The Best In-Dash DVD and Video receivers (2023 Reviews)

Do you feel restless while driving long distances? If you have kids, do they get really cranky during those long car trips? If that’s the case, then the best in-dash DVD and video receivers are your perfect solution as they are designed to provide mobile multimedia solutions. By watching movies and videos in the car, everybody can have a good time without letting boredom get to them while all of you are on a lengthy trip.

What Are In-Dash DVD And Video Receivers?

One of the many exciting innovations in the automotive world in recent years has been in-dash DVD players. These multi-tasking devices will make your car more family-friendly while still adding comfort to your center console.

However, is it true that all in-dash DVD and video receivers have the same features and quality? If not, what distinguishes them? Physical attributes, connectivity options, and even some extra features can make the best in-dash DVD and video receivers. But remember that features aren’t everything, though. Besides the ease of connectivity, it’s the audio and video quality is equally important.

It can be difficult to choose the right one, so keep reading this review about the top 10 best In-Dash DVD and Video receivers to learn everything in detail about these devices.

1. BOSS BV9358B Audio Systems

The double DIN car stereo stands out with its big 6,2” display. Besides the touch screen functionality, it also incorporates a few physical controls, giving it all of the on-the-road flexibility it needs. On top of the screen, as expected, there is a CD insert. Users can find controls and guide/instruction buttons on the left side of the car stereo to flip between input sources such as CDs, SD cards, US, and other media.

Such features are useful, particularly because drivers should spend more time paying attention to what’s there on the road rather than concentrating on the car stereo. There’s even a remote control that comes with the device. Although it is not recommended that drivers should be using the remote control while driving, passengers at the back seat may use it to enjoy the music they prefer. Using the remote control, they can easily browse through as many FM and AM, and radio stations as possible.

The car stereo has a combined capacity of 80W and four speakers’ for real sound quality. Users would need to buy a car amplifier to boost the volume even further. The amplitude/volume level, on the other hand, though, is sufficient for most users.

The car stereo will connect to smartphones via Bluetooth to easily open up a massive variety of songs from the internet, ensuring that drivers are entertained even while driving long distances. You can download all of your favorite tracks and save them to a USB/hard drive to connect and play with your cars’ MP3 player, of course.

There are a few other unique features worth noting in this device. The steering wheel controls are compatible with this car stereo. Cars with buttons on the steering wheel, such as volume control, can be fully connected to this stereo. For optimal sound quality, an equalizer function is also available. There are various custom presets that you can choose based on what kind of music you are tuning in to.

This quality car stereo incorporates some of the most cutting-edge technology in its genre while maintaining the compatibility aspect for a CD player, which is essential for audiophiles.


  • Bluetooth technology connectivity
  • Large screen size
  • Compatible to all smartphones audio outputs
  • Convenient to use
  • The stereo is compatible to the wheel control functions
  • 3-year online dealer warranty (platinum)

The Pros

  • Enhanced sound quality of four speakers with 80 watts
  • Works well with vehicles’ parking cameras
  • Inputs for SD, USB, audio/video and other media outputs available (front and rear camera outputs are also available, but one needs to but camera separately
  • Equalizer for customizing the music volume
  • Remote control available
  • Upgraded video quality   

The Cons

  • It doesn’t come with double DIN dash support

2. Pioneer AVH-210EX DVD Player

The car stereo is quite a fascinating design in its class, with an appealing design based on a wide 6,2” panel. It is designed to meet the needs of those who want a world-class audio quality and also prefer a touchscreen solution. To make this possible, a vehicle must be compatible with a double DIN car stereo. As a result, the car stereo can be used in a range of automobiles, including small city cars, SUVs, sedans, etc.

There are no actual buttons to deal with when using touch controls. Therefore, users must be aware of protecting themselves while on the road, and all actions must be taken when looking at the on-screen controls. It also has a CD reader, so it’s always compatible with a few different methods to listen to music.

Users can choose from five different display colors. They can be helpful, particularly for parents who want to keep their children busy. Speaking about children, parents can also connect their smartphones to the car stereo and play/stream videos.

The car stereo offers excellent audio quality options, with a 13-band equalizer. Users may also play their favorite DVDs while the parking brake is activated. While driving, kids can watch their favorite cartoons. Parents can also watch their favorite movies while on the drive. You can also connect an amplifier to the car stereo. If the speakers in the car can handle the extra power, users can have their personal high bass.

This high-quality touchscreen car stereo is one of the unique prototypes in its class regarding audio and video playback devices.


