The Best Portable DVD Players (2023 Reviews)

Though video streaming services in today’s age have gained tremendous popularity and widespread usage, many of us still have a collection of DVD’s stashed away on a shelf or a wardrobe.

A portable DVD player is just the perfect tool if you are looking to go down memory lane with some classic movie collection of yours on a forthcoming trip or set up an entertainment system in the backseat of your vehicle. You can also use a cable to connect them to your TV and enjoy your collection at leisure.

What Are Portable DVD Players? 

Portable DVD players are considered an extremely important need of the young generation, so most companies are introducing new products to attract customers around the world.

You can watch movies on the go with a portable DVD player that runs on battery power and has a built-in screen. This is an ideal setting since many newer laptops lack disc drives. Portable DVD players were initially intended for use on aircraft, but you can hang the modern versions on the rear of the headrest in a car.

Although there are a wide variety of portable DVD players on the market, the process of selecting them is pretty daunting. To find the right one to satisfy one’s needs, one must examine a variety of features.

Continue reading to learn about the top 10 best portable DVD players you can choose based on your preferences.

1. Portable DVD Player From Sunpin:

A player with Blue-Ray support is unlikely to be worth the considerable additional expense for portable entertainment on a budget. However, a DVD player can still include a wealth of features and a high-quality viewing experience, as this Sunpin system does.

The TFT LCD screen measuring 9.5-inches provides excellent picture quality and brightness. The built-in speakers provide adequate audio, but dual earphone jacks allow two people to listen with different sets of headphone simultaneously.

The Sunpin player can play a wide range of digital media files from an SD card or USB drive, in addition to most upgraded formats of CD/DVD. An A/V cable for connecting the monitor to a television, a headrest mounting case for viewing in the vehicle’s backseat, and a car charger are all included in the box.  

It is light and portable, weighing lesser than three pounds and lasting up to five hours before having to be recharged, making it an excellent device for road trips. The player is available in four different colours: blue, black, purple, and red.


  • Bright screen for enhanced vision
  • Battery with long life
  • 9.5 inches TFT LCD display
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It comes in different colors

The Pros

  • It can play a lot of digital media files from an SD card or USB drive, and most upgraded CD/DVD formats
  • Double earphone jacks included
  • The package also includes an A/V cable, headrest mounting case, and a car charger
  • Easy to mount
  • It has last memory function to ensure you can start viewing the video/movie again from where you left off. 

The Cons

  • The unit should have had a better sound quality

2. The Portable DVD Player From UEME:

Movies are a perfect way to ensure that the kids are occupied on long journeys, and UEME has a DVD player built explicitly for this purpose. It’s available in two colours and two designs: blue with a design of a racecar and pink with a design of princess and unicorn.

Both these models are otherwise similar, featuring an 800 x 480-pixel LCD with a 9-inch screen that can be rotated up to 180 degrees. Via a USB port and a 32GB SD card slot, it can play virtually any CD and DVD format, as well as most of the digital audio and video files.

You can use the provided A/V cable to connect it to a TV and use the power cord to charge or power it at home.

Other DVD players, especially the ones made for children, come with extras, including headphones and game controllers, but UEME’s unit includes a canvas case that can be conveniently and securely mounted to the rear of a headrest of a vehicle, as well as a car charger/adapter for charging the device and remote control for playback.

The battery will provide four hours of fun for the kids when it is not plugged in.


  • LCD display
  • 9” screen with 800 x 480-pixel
  • 180-degrees rotatable screen
  • The package also includes an A/V cable, power cord for charging
  • It comes in two different colors and design

The Pros

  • It has a 32 GB SD card slot
  • Supports any CD and DVD formats and can play virtually all audio, video digital media files
  • It can be mounted easily on the back of the cars’ headrest because it has a canvas case
  • Battery life lasts for four hours before recharging
  • Ideal device for kids on long trips. 

The Cons

  • Game controllers and headphones aren’t included

3. Portable DVD Player From DBPOWER:

You certainly can’t separate certain automobile accessories from the vehicle. However, if you purchase a compact DVD-playing unit, you can almost certainly carry it home after each trip. This means that your car DVD would need some household features, for instance, Sharing a screen.

DBPower supports a multi-screen projection of the similar playbacks. This means that you can project the visuals of DVD to the television at home.

You can project your DVD display to several headrest screens in the car. Alternatively, you can project the feed from your smartphone to your DVD monitor. Additionally, this panel is adaptable. It can be folded to 180-degrees flat and swivelled to 270-degrees sideways. This unit measures 11.5-inch by 9-inch.

