are packaged in a mesh sack or burlap and typically last longer than other car air fresheners. 

Gel With Absorption Feature:

This kind of car air freshener, as the name implies, removes terrible odors with absorbent gel. The gel comes in a container (that can be resealed) and functions similarly to a baking soda box in the refrigerator. 

Car air fresheners made of gel are designed to be hidden in a cup holder or under a seat. Numerous containers will come with an adjustable setting that will allow them to be used for an extended period.


Many products on the market are designed to remove odors from your house, from the bedroom to the bathroom; the air freshener spray for a vehicle is simply an extension of this concept. 

Air freshening sprays for cars typically come in various scents and enable you to spray as much or as little as you like. These sprays are best used on cloth interiors and absorb quickly into carpets.

Vent Clips:

Car air fresheners, which clip onto your vehicle’s air vents and provide odor relief in seconds, are an upgraded and modern way of dispersing scent. These air fresheners, which are typically available in the packaging of multiple products, will benefit particularly stinky cars. 

To achieve a uniform look, but one vent clip in every air vent on your dashboard, including the vents in the second row. You can just unclip and dispose of them away once they’ve stopped spreading the fragrance.

A Few Tips Remove Car Odors:

• If there is a musty smell in the air coming out of your vents, change the cabin air filter first before trying any other odor removal methods. If your car is older and the air filter hasn’t been replaced since you’ve owned it, the source of the foul odors could be the air filter.

• As soon as possible, eliminate the source of foul odors. If necessary, seek professional assistance at a dealership or local detailing shop. If you don’t want to deal with the smell yourself, inquire about ozone treatment options or other odor removal methods.

• Look for car air fresheners that are the same as those you might already have at home. The products you’re already using, whether after cleaning, for the bathroom, or simply for keeping the fresh smell in your house, maybe packaged for use in your vehicle as well. The next time you go to the supermarket, look in the cleaning aisle or go online.

• Be cautious if you’re buying a car from a private party and its covered in air fresheners. The likelihood is that this particular vehicle has been smoked in or has an inherent odor that necessitates the use of too many air fresheners.


Thus, you have found out that car air fresheners have a significant role in whether you drive a long distance or are looking to maintain a brand new look to your car. Every car deodorizer in the market today comes with brand new features and also upgraded designs that also guarantee a new and enhanced look to your vehicle.

A few products mentioned in this review are from some of the most reputed brands in this car accessory industry for several years, and their products have been preferred by numerous vehicle owners worldwide. So, you can rest assured about what they have to offer in regards to quality.

Car air fresheners are available in various forms. A few of them are sprays, gels, or pouch packs which can be hanged from the car’s dashboard. Being available in different forms allows an owner to pick a product depending upon their suitability. Hopefully, this review proves helpful to you in your decision-making.


  1. How long will my air freshener in my car work?

    The longevity of a car air freshener usually ranges from a few weeks to about two years, depending on the type of air freshener you are buying. Examine the packaging of the items you're thinking about buying. Manufacturers frequently list the expected lifespan of their products. If you buy a car air freshener gel or another scent-releasing product, the product's lifespan will be determined by the weather, how frequently you drive, and other factors.

  2. How frequently a car air freshener needs to be changed?

    When it comes to air fresheners, the best rule of thumb is to replace them when the scent has faded. Does a vent clip, for example, still emit the intended scent when you remove it from your vehicle and smell it? You shouldn't have to replace it just yet if this is the case. It might well be working properly if you can detect the product's scent.

  3. If I install a car air freshener, will my allergies be affected?

    Car air fresheners can aggravate allergies, so proceed with caution when purchasing. If you're allergic to most scents, such as floral scents, for instance, avoid them if at all possible. Alternatives include non-artificially scented products (such as negative ion-producing air fresheners).

  4. If spilled, which car air fresheners would damage my vehicle?

    If car air freshener gels are spilled, they are known to cause damage. In air fresheners (negative) are safe if used correctly. Because most air freshener sprays are compressed in a can, be careful not to puncture it. Many, if not all, products will have best practices and warnings about certain behaviors on the label, so read it before using it.

  5. What is the difference between enzymes and car air fresheners?

    Car air fresheners help to reduce and eliminate unpleasant odors in your vehicle. On the other hand, enzymes are utilized to eliminate mould and other harmful contaminants that cause foul odors. Enzyme treatment is beneficial to several vehicles that are flooded. To keep a pleasing fragrance that has already been developed in your car, use air fresheners.

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