  • Large 6.2’ display
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • CD-reader included
  • Also play DVDs

The Pros

  • Compatible to all smartphone audio/video output
  • Compatible to a large range of autos, like sedans, SUVs, sedans, etc.
  • Supports amplifiers    

The Cons

  • There is no physical button available

3. Kenwood DDX25BT In-Dash Bluetooth Receiver

Apple CarPlay is built into this Kenwood 6.2-inch double-DIN DVD receiver, which shows navigation from Google Maps or Waze, as well as music apps and notifications. You can use Bluetooth or plug in your iPhone. It has a resistive touchscreen and is SiriusXM compatible. You can adjust the backdrop and viewing angle by choosing one of the 30,000 color combinations available.

This car stereo performs admirably, and installation instructions are available online readily. If you use a volume knob and want to play DVDs, this is an excellent head device. Not only it comes with an equalizer but also crossover settings and produces good sound output overall. It effectively blends technology and user-friendliness. One other good feature is its touchscreen response. This feature is also outstanding, with very little lag.

One drawback is that such settings are unavailable unless you apply the parking brake. The screen can also generate a lot of glare in direct sunlight, so you may need to adjust the backlighting both during day and nighttime. Also, there is no mute button on the device.


  • Large 6.2’ display
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Simple to use navigation menu
  • Also play DVDs
  • Supports up to 22 languages

The Pros

  • Compatible to all Android and Apple software
  • Comes with in-built RCA video output.
  • Can offer sound level up to 50 Watts
  • Offers upgraded video output   

The Cons

  • Doesn’t have a mute button
  • LCD produces a lot of glare during sunlight
  • A few settings can’t be accessed if you don’t apply parking brakes

4. PIONEER AVH-X490BS In-Dash DVD Receiver

The AVH-X490BS from Pioneer comes with all you need to stream music directly from your iPod or iPhone. With this, it becomes easy for you to access your playlists from apps like Apple Music. Spotify, etc.

A touchscreen is another essential feature that you’ll get on this device.  It also has Siri integration, making it one of the best in its class regarding voice control solutions.

On the left side of the device, a control panel has been added. It has a menu button, power button, and volume rockers. The voice button can also be used to answer calls or enter commands (audio).

The device can play videos maintaining outstanding audio quality, which is one of its prime features. Those who enjoy movie soundtracks will appreciate the DVD player’s inclusion of preamplifier outputs like the front, rear, and subwoofer.

The audio levels are equivalent to what is actually used in the best designs. Pioneer fans will be delighted to hear that 50W by four channels are supported in this device. Fans anticipate the 6.2” screen as another feature that will contribute to the Pioneer brand’s popularity.

The DVD player, however, can also be used to make phone calls thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. Drivers can take calls hands-free even when a DVD is playing, which increases their safety in the vehicle. Phone calls should have increased audio crispness with good audio quality, assuming the car’s speakers are of good quality.

With such built-in voice commands, these devices are a driver’s delight.


  • Large 6.2’ TFT LCD display
  • Enhanced audio quality (supports 50 watt sound with four speakers)
  • Supports apps like Apple Music, Spotify
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • It has a control panel having Power, Menu button, and volume rockers
  • GPS enabled

The Pros

  • Siri integration
  • Comes with various sound effects
  • High-quality video output
  • Supports different languages   

The Cons

  • Black is the only color option available

5. Pioneer AVH-600EX DVD Receiver

The Pioneer DVD and video receiver feature a modern design and controls at the bottom left of the screen.

There isn’t a volume control. Users must use the separate volume rockers to the screen’s left to adjust volume levels. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find menu buttons, a DVD eject button, and a button to go back.

The receiver also supports iPods and iPhones. It is for this reason why you can tune in to your favorite music and watch your favorite music videos on a variety of devices while driving. The Pioneer DVD receiver must also be Android compatible.

The player’s DJ function also provides an advantage. It actually allows users to mix the tracks as often as they want. It is one of the most appropriate designs in its class for music fans, with special sound effects. Pioneer has always been about music, and it’s a fact. The DVD receiver’s ability to play tracks with added sound effects, on the other hand, can only be considered a premium feature.

The DVD receiver is ideal for multimedia playback, thanks to its large 7-inch display. It’s a little bigger than similar designs, but it has the best features for all aged users. Adults will listen to music as their children watch cartoons on a big screen. However, music with special sound effects can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The DVD receiver is one of the video-oriented Pioneer designs to rely on, with a 7″ screen.