The DVD player’s memory feature is a godsend for antsy children and restless travelers. Even if the car or the player fails to start, the show will restart exactly where it left off.

DBPower supports a wide variety of file formats, from JPEG to VCD and MP4 files. It also supports USB and can recognize SD cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. The unit is capable of playing either visual content, audio content or both.

If you’re looking for a sleek, portable device with long battery life, the DBPower is an ideal product to pick. It includes an A/V cable, an adapter, and a car charger but does not have Bluetooth.


  • supports a multi-screen projection of the same playback
  • 11.5 inches by 9 inches screen
  • Display can be folded to 180-degrees and swivelled to 270-degrees sideways
  • The package also includes an A/V cable, power cord for charging
  • It comes in two different colors and design
  • 5 hours battery life

The Pros

  • It has a 32 GB SD card slot
  • Supports any CD and DVD formats and can play virtually all audio, video digital media files
  • Its memory feature enables the device to start the video/device from exactly where it left off
  • It supports all file formats, from JPEG to VCD and MP4
  • Remote control system included for playback
  • It has 12-months warranty and 24/7 after-sales service

The Cons

  • Sound quality not great

4. Portable DVD Player From IeGeek:

 Always consider carefully the size of the screen when purchasing a car DVD-playing device. You could be having a few inches lesser than you expect because of the screen frame. This 11 inches DVD player from ieGeek, for example, has a screen measuring 9.5 inches. It does, however, come with protection from glaring rays (anti-glare), making it easier on the eyes and highly useful for viewing in the daytime. It also has 5-hour battery life.

This unit is very green, considering its high-tech features and clarity. Although its display is built using recycled materials, it still provides a full high-definition experience. This DVD player supports several file formats, namely, VCDs, DVD-Rs, CDs, and can all be played. Besides, you can play MP3, JPEG, WMA, VOB, AVI, and other multimedia formats on this device. The device can read SD cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB and USBs too.

You can attach the DVD player manually to multiple screens if you’re using headrest displays. However, since it’s a connection done manually, AV cables will be required. Also, you can attach your DVD-playing device to the television with AV cables. Similar to the DBPower, for example, ieGeek will swivel 270-degrees sideways and 180-degrees forward or backward. It can also be used to play video games.

With two speakers and a 3.5 mm earphone port, this player enhances your listening experience manifold. It’s available in four trendy colours to match your personal taste. It does not, however, has a remote control.  


  • 9.5-inch display
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Display can be swivelled to 270-degrees sideways and 180-degrees forward or backward
  • It comes in two speakers and 3.5mm earphone port
  • 5 hours battery life
  • It comes in four trendy colors

The Pros

  • It has a 32 GB SD card slot and USBs
  • It’s memory feature enables the device to start the video/device from exactly where it left off
  • It supports all file formats like JPEG, VCD , MP4, MP3, JPEG, WMA, VOB, AVI, etc
  • Supports DVDs from 6 regions
  • Safe and durable

The Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a remote control

5. Car DVD-Playing Device From Sylvania:

This portable DVD player is two pounds in weight and is quite heavy, but it has a 7-inch screen only. It’s available in three colours: blue, black, and gold (brownish-beige). It has a TFT-LCD display with a 180-degree swivel. The unit supports all ‘original’ formats such as DVDs and CDs and burnt formats such as MP3s and CD-R. It is also able to recognize SD cards and USBs, as well as read still images from JPEGs. 

Non-technical accessories, for instance, straps for mounting it in the car and a carrier bag are included. Though it has a lithium battery (rechargeable), the remote controller requires two AAA batteries. Stereo earphones, a charger, an AC adapter, installation straps, the remote, and, the unit itself, of course, are all included in the box. The DVD player has built-in speakers.

Although it supports most formats that were introduced before DVDs, BluRay isn’t supported. It also won’t play MP4 files, though it will play MPEG4 files. However, you might find it a little perplexing to use. To play SD file or USBs, for example, you must change over from DVD to USB mode, which is not a natural transition. Also, because there is low sound, an external speaker might be required.

With her lovely gold tint, Sylvania looks lovely. However, this compact DVD player refuses to play specific formats, is restricted to particular DVD areas, and needs some audio enhancement.


