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Are You Interested In Being A Writer For CarGuided?

We are currently looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content about cars, motorcycles and everything related.

CarGuided (formerly HubGarage) is a worldwide recognized brand with mentions from respected outlets like Autoblog, Bleacher Report, Interesting Engineering and more. We are known for our comprehensive resources covering everything automotive related.

What We Are Looking For

We are currently looking for new writers who can create in-depth and highly-researched content in one or more of our categories. A high degree of expertise is required to write for us.

You will get full credit for your content and you will be paid.

How To Apply

If you believe that you have the required automotive expertise and knowledge, then feel free to apply to us in order to become a contributor. We do not accept guest posts at the moment.

Send us an e-mail at job@carguided.com with your CV and resume. It should clearly tell that you have the expertise required to write about cars, motorcycles and related. Reader trust is crucial.