  • 7” LED display
  • Excellent sound quality
  • User-friendly device with easy to navigate Menu, DVD eject, and back buttons
  • True color panel (24-bit), display and color customization feature included
  • Compatible to both iPhone and Android
  • Comes with USB extension cable, Bluetooth manual, and owners’ guide 

The Pros

  • High-quality video output
  • Supports different languages 
  • Volume rockers enable to customize the volume for an enhanced music-listening experience

The Cons

  • Because of Bluetooth notifications, the Bluetooth stops

6. Jvc KWV140BT Car Stereo

The DVD receiver has a utilitarian design. It is an example of a simple interface based on touch controls and, to a lesser extent, physical controls. It is a suitable design to play music and video for long hours, with controls on both the right and left sides of the display.

It’s easy to operate the receiver. And some of the car’s features can be customized or installed easily. Drivers may, for example, install a rear camera in their vehicles and get the DVD receiver connected to it. The receiver may also be wired to a universal remote control.

Besides, there is also an equalizer feature included in this stereo. It helps users to adjust/customize the sounds to match the playback file. There are movie and music presets to choose from. Even with custom sound profiles, Spotify and Pandora will smoothly run on the multimedia/MP3 player.

A quick push of a button is all it takes to make a call. Users must, however, sync their smartphones with the multimedia receiver for this feature to work. Voice recognition is also included. It supports voice commands, further simplifying the user’s existence.

You can add as many as 5 Bluetooth devices to the DVD receiver. Overall, customers can experience excellent audio/video quality by connecting their smartphones with this device. However, it is also compatible with other computers, such as laptops. Passengers can get their devices connected to the video receivers for in-car entertainment on longer trips.

The in-dash DVD is an ideal product because it allows for hands-free operation, includes an audio equalizer, and supports multiple connections.


  • Bluetooth interface
  • Simple design
  • Touchscreen and physical control added
  • Equalizer, Voice recognition added
  • Compatible to smartphones, laptops, etc

The Pros

  • Camera integration supported
  • Back up memory included
  • Supports up to five Bluetooth devices
  • Supports music apps like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

The Cons

  • You need to buy a remote control separately

7. Pioneer AVH-3400NEX DVD Receiver

Apart from the motorized monitor, the single-DIN DVD receiver has identical design features to the double DIN models. Even the physical controls are identical, so drivers can benefit the most when it comes to watching videos.

The motorized monitor exits from the single DIN unit and transforms into a double-DIN layout with just a click. As a result, the controls are located at the screen’s bottom. The volume control knob, on the other hand, is one of the places where the design allows for more practicality. In most cases, volume rockers have taken the place of the knob.

Even though the screen pops out, it is still one of the designs that allow for touch navigation. Also, as a mobile design, touch controls can be used to make all of the required changes. There are also other forms of controls.

The DVD receiver is powered by Siri and voice commands. The receiver will sync with both Android and Apple CarPlay, and it is SiriusXM compatible too. With all of these video features, you might overlook the video receiver’s audio quality.

A small built-in amplifier boosts the volume to 50 watts, but an additional car amplifier can be attached for more power. A small amplifier could take the Pioneer DVD receiver’s sound quality to the next level. It’s simple to look at this device as a video and audio playback system, thanks to the included music streaming apps. Both video and audio files are easy to adjust/control thanks to the included audio knob and mobile compatibility.


  • Motorized monitor
  • Siri and voice commands included
  • Supports Android, Apple Carplay
  • Compatible to SiriXM

The Pros

  • FreeSync and MBR up to 240Hz
  • Quick response time speed
  • Ergonomic design and rich connectivity options

The Cons

  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Inferior image quality to IPS and VA panels

8. Kenwood DNX773S Touchscreen DVD Receiver

The DVD receiver’s architecture is based on its display of 6.95”.Because it has a wider screen than most other displays in its class, it provides an excellent viewing experience. The video receiver is one of the fascinating options in its class due to its navigation feature.

At the screen’s bottom, there is a dedicated Navigation button. It directs users to the device’s navigation section right away. There is also a Home button to enable you to get back to the main screen from any program.

The audio level is regulated by volume rockers. Because of the massive screen, there is no space for a volume knob, which some music fans prefer. On the other hand, the DVD receiver has a sturdy feel to it, even with its keys.

The DVD receiver can accommodate a wide variety of video files thanks to MPEG1 and MPEG2 codecs. Simultaneously, it can manage a long list of dedicated applications, such as Spotify and Pandora, which are extremely common on these devices.

The video receiver, on the other hand, stands out thanks to its navigation function. Many people prefer this built-in Garmin navigation system.

Besides, it also incorporates features like lane assist and path preview. A parking guide can also be helpful for those driving in unfamiliar or congested areas. This powerful video receiver is a top solution in its class, with the ability to connect to any computer through Bluetooth.

The DVD receiver is a premium option for the ultimate multimedia/MP3 experience since it incorporates two devices into one.