  • 7-inch TFT-LCD display
  • 180-degrees rotatable display
  • SD memory card slot included
  • It supports all ‘original’ formats of CDs, and DVDS, burnt formats such as MP3s and CD-R
  • It can also read still imaged from JPEGs
  • It comes in three different colors

The Pros

  • It has in-built speakers
  • AC adapter, installation straps, the remote control are included in the package
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Safe and durable
  • It offers an enhanced viewing experience

The Cons

  • Doesn’t support BlueRay
  • It won’t play MP4 files and a few different formats
  • To play SD file or USBs, for example, you must switch from DVD to USB mode
  • Because of low sound you might require external speakers

6. NAVISKAUTO Car DVD-paying Device:

We all are too particular about regions when DVDs were first launched. What is the reasoning behind this? Since having a DVD that you couldn’t play was incredibly infuriating. We don’t search as much as we used to. On the other hand, your player would be primarily used to keep the kids entertained. It’ll ensure their safety while still keeping you calm on long journeys. However, they are likely to watch the same DVDs they have always enjoyed.

As a result, such DVDs are likely to be out of date, and you will find yourself with a player that won’t recognize them. Since it is a region-free player, NaviSkauto solves this. It supports NMC, SD and USB inputs and can recognize video files, movies no matter where they’re from. Its fast processor can display these formats to a maximum of 128GB, which is significantly more than the usual 32GB in several other units.

This player (12.5 inches) has a display of 10.1 inches and a battery having a life of 5 hours. It has a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, and you can play the media from where it left off. A remote control, a wall charger for indoor usage and a car charger are all included with the unit. The box also comes with A/V cables. The swivels on both the horizontal and vertical axes add to the comfort.

This player from Naviskauto is excellent. There are two nearly ten-foot chargers and extra-loud built-in speakers. However, it is large and cumbersome. Its 3.69 pounds in weight.


  • 10.1 inches HD display
  • 1024X600 pixels resolution
  • SD memory card slot included
  • It supports NMC, SD and USB inputs
  • It can read SD cards up to 128 GB
  • The battery life of this DVD player of 5 hours

The Pros

  • It has enhanced loudspeakers
  • A/V cables, car charger, wall charger, and remote control are available in this kit
  • It’s a no-region player
  • swivels on both the horizontal and vertical axes
  • Plays media files from where you left off

The Cons

  • It’s quite a heavy unit

7. Portable DVD Player From Pyle:

You may be perplexed as to why the player you have has USB limitations. Since your SD card or USB stick is an external storage device, anything with the appropriate port should be able to read it… right? That’s incorrect. To access a big storage device instantly, a processor is required that can instantly decode the data on its components. As far as this portable DVD player from Pyle is concerned, 32GB is the maximum external storage reading size.

Anything bigger would cause your system to freeze, and your files will be possibly corrupted. On the other hand, this unit can recognize DVDs and CDs and top-load them for greater mobility. It needs to be switched on and off two times. Before ypu press the power button on the top of the DVD player, slide the on-off switch on the edges. This helps to save battery life.

Both still and moving images can be played back in high definition on the DVD player. Even without headphones, the stereo speakers (in-built) provide excellent sound quality. Your media won’t skip thanks to its playback system which absorbs shock even if your vehicle hits any cracks or potholes on the track.

The unit folds neatly for easy installation or storage thanks to its 180-degrees flip and 270-degrees swivel.

Pyle has a larger screen than many other versions available. The unit measuring 17.9-inch has a 15.6-inch screen and stereo sound, and it also comes with remote control.


  • 15.6 inches screen size
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight
  • External storage size is maximum 32 GB
  • Enhanced sound quality with in-built speakers
  • It has anti-shock playback system
  • Offers greater mobility

The Pros

  • Easy to install because of 180-degrees flip and 270-degrees swivel
  • In-built rechargeable battery included
  • It supports a wide range of multimedia files
  • Sliding option for the on and off switches at the edges helps to save the battery life
  • It comes with remote control

The Cons

  • It might have issues in playing videos from SD card or USB
  • Remote control might not work properly after sometime

8. Synagy Auto Compact DVD Player:

If you’re of a certain generation, you’re aware of the scepticism surrounding vinyl and CDs. They get easily scratched, so if you don’t treat them carefully, they’ll become unusable quickly. As a result, anti-shock safety is included in the design of top-notch players (such as Synagy). This absorbs the scrapes and bumps of everyday driving without causing damage to your DVDs or CDs.

Synagy, on the other hand, isn’t just a disc player. The unit also replays SD, USB, DIVX, AVI, WMA, and various other formats, including both original and burned files. An AC charger or a car charger that can be plugged into a wall can be used to charge your DVD player. The life of a rechargeable battery is about four hours before you recharge them and comes with both cables.

The length of the car charger is forty-nine inches, while the wall charger’s length is sixty inches, ensuring that you have enough space between you and the power source. Because the charge and the cables can be stretched while watching, you have more viewing options. The computer has a resolution of 1024 x 800 pixels. You can connect your player to earphones, external speakers, or a TV using the provided RCA AV wiring.