  • User-friendly Garmin navigation system
  • It can support different video formats due to MPEG1 and MPEG2 codecs
  • Supports PCs via Bluetooth
  • Comes with lane assist and path preview
  • Compatible with Sirus-XM satellite radio

The Pros

  • Strong design
  • Incorporates a helpful parking guide
  • Can connect to dual smartphones
  • USB supported
  • Supports Spotify.

The Cons

  • Double DIN display isn’t the largest
  • It can have connectivity issues with smartphones

9. Yakalla Car Stereo

There’s no denying that the video receiver’s low price makes it quite appealing. Despite being cheap, its design is one of the simplest in its category. When it comes to multimedia options, it performs admirably. A video player mode, audio support, and radio functions are all included. It can also be used to send and receive phone calls due to its Bluetooth compatibility.

The video receiver is one of the best prototypes for offering an all-in-one solution because it only has a few buttons and touch controls. Its 7-inch monitor is also very significant.

It’s worth noting that the video receiver contains a dual-core processor as one of its useful features. This suggests that it is easy enough to run programs like those for a back camera. It’s also a mobile-friendly video player.

On the other hand, the low-cost video receiver is also an integrated solution as far as steering wheel controls are concerned. It is still compatible with all SD memory cards despite its design being one of the simplest ones. Its set of features is completed with USB compatibility.

Although it is inexpensive, this video receiver provides a decent ROI as far as double-DIN vehicles are concerned.


  • 60 Watts sound output
  • Compatible to steering wheel controls
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Comes with 7 LED lights
  • SD memory card supported

The Pros

  • Incorporates a dual core processor
  • Includes video player mode, audio support, and radio functions
  • USB supported
  • Reverse camera installation supported
  • Not a costly product

The Cons

  • Instructions are difficult to follow

10. JVC KW-V330BT Car Stereo

This product is one of the most appealing video receivers available, with all-black trims and elegant touch controls. Besides its appealing looks in the package, it also goes with several grey and black interiors. The illuminated touch controls make it an excellent option for a wide range of vehicles.

The display is one of the biggest in the category, measuring 6.8”. It’s a sturdy build that’ll stand up to any video play. The device will stream videos from all devices due to its immediate Smartphone compatibility. The strong in-built microphone is one of the device’s unique design features.

Such a strong microphone records sound up to 32-feet away and are used for hands-free calls and voice commands.

Sirious-XM synchronization is one of the more intriguing compatibility features. If a driver has a subscription plan, he or she can listen to an infinite number of radio stations. DVDs and smartphones can provide local data streaming.

Video playback via USB appears to be convenient as well. Both movies and videos can be saved to a USB flash drive, which can then be plugged into the receiver (videos). Audio and video files can also be played. The video receiver will be compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

While this elegant video receiver lacks a remote control, it does have a touch display, and that is responsive.


  • Strong design
  • Powerful microphones
  • Illuminated touch control
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Voice command supported
  • Sirious-XM synchronization incorporated

The Pros

  • Supports USB flash drive
  • Video equalizer included
  • Compatible to all iPhone, Android smartphones 

The Cons

  • The unit can freeze while playing music apps like Pandora

Things To Consider When Buying The Best In-Dash DVD And Video Receivers

It can be a thrilling experience to install a new in-dash DVD player. Most of these devices are usually mounted on older cars, transforming them into new multimedia vehicles capable of playing high-definition videos. Some video receivers also support 1080p video quality.

Unlike a traditional DIN audio device, the video receiver can also be used as a rear parking monitor. Those that wish to use the video receiver as a parking screen, however, should make sure it has a connector for a rear camera before buying. Here are a few more things to think about.

Size Of The Screen

Carefully consider the screen size when you compare the models. The majorities are six to seven inches tall, but some can be nine inches or longer. Bigger displays are useful for entertainment and navigation features if you have the room.

The Connectivity Feature

The aim of installing an in-dash DVD player is to add several functionalities to your vehicle is to get more convenience for yourself. That means you’ll be able to connect a lot of devices to the player. Some have in-built applications that connect with your mobile/Smartphone, enabling you to read text messages or synchronize your address book or use text-to-voice technology. Steering-wheel control-compatible car stereos are also quite useful if they’re compatible with your vehicle.  

 Resolution Of The Screen

What you want is excellent, at-a-glance visibility, regardless of the screen size you choose. Sharper images are created by higher resolutions, making the display/monitor easy to view and use.

Double-DIN And Single-DIN

The operation of single and double DIN designs is identical. They have a simple interface that allows for quick user interaction. All of these systems now have the highest-quality displays. For instance, even single DIN designs now have HD displays, even if they have to pop out because of space constraints.

Both of these options will sometimes accommodate functions like rear camera installation. Most importantly, even with a more compact single DIN design, connectivity options are not constrained. You’d pleased to know that videos can be played in many ways, regardless of the in-dash DVD size.

Functionality And Controls

The video receiver’s controls are also critical as the size of the screen. Usually, all users should be aware that the way they communicate with the video receiver will restrict their experience. One of the best features of multiple rocker designs is that volume and menu navigation controls are available right away.

Remote control is also included in a few premium models. However, the more buttons a video receiver has, the more likely it is that it will have a smaller screen. Driving laws do not govern the buttons’ design, so it is up to the manufacturer to create visually pleasing and user-friendly video receivers.

Levels Of Sound

The camera receiver, as well as the car’s speakers, affects audio levels. As a result, it might be worthwhile to invest in solutions that include at least 50W of power, which is a decent standard for most car stereos. Audio receivers may also be used with car amplifiers. Adding speakers and subwoofers to your home theatre system will significantly enhance your video viewing experience.

One of the essential audio characteristics is the ability to fine-tune it, which is one of the essential features for in-car video fans. It typically comes in the form of software, such as an equalizer with a few audio profiles (preset) or the capacity to create custom profiles.

Usually, audio levels are measured for up to four car speakers. If a vehicle has over four regular speakers, splitters and amplifiers should be purchased to enhance the vehicle’s audio quality. A dedicated red port on the back of an amp is typically used to connect it to the in-dash DVD.

Compatibility With In-Vehicle Displays

Having several screens in the car can be beneficial for those with children or who want to run movies or videos for the rear passengers. Additional screens may not be supported in some cases. Remember that the average new video receiver can support two displays. 

Those receivers that can support up to four displays are considered the best ones. In both cases, a specialist should conduct the installation.

Additional displays might be available with built-in speakers or without any speakers at all. If you’re going to have multiple viewing screens, adding a couple of speakers in the back for the rear passengers may be a smart idea.

Custom Sound Profiles And Equalizers

Most video receivers lack equalizers and sound profiles. However, depending on the type of video being viewed, a few apps will add a different profile. Music videos have different genre profiles, and movies have a separate audio profile. Unfortunately, without a dedicated car amplifier, audio customization stops here.

Navigation, Apps, And Power Of The Rear Camera

You can get additional features, but it will cost you more; however, they can replace in-car devices like a navigation system. Video receivers with Garmin navigation applications provide a one-stop solution for those looking for a complete multimedia experience.

It’s also worth remembering that users can schedule their routes on the same screen they’re using to play videos. The power pressure on the battery is minimized without the addition of external devices to the vehicle.

When it comes to online radio, additional apps like Sirius-XM are among the best choices. The app’s dedicated and niche radio stations are well-known. Video receivers, on the other hand, do not provide a subscription package for these radio stations. That’s why they usually only can connect to Sirius-XM, and hence if the car owner wants, he can buy a monthly subscription plan for the app to run inside the vehicle.


In-dash DVD and video receivers are built to offer you an ultimate music-listening experience which is why every vehicle owner must have this premium device in their beloved four-wheelers. If you haven’t brought one for yourself today, here is your time!


In-dash DVD and video receivers are built to offer you an ultimate music-listening experience which is why every vehicle owner must have this premium device in their beloved four-wheelers. If you haven’t brought one for yourself today, here is your time!


  1. How do I install a DVD player (In-dash) in the dashboard?

    If you don't have much experience with this type of project, it's best to assign the installation to a specialist. A skilled professional would know how to get the job done correctly, and it’s also better that they do it because there are chances of error and injury in a DIY task.

  2. Can a double-din-in-dash DVD player fit into a small vehicle?

    It can, depending on your vehicle. Even if there is just one stereo or radio, some smaller cars have a double-DIN in the dash. Look above or below the radio for a blank plate. You might have enough space for a double-DIN player if there is one.

  3. What exactly is DIN?

    The scale of the video receiver within the dash is referred to as a DIN. The options available are single DIN and double DIN. Single DIN video receivers are not compatible with the double DIN video receiver’s slot.

  4. Why it’s possible to see movies only when a car is parked?

    The majority of in-dash DVD players can only play videos when parked. They have the disadvantage of not distracting the driver from the road because they are integrated with the parking sensor.

  5. Is it possible to connect a video receiver to several screens?

    The best video receivers can connect up to four screens. Not every one of them is capable of delivering a consistent experience because of this. However, in the future, there must be an option to connect two screens at least, particularly for those who are sitting at the back with children.

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