The unit from Synagy is a little bigger than typical portable players. It’s easy to confuse it for a tablet or a laptop. Simply ensure that the cables doesn’t topple you over.


  • 10.5 inches TFT LCD screen
  • 1024 x 800 pixels resolution
  • SD card reader and supports USB
  • Audio/video output of 3.5 mm
  • In-built stereo speakers
  • It comes with RCA AV wiring

The Pros

  • It’s rechargeable battery lasts for 4 hours before charging again
  • It has anti-shock safety to prevent scratches in your CDs, and DVDs 
  • It supports SD, USB, DIVX, AVI, WMA, and various other formats
  • Easy to mount because of the swiveling option
  • It comes with remote control

The Cons

  • The charger or the adapter cables are too long and carries the risk of someone falling over

9. Boss Audio (With Flip-Down Option) Car DVD Player:

When not in use, DVD players with flip-down options are easy to use because they can be folded that way. The monitor measuring 12.1 inches from Boss Audio comes with wireless headphones (two pairs). Two batteries (AAA) are used in the headphones, which will run out quickly if you don’t get them in a package as a whole. Headphone batteries are not included in the initial package.

A rechargeable battery is built into the unit. It requires 12V to operate. Though the headphones enable two people for watching and listening simultaneously, they require a clear vision. These headphones use infrared technology rather than Bluetooth. To receive the signal, direct access to the player is what they’ll need. The headphones won’t work if they’re blocked by something like a headrest.

This unit from Boss Audio has a 1280 x 800 high-resolution screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The device comes with a three-year warranty and can read data from DVDs, CDs, SD cards, MP3 players, USB drives, and other media. When the car is dark, the dome light illuminates the controls. It frequently takes the place of the original ceiling light of the car. The DVD player is equipped with remote control and can receive FM signals. 

The centrally mounted Flip-down DVD Player from Boss Audio will swivel 270-degrees. The headphones that come with it are convenient, but they come with a hefty battery bill.


  • Wireless
  • 10.1 inches swivel and flip down and wide display
  • 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
  • In-built headphones
  • In-built IR, FM transmitter and Dome Light
  • It can read data from DVDs, CDs, SD cards, MP3 players, USB drives, and other media

The Pros

  • It uses infrared technology
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • It has 3-year warranty
  • Grey, Black, Tan Housings included
  • It comes with remote control

The Cons

  • The headphones won’t work if they’re blocked by something like a headrest

10. Portable DVD Player From Dr. J Professional:

This portable DVD player measuring 10.5 inches from DR. J Professional, with a maximum of seven hours of playtime, will keep you, the children of yours, and your whole family entertained on long trips.

The widescreen of 10.5 inches can be flipped up to 180-degrees and swivelled up to 270-degrees, allowing you to easily mount it on the headrest of a car while still providing ample visibility, ideal for keeping multiple viewers at the backseat occupied.

A 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker are available for audio, and thus the viewers can enjoy their audio and viewing experience without causing disturbances to other passengers. If your journey is longer than seven hours, a car adapter with which the device can be charged while you’re on the road ensures that the shows don’t come to a halt until you get to your destination.

The player works with a variety of multimedia formats, including eBooks, videos, DVDs, and CDs, as well as USB flashes drives and SD cards. The AV output cable included with the device allows you to connect it to a larger screen or another DVD player so that more people can watch what you’re watching.


  • The display can be swiveled to 270-degrees and flipped to 180-degrees
  • An A/V output cable included
  • Compact
  • In-built last memory function
  • Comes with a car adapter

The Pros

  • It supports a variety of multimedia formats, including eBooks, videos, DVDs, and CDs, as well as USB flashes drives and SD cards
  • It is a region-free DVD player
  • It has anti-shock protection
  • Reads discs fast by reducing noise
  • Remote control-operated

The Cons

  • This DVD is not blue-ray

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Portable DVD Players:

You’re probably aware that your DVD- playing device should be placed out of the driver’s line of vision. You also want a player that can last a long time on a single charge. Thus, your car battery won’t be wasted. Also, consider whether it’s a rearview, flip-down, or portable. What are the other factors that have influenced your decision? Let’s look at some recommendations for the ideal portable car DVD player.

Quality Of Viewing:

The DVD-playing unit is connected to the television at home. The player, on the other hand, requires a screen dedicated for portable units. The larger the screen, the clearer the image and the viewing experience is more enjoyable. However, you must strike a balance between screen size and other factors. Is it plasma or an LCD screen? What is the resolution? Is it clear in the daylight, or one need to dim the lights?  

You might also think about power consumption. You can enjoy music while the car is turned off in older cars, but this drains the battery. Does the ignition need to be turned on for watching a show on your car’s screen when it’s parked? Is your DVD player’s sound system capable of drowning out car noises? If not, you’ll need earbuds or headphones, which will be an additional cost. 

Position Of Mounting:

Celebrities and rappers frequently have a high-tech television or DVD player mounted on the dashboard. However, this makes driving difficult and may lead to violations of traffic laws. Thus, your player should be kept in the trunk (cars’ rear). But where will you be watching it? Is it a small device that you can put in a drawer and use whenever you want? Or will the screens be permanently attached to your headrests backs?

You must purchase the appropriate DVD for the location where it will be installed. Portable DVD players with seat-mounted screens, for example, require a dedicated space for the control panel and DVD slot. If you’re using a portable device you’ve brought from home, you’ll need a secure position for mounting. Such a position will hold the device firmly while you’re behind the wheel.  

Shock Tolerance:

Similarly, you want the player to withstand physical harm if it is thrown around the vehicle. To withstand bruises and bumps, it must come with a rigid external casing and a sturdy display. A deer or a stoplight can trigger whiplash, which can send your player crashing right out of the windscreen. You don’t want it to damage even though it smashes the dashboard instead.   

Also, a portable DVD player that isn’t too heavy is what you should look for. Thus, if your system is sent flying by the emergency brakes and collides with someone, the damage will be minimal. Will a calculator or a laptop attack you after all? There lies the point. If at all necessary, the player should be resistant to soda splashes and food spills. 

Control Systems:

Many of us picked up the perfect art of station-flipping while driving. Some of us were also capable of changing DVDs, CDs, and tapes. USB sticks need to be a bit more adaptable. Whatever might be the case, flexibility will be needed to operate the controls if you’re driving in the front and the children are watching movies at the backseat. Choose a portable player that has a remote control and/or a touchscreen.

The kids will be able to use it on their own this way. If you’re baby feeding in the car or taking a lunch break and watching a movie, these are both helpful control options. Your hands are preoccupied sticky in both cases. Besides, you don’t want to add to your to-do list to clean the screen of tough food stains and some other dirt. More so if the display is sensitive to water. 

Supported Formats: 

You might not be concerned about DVD player’s regions, but it’s a good idea to double-check. You don’t want to get a device that can’t play your children’s groan-inducing tunes. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a whole new tantrum! It’s not all DVDs, though. Movies can also be stored on phone files and USB sticks. We can also broadcast live on Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms of paid streaming.

Thus, it is advantageous if the portable player you have can play these formats as well. There should be WiFi connectivity and a USB port as well. You will also see if the player can cast. You can then cast a smartphone onto the player and watch mobile content for free. After all, you never know when the desire to listen to an old MP3 will strike your mind.

Dimensions Of The Display:

Are you looking for something small and compact or something with a little more heft to it? There are smaller devices with nine-inch screens and those with 15.6 inches laptop-style monitors for a more theatrical experience, depending on what you prefer. The brightness and screen resolution are also significant factors to consider since they influence your visual experience. 

Life Of The Battery:

What you don’t want is the battery of your DVD player to run out before you finish your movie. Check to see if the device you’re buying has enough battery life to get you through your next road trip or international flight. The majority of players last about 3 hours, with the best players lasting up to 5 hours or more.


In simple terms, there are several options available regarding this specific device. To complete your search smartly and intelligently, use this detailed guide. Enjoy your shopping!

  1. Do people still purchase DVD players in the age of Smartphones, Netflix?

    You'll be surprised to learn that, amid the increase in popularity of apps like Netflix and other electronic devices gadgets for consumers, a portable DVD player is still in high demand. The majority of the users purchase it for various reasons, including car rides, aeroplane travel, calming their children at home, and keeping their elders occupied with the movies they prefer.

  2. Why are the screen resolutions of portable DVD players so different?

    Different screen resolutions are available for portable DVD players, but the difference isn't as significant as you would think. Since the resolution of all DVD content is 720 x 480, which is poor by today's standards, any DVD player you purchase should be able to display every pixel. 

    A few players have higher-resolution displays, which can come in handy if you have personal video files. If you have several personal contents with high-resolution, higher resolutions-based models (such as 1366 x 768) are something you can look for, but otherwise, any model can show your DVDs perfectly. 

  3. What format should my files be in if I am willing to store movies on a USB drive for the portable DVD player I have?

    Support for different formats varies by model, but MP4 is the most commonly used file format. If you have copyright-free digital movies in other formats, use software like HandBrake to convert them to MP4 or the format supported by your portable DVD player